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by Boris Vallejo,John Norman

eBook Captive of Gor (The Chronicles of Counter-Earth, Volume 7) download ISBN: 0345275829
Author: Boris Vallejo,John Norman
Publisher: Ballantine Books; paperback / softback edition (December 1972)
Language: English
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Rating: 4.6
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Captive Of Gor. by. John Norman. Folkscanomy: A Library of Books. Additional Collections. Uploaded by Adult-Books on September 5, 2017.

Captive Of Gor. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata)play Play All. Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014). By the standards of Earth, I was regarded as extremely beautiful. Yet on this world I am a fifteen-goldpiece girl, more lovely than many, yet far excelled by many whose stunning beauty I can only envy. Chronicles of Counter-Earth Volume 7. 1В В В В В The Brand. My name was Elinor Brinton. I was purchased for the kitchens of the house of Bosk. Traders, I have learned, ply the slave routes between this world and Earth. Women, among other goods, are acquired and brought to the markets of this strange world. Rogue of Gor (Counter-Earth Saga, Book 15). Cover art by Boris Vallejo. This is the fourth book in the Gor series.

Book 7. Captive of Gor. by John Norman. Taken as a possession, Judy Thornton, an Eart. ore. In this tenth volume of John Norman's Gor series.

The chronicles of Counter-Earth volume 7. Ballantine 1981.

Star Book 0352307129. With VitalSource, you can save up to compared to print. John Norman: Captive of Gor. The chronicles of Counter-Earth volume 7. Star Books 1979. Cover art by Chris Achilleos. Comic Cover Pulp Fiction Art Pulp Art Science Fiction Art Science Fiction Magazines Fiction Books Metal Drawing Horror Artwork Classic Sci Fi Books. The Complete John Norman, the complete works of John Frederick Lange, Jr. US, Unknown artist. Explorers of Gor (eBook).

This time, however, because of the numerous claims and inquiries generated by the first manuscript Tarnsman of Gor (pertaining to various matters ranging from further alleged documentation for the existence of the Counter-Earth to disputes concerning the authorship of the manuscript), I have.

Chronicles of Counter-Earth. Mercenaries of Gor coc-21. Beasts of Gor coc-12. Quarry of Gor. War on Gor is a rousing and fearful affair - and when the armada of Cos landed and began its sweeping arch against the mighty city of Ar, Tarl Cabot was swept up in their drive. Outcast from Port Kar, rejected by the Priest Kings, Tarl fought now for his own redemption. On Gor, the other world in Earth's orbit, the term beast can many any of three things: First, there are the Kurii, the monsters from space who are about to invade that world. Second, there are the Gorean warriors, men whose fighting ferocity is incomparable.

John Norman, born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1931, is the creator of the Gorean Saga, the longest-running series of adventure novels in science fiction history. After several unsuccessful attempts to find a trade publishing outlet, the series was brought back into print in 2001. (Chronicles of Counter-Earth-7). Yet on this world I am a fifteen-goldpiece girl, more lovely than many, yet far excelled by many whose stunning beauty I can only envy

Captive of Gor. I had been independently wealthy.

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Comments: (7)
I am a huge fan of Gor books, and purchased all 26 paperback editions few years ago. I only read the first 5-6 books, and fell in love with the Gorean saga. Recently I found "Assassin" and "Captive" in kindle wispersync format, which is awesome. The "Captive of Gor" was somewhat repetitive, but it was still a great book. It's one of the few books of Gor that is told from a female perspective. I enjoyed listening to it. Unfortunately not all of the series is on wispersync, actually very few books are, and that creates a gap. After "Assassin" there is "Raiders of Gor" (not on wispesync), and then there is "Captive of Gor". So the next book is "Hunters" and that one is also not available in wispersync format. So I have to read it on kindle or go back to the paperback.

Captive of Gor has a romantic ending. The next book picks up right where the previous one ended. So you have to read them in sequence.
If ever there was a book that could be said to "meander painfully for hundreds of pages", this is it. I have never read an account that was so repetitive! And I don't like any of the characters, either. I get how it is relevant to the greater "saga" (having read the preceding pieces), and it does grab some of the loose ends and weave them back into the story, but really John? And I get, I get that it's a point of view piece, and the style fits the point of view, but I am not convinced that I should care.
For a fan of the fighting, almost-heroic exploits of Tarl Cabot; of some of the more memorable characters in the series that I have encountered, and for the good, interwoven story lines, I have to admit that next to "Nomads" and "Assassin" I found this book highly enjoyable.

I found myself fascinated by life as a slave from a girl's perspective, an Earth girl at that, a barbarian. I was intrigued by what I call an inner struggle with Elinor's transition from free Earth girl to enslaved Gorean female. Her longing to return to Earth, to be free, and her adamant and defiant attitude towards slavery conflicted greatly and constantly with her ever-growing desire to be enslaved by a strong warrior, to be collared and, to serve a master made for great reading.

This has become one of my favorite books in the series.

As usual, the greater story of Tarl Cabot is included although the story does not revolve around him and his adventures this time. Some questions the reader might have from the previous books are answered.

I strongly recommend this book for fans of John Norman and the Gor series.
Well,first off, there are no detalied sex descriptions in this book or any of the previous books I've read to date. The description of sex ends at " we lay back on the furs". Thanks God or I wouldn't read these books. I'm in it for the action/adventure on this "other" world.

The first half of the book is mostly boring. I grew tired of Elinor's constant flip flopping on who she hated or loved. Also, the reasons for female slavery on Gor grow tiresome.

However, a lot is revealed in the book including more info on the "Others" and what happened to Talena, his free companion from book on and the daughter of Marlenus, Ubar of Ar. We also get our first introduction to the savage Kurii beasts and the introduction of Rask of Treve.

I don't believe this book should be skipped. You may find yourself skimming through Gorean Slave Culture but I say that's better than skimming. The last 1/3 of this book is as good as any. It's just suffering through the first 2/3 that becomes the struggle.
I understand John Norman's philosophy of male-female relations. I even understand the cultural changes to which he was reacting when he conceived of Gor. And while I don't agree that all women secretly want to be enslaved, I can acknowledge that a fair number would prefer a dominant man rather than one they could dominate.

So why did Norman see the need to reiterate this philosophy to the point of tedium while ignoring the concept of a plot that might make the protagonist's internal musings at least interesting? It seems that the plot can be summed up as "snooty rich girl from Earth is kidnapped to Gor, where she cannot seem to make up her mind from one page to the next whether in her heart she is free or a slave, better than men or worse, hating them or loving them..." If there were a pattern of growth in the character it might have salvaged the book, but she covered the same ground over and over with no indication that she ever gained in self-knowledge. She is shallow and boring, and the plot is a thin veneer over a socio-political rant that polarizes the genders with no thought for individual differences. I enjoyed the preceding books in the series, but they have gone downhill since this one, and the next is not shaping up to be much more interesting. Tarl, who was an interesting hero because of the balance of attraction and contradition between his personal codes and those of Gor, has become a two-dimensional Gorean cartoon.

I read several Gor books, this is probably the best one. To take Gor as a whole: this is one of the best known erotic bdsm novels ever written. It's got a very entertaining concept, a parallel world where badass men fly around on giant birds, having sword fights and capturing beautiful slave girls.
It's a sexual fantasy, it is what it is. If you are not into that sort of thing, go read something else.

For me the problem is that the writing itself is just so-so. It's still fun to read, but every now and then I find myself wondering if there are any better written options out there. Back in the day, there were not a lot of options for enjoying a good male-dom fem-sub story. Gor was one of the only games in town. It may have changed now, in the post-internet world. But then again, maybe not. This is certainly better than the abysmal "50 Shades of Grey."
This is the first book in the Gor series written from the perspective of a female.

It's also one of the first that spends as much (or more) time on the philosophy of Gor than the individual story.