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Fascination (Hardcover). Select Format: Hardcover.

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The book and the author are first rate.
But, as always, beware of Amazon Kindle price traps.
I had this booked stored as a "sample" for at least a week before I purchased it (downloaded).
The sample still said it was $3.99, so I went ahead with the purchase from the Kindle.
The same swindle happened with this authors book, A Good Man in Africa.
Be sure to recheck the "new" price on your computer.
In the case of these books, it was now $9.99 and $11.99.
Had I know the new prices, I would have never purchased the books.
Best thing about the stories is the constant very strong character building within a few words.
Some stories were a little weak at the end, more like a writing exercies than a structured short story, but the only negative was that typically you're left looking for more.
The ability of William Boyd to set the scene in two paragraphs and to put the reader in a totally new mood and ambiance is simply extraordinary!
Nothing really happened. Just as I thought there would be more another story started and I was left wondering what was going on and why I had just read that chapter.
Beautifully written. Short stories in a typical, imaginative Boyd style, which makes him one of my favourite authors. A book to escape into.
felt boot
Sometimes it's merely the uncanny juxtaposition of two simple words that lets us know we're reading a great writer. "(V)ast insouciance" -- from the short story "The Pigeon" -- is such an example.

William Boyd is not just a wordsmith; he's a magician who pulls rabbit-words out of hats, throws them together, then lets us marvel at the effect. Problem is, we come away from the page thinking -- we, the rest of us, we other purveyors of English prose -- what's the point? Why even bother? With writers like William Boyd to contend with, why not just throw in the towel and remain content to be readers?

If Boyd has any weakness as a short story writer, it's in relying too much upon his readers to supply those bits he has clearly decided -- perhaps in the interest of grace or economy -- to omit. Consequently, his stories, as eloquent as they are imaginative, are not easy to read. Full and unforgiving concentration is a requirement. As well, a leap of faith in Boyd-logic -- an equal necessity if we, his readers, are to grasp and hold that thin reed of a story we, ourselves, could not even begin to imagine, much less tell.

Do I recommend FASCINATION? Only to the intrepid. But to the intrepid, without reservation. Let your imagination run wild with only eyes and ears to chaperone and guide. And then, enjoy the party. William Boyd, like few others, knows how to throw one -- at least, on the page.

Brooklyn, NY
There's always something to like in a book by William Boyd. He is never less than a witty raconteur with an unswerving instinct for the mot juste. As the present collection of short stories, "Fascination," attests, he is also a brilliant ventriloquist, capable of embodying, alternately, an adolescent bicyclist, a 19-year-old asthmatic whose parents are both bodybuilders, a female performance artist, a writer named Edward with delusions of his own grandeur (in the collections's best two stories), and a host of dysfunctional middle-aged men. These are narrators who are driven largely by "fascination" for unattainable love objects, like the American publisher in 1940s Cape Cod who meets "The Woman on the Beach with a Dog" and is capable of forgetting his own marriage even when hers intrudes. The fascination here is in the unexpected twists and turns these stories take, including a side trip into Chekhovian territory in "The Pigeon." I enjoyed reading these stories; each is a testament to Boyd's mastery of the form; but I wasn't particularly engaged by any of them. The plotting, to put it bluntly, is perfunctory. I barely got interested in a character or situation, when the story concluded and I was shuffled on to the next character and situation. I got the impression that these might be sketches for books that Boyd never got around to writing--compressed novels, as it were. That being said, this is a much more satisfying collection than the earlier "The Destiny of Nathalie X," which, with the exception of the mordantly funny title story (an insider's take on Hollywood), is even sketchier than "Fascination." Boyd, as his fans know from "On the Yankee Station" (his first collection of stories), "A Good Man in Africa," and a raft of other books, is capable of so much more. I'm certain Boyd has another comic masterpiece like "Stars and Bars" up his sleeve. In the meantime, enjoy this collection for the jeu d'sprit it is.
Fascination by William Boyd is a set of sixteen short stories. This may not sound either surprising or original until one considers their form. The author uses at least nine different and clearly identifiable forms in which to present this work. One takes the form of a video. There are childhood memories, a diary, a journal, an A-to-Z listing. One story is a set of dialogues over lunch. Another is a set of monologues. And William Boyd's use of these different forms is not just a writer's trick to impress a critic. In each case to form complements the story, adds interpretation to the events and helps our understanding of the characters. Fascination is thus no less than a fascinating read, a tour de force in miniature by a great writer.