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by Kiera Dellacroix

eBook Icehole download ISBN: 0974137804
Author: Kiera Dellacroix
Publisher: Fortitude Press, Inc. (June 2003)
Pages: 167
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Rating: 4.1
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Buried deep under the ice of Antarctica is something that interests the . Secretly, and in violation of international treaty.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

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Read Icehole, by Kiera Dellacroix online on Bookmate – Buried deep under the ice of Antarctica is something that interests the . Secretly, and in violation of international treaty, a.

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Written by. Kiera Dellacroix. Manufacturer: Fortitude Press, Inc. Release date: 1 June 2003 ISBN-10 : 0974137804 ISBN-13: 9780974137803.

Buried deep under the ice of Antarctica is something that interests the U.S. government. Secretly, and in violation of international treaty, a team of scientists and military personnel have been working deep underground to reach it.

Lieutenant Commander Malory Lovecraft, an irreverent career officer, has been reassigned to take command of the station. A decorated officer, Lovecraft is considering resigning her commission and trying to make a life outside of the Navy. This tour of duty in the Antarctic darkness is to be her last.

Dr. Corky Rivers is no fan of the military. The station’s only other woman is aghast at Lovecraft’s language, tactics and hat choice. Instantly deciding to dislike the Commander, she slowly comes to appreciate Lovecraft’s unique charms.

Unfortunately, time might not be on their side when the team finds what it’s been looking for. And, even worse, something more.

Comments: (7)
This is one of my favorite books. It's got it all: a kick-ass lesbian protagonist, a horrific monster, romantic tension, hot sex scenes, a scary climax that's actually scary, and just all around freaking coolness. And it's funny - so damn funny I choked on my beer and it came out my nose.

"Icehole" isn't by any means classic literature, so don't expect high-brow writing. But this book is 161 pages of badass. And no, it isn't very long. But it's a genuinely fun read.

It was published by Fortitude Press, which I'm guessing went out of business. I bought this book before it became scarce, so no, I didn't pay a hundred and fifty bucks for it.

I hope someone decides to reissue it, because a book like this deserves an audience.
Icehole is funny, gross, crude, sexy, and a wild ride I recommend. I loved this when I read (and reread) the online version, and I still love the published version (although I miss the hilarious send-up of the Kurt Russell-style sobrero, which alas became a generic black cowboy hat in the book).

We can tell that Commander Malory Quinn Lovecraft isn't going to be the usual protagonist from the moment she's introduced to us, carefully calculating the ballistics of a spitball aimed at a fellow officer. She's an accidental hero who isn't afraid to show pain and fear, but who also is so passionate about life that she'll face down even the most horrific aliens (and the aliens in this are pretty horrific) to save herself, the people she's responsible for, and the new-found love of her life.

The relationship between her and the cute doctor who hates the military is hysterical, thanks to some unforgetably outrageous (and downright raunchy) lines from Malory, and a couple of quick-witted comebacks from Corky. Some of the characters are cliche, but they fit the sense of parody. The only drawback is that the story gets a little heavy-handed when the body parts start flying, and the author tries reestablishing the comedic relief by having the other characters turn on a particularly obnoxious coward they have in their midst. This stops working for me when the empty threats go overboard. Fortunately, Malory regains her sense of humor in time to put the story back on track.

To be honest, Lovecraft acts more like a teenaged boy than a Naval officer, but that's what makes her so irresistible. Her obnoxious behavior becomes downright funny precisely because it's so incongruous to find a gorgeous woman behaving that way. The author has deftly created a diamond in the rough. Malory is a foul-mouthed, insensitive lout with a sex fixation and a penchant for playing practical jokes, but that behavior masks a surprisingly vulnerable and emotionally immature character who isn't afraid of taking on adult responsibilities and who has a well-cultivated sense of honor to boot. You just can't help falling in love with her. She's a great character, well worth revisiting. I hope Dellacroix will consider writing a sequel, but I'll happily read Icehole again and again whenever I get in the mood for a dose of "the Mighty Quinn."
This book is amazing! Kiera Dellacroix has a way of putting together a story in a way that you literally cant out the book down. Someone will have to pry it from your hand's. The story is gripping and very well written and put together. I wish she had more books I could purchase!!!!
This book is hilarious and awesome and has everything for everyone. The humor gets to me every time and I am in LOVE with the commander. She can take charge and care for the people under her, and she could be the biggest jerk with her mind in the gutter all rolled up in one. I don't know, I really enjoyed it. It was a great and enjoyable read to me. We all have different tastes, if you enjoy humor, action, romance, and sci-fi this book is for you!
After devouring this book in one sitting, I'm a brand-new fan. Don't let the sci-fi bit deter you even if you're not a fan of this genre. It's the first sci-fi lesbian romance I've ever read, and boy, was this great fun and entertainment in one roller coaster package! The writing is fast-paced without losing the plot and details. Malory is a pretty memorable anti-hero with an Aries-like personality. She is extremely straightforward, politically incorrect and adores stupid pranks. Not shy in the least about showing her feelings (including self-doubt and fear), she nevertheless exhibits remarkable leadership and courage in life-and-death situations. Corky is more reserved and "regular" by comparison which creates the perfect counterfoil.

Set in a US government exploration base in the Antarctica with a motley crew and some pretty terrifying supernatural elements, this is certainly not your average LGBT romance fare. Not to say there isn't some pretty hot romance between the two characters. Their chemistry is sizzling and you find yourself rooting for them from the get-go. The dialogue is hilarious and really puts a smile on your face. At the same time, the secondary characters are well-developed and support the story capably. It's hard not to finish this book with a silly grin, and immediately wish you can read it again.

I'm sorry it took me a decade to discover this author. She does not appear to have written anything else besides Icehole and Engravings of Wraith - another good book but my favorite is still Icehole. There isn't much information about her online and the publishing house is now defunct. I hope she knows she has a special gift with words and devoutly hope to see more stories from her in the future. At the very least, the Mighty Quinn deserves a sequel!