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by I. L Potas

eBook Do juries understand? download ISBN: 0642074283
Author: I. L Potas
Publisher: Australian Institute of Criminology (1984)
Language: English
Pages: 59
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Ivan Potas & Debra Rickwood. Australian Institute of Criminology

Ivan Potas & Debra Rickwood. Australian Institute of Criminology. The main object of the present study was to examine a number of jury instructions with a view to determining whether the terminology and the concepts encapsulated in them could be regarded as being reasonably and substantially intelligible to ordinary people. Potas I & Rickwood D 1984. Do juries understand? Concerning the ability of lay persons to understand and apply certain standard jury instructions that are being developed for possible use in the criminal courts of New South Wales.

Do juries understand? .

Do juries understand? Ivan potas and debra rickwood. Ivan leslie), 1944-Do juries understand? ISBN 0 642 07428 3. 1. Instructions to juries - New South Wales. In that book the number of times a particular word appears in written form per million words is set out. 10.

A just cause needs no interpreting, but an unjust cause, which is sick, needs clever medicine - Euripides. Imagine that you have been arrested for a crime you did not commit. You are amazed, frightened and stricken. You are locked up, perhaps for months.

Leatherhead's Favourite Book Shop. Sometimes being the boss means stepping in everyone’s shoes, and understanding every aspect of your business.

Lawyers do understand the system better and know what to look fo. I understand, anecdotally, as others have noted that lawyers are often struck from juries in many jurisidctions, usually because one of the lawyers trying the case exercises a challenge.

Lawyers do understand the system better and know what to look for. That will generally help one of the sides and neither side is usually willing to risk that it would be the other side to reap that benefit. Also, the nonlawyers on the jury do seem to give deference to the attorneys. However, my only experiences with jury duty have been in New York (Manhattan) and San Francisco counties.

I bought potatoes yesterday. 2. We shall bring the books tomorrow. Potatoes were bought yesterday. The books will be brought tomorrow. 3. The clock is being repaired now. They are repairing the clock now. 4. They sell milk in this shop. 5. I have translated the whole text. 6. They broke the window last week. 7. When I came home, they had eaten the sweets. 8. We shall do the work in the evening. 9. He wrote this book in the 19th century. They were playing tennis from four till five. 11. He stole a lot of money from the shop. Milk is sold in this shop.

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