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Publisher: Panther / Granada (1985)
Language: English
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. This unusual book is very interesting and offers information that no other book of this kind even approaches. For those of us who are curious.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

This book is actually called "The Alien Animals: The Story of Imported Wildlife", and is about the animals that were introduced to the America's and how they fared. George rated it really liked it Jan 20, 2008. Greg rated it really liked it Feb 23, 2013. Karen Hood rated it it was amazing Apr 13, 2018. Matthew Larrey rated it liked it Jun 21, 2016. Brighthalo marked it as to-read Nov 19, 2015.

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There's an animal on this planet that's always looked harmless - rabbits or mice or puppies, it doesn't matter. One day, you'll be walking your puppy Mr. Flufferkins along and suddenly he'll look up at you and say, "Thank you, human, for this relaxing walk and all those times you've scratched my chin, but I'm afraid the Nogov 10th Brigade is coming here in five of your Earth minutes to get rid of this small blue planet and replace it with a transgalactic outlet mall

Create comics and graphic novels that jump off the screen.

Published for the American Museum of Natural History the Natural History Press. inlibrary; printdisabled; trent university;. Kahle/Austin Foundation.

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While alien plants have been well publicised, this is the first book to be published on alien animals of Africa.

While alien plants have been well publicised, this is the first book to be published on alien animals of Africa. It describes the history of each invasion, and the ecological and economic impacts in South Africa; and it discusses the effect of introduced biocontrol agents (usually insects), which are also alien species released deliberately to control problem plants

It premiered on May 14, 2005.

This unusual book is very interesting and offers information that no other book of this kind even approaches. For those of us who are curious, this is a great place to start your search for answers and explanations!
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I remember first seeing this book 30 years ago as a kid in seventh grade. My school had it in the library. I bought a copy a few years ago and lost it in a divorce. I bought another so all is well. It is dated for the present but still a good read.
Who knew that there were giant, glowing-eyed dogs, big cats, bigfeet, lake monsters, and Mothmen running and flying around in multiple dimensions with about as much ease as a cocroach runs across the kitchen floor at night? Why, you will! After reading this book, you'll find that not only are ghostly critters the norm, but they're rather common. This is classic '70s wierdness captured in book form and you'll have a great time reading about the supernatural aspect of all your favorite monsters. The photo of the three naked "witches" with the perky breasts trying to summon a lake monster is just an added bonus.
My husband really liked this book and checked it out several times from the library so I bought him his own.
this is just a fun old book. It is exactly as described.. arrived quickly and has been fun looking through it
This is an AWESOME book!!! Thanks!
Did not arrive with the cover as depicted.
This book, written in 1980 and re-published in 1981 in paperback (which is the edition I am reviewing here) has 5 chapters about Cryptozoological creatures; Chapter 1 is devoted to Lake Monsters, including The Loch Ness Monster, Champ, Ogopogo and other lesser-known denizens of the deep; Chapter 2 is about giant cats (panthers, lions in unusual places) with some sightings in the Bords' home country of England; Chapter 3 examines large black dogs and how they are sometimes a portent of horrible storms or death and sometimes are not even solid matter (!); Chapter 4 tells us about giant winged creatures, inclduing Thunderbirds, the Mothman, giant eagles and other winged terrors and Chapter 5 brings us perhaps the most well-known cryptids around the world-BHM's The Bords' designation for Big Hairy Monsters (Bigfoot/Sasquatch, Yeti, Man Monkey of England and the Almas of Russia). Some of the more famous cases of each of these cryptids are examined in each chapter, other accounts not so well-known. Chapter 6 attempts to explain the proliferation of these mystery cryptids and what may be the explanation for them appearing, especially in areas where they would not seem to be able to survive due to limited food sources or shelter or water. The Bords propose there may be a stranger explanation for these animals-that they are actually spiritual animals more so than flesh and blood. They also examine the UFO aspect and how it may explain some sightings and reports. The Bords are only proposing those as possible theories-they are not necessarily endorsing these as explanations for mystery creatures. All in all, I enjoyed this book a great deal, and it belongs in all Cryptozoology libraries (it is sitting beside my copies of the Bords' other books The Bigfoot Casebook and The Evidence For Bigfoot and Other Man-Beasts). This book is a solid 9 out of 10. Very good effort by the Bords.
THE book that launched my interest in cryptozoology. I've read it more than a dozen times. Many creatures are covered in detail including hairy hominids (bigfoot, etc.), lake monsters, alien cats, black dogs, winged things, etc. I highly recommend this very interesting read.