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eBook A Horse for the Summer (Sandy Lane Stables) download ISBN: 1409505235
Author: bates-michelle
Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd (2009)
Language: English
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Rating: 4.3
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Sandy Lane Stables - The Midnight Horse by Michelle Bates Hardcover Book Free Sh.

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Sandy Lane Stables is a series of full lengt h fiction, based on the people .

Sandy Lane Stables is a series of full lengt h fiction, based on the people who live or work at the ridin g school. Sandy Lane Stables is a series of full lengt h fiction, based on the people who live or work at the ridin g school.

Chancey is wild and unpredictable and Tom is forced to start training him in secret. But the days of summer are numbered and Chancey isn't Tom's to keep forever. At some point he will have to give him back.

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More Sandy Lane Stables books. An injured horse was the last thing that Sandy Lane needed. Since Nick and Sarah had bought the stables three years ago, they had faced constant financial difficulties. com and enter the keywords 'Sandy Lane Stables'. It was hard enough already to compete with the more established stables in the area – every one of the horses needed to pull its weight if Sandy Lane was to survive. A horse eating its head off and not working didn’t bring in the money, even if the horse was very beautiful.

Rare book
Comments: (7)
This would happen to be one of my favourite childhood horse reads! Horseless and "oh-so-keen" for a pony and with no real hope of getting one, I substituted four hooves and a tail for books. Any horse book I could get my hands on! This one is classic. The series is a good substitute for a horse, long enough to be enjoyed by the young and older horse lovers.
My daughter loves the Sandy Lane Stables series, wish there were more
It was fine
Overall I would just consider this book to be average. It's a story about a group of children in Britain (I believe) that all have their horses at the slightly run-down yet cozy Sandy Lane Stables. The story really focuses on one rider in particular (Tom) and his borrowed horse "Chancy." The horse has almost been ruined by a bad rider and is now quite dangerous and unpredictable but Tom makes up his mind to try and re-train the horse. Over the course of the book Tom secretly works with the horse, risks being barred from the stable, and then saves the horse from a watery death in the ocean.
A light and happy ending and a fast read. Not particularly Joanna Campbell quality but not too bad either; just a bit predictable.
As a horsewoman and published author of horse stories for middle-grade readers, I was dismayed at the number of factual errors in this book and the often inappropriate behavior of both humans and horses.
Some examples:
Tom's been riding for only 2 years, not nearly long enough to qualify for open jumping events. In reality, he'd be in walk, trot, canter over fences, no more than two feet high.
The story takes place in mid-summer. The horse's winter coat would be long gone; therefore, no need to discuss clipping him out.
Tom and Nick buy a gray mare at a sale. Nick estimates she's about 3, then gives Tom a leg up onto the mare's back. What responsible riding instructor would put a student on an unknown horse's back?
They go for a ride; Nick calls for a canter, and Tom 'crouches' over Chancey's back. Good riders don't 'crouch' at a canter. They sit deep in the saddle with a straight back.
At one point, Tom 'sprang' into the saddle. Makes him sound like a kangaroo.
Tom often rides the horse hard, cantering over fences, then puts him away without cooling him off first; or worse, feeding him immediately after riding. Once, he interrupted a horse's feed (grain) to ride it at a gallop. It's a miracle it didn't colic.
And then Tom, mounted on Feather whom he's barely ridden, wins the open jumping class as a prestigous horse show, beating a class of 100+ experienced riders.
I could go on, but suffice it to say, if this so-called educational publisher wants to produce quality horse stories for children that will help teach them about the right way to handle horses and ponies, they should take a good look at this sub-standard series and reconsider continuing its publication.
This is a book about a boy named Tom who trains an unruly horse named Horton Chancellor. He works with Chancey every day calming him down in time for the Benbridge show, his snotty cousin returns home early and rides him instead. Tom still wins Benbridge on Feather, the little white mare. In the end Tom rescues Georgina and Chancey, and he gets to keep Chancey. I didn't like how Tom called Napoleon a "stupid animal" in the beginning. That was so mean!
Funny duck
This was such a great book that once I began reading it, I couldn't put it down! I had no idea what was going to happen to Chancey near the end and I wasn't sure how Tom was going to keep Chancey...This was a great book that's worth reading no matter how old you are! Just make sure you read the series in order because that way it makes more sense.
This book is Very good. I enjoyed it because I LOVE HORSES! I recomend it to horse lovers.