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by Katherine Kingston

eBook Ruling Passion download ISBN: 1843600196
Author: Katherine Kingston
Publisher: Ellora's Cave (July 2002)
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Rating: 4.9
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Rulingpassion (2012). Authors: Katherine Kingston. Books by same genres: The Siege of White Deer Park. 10. Daring Passion. Healingpassion.

About Katherine Kingston: I’m really very ordinary, you know, so it’s hard to know what to say here. I’m a mom and a grandma. Discover new books on Goodreads. See if your friends have read any of Katherine Kingston's books. Katherine Kingston’s Followers (4). Katherine Kingston. New York, The United States.

My compliments to Ms. Kingston on this unique and wonderful story. Katherine Kingston makes you laugh and cry with the tale she weaves in RULING PASSION. Her characters come to life and deal with choices of honor and loyalty. The characters of Jeoffrey and Rosalind are sensual and passionate, making you look at chivalry with a whole new perspective.

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Katherine Tegen Books, New York, New York.

Katherine Kingston is a multi-published, award-winning author of more than a dozen novels, novellas and short stories. She has a wild and crazy imagination that she sets free to rummage through the past, present, future and other worlds entirely. That imagination comes back with a lovely assortment of ideas for characters, plots, settings and events.

During a daring raid to rescue prisoners he was hired to free, Lord Jeoffrey Blaisdell discovers Lady Rosalind Hamilton. To secure her own release as well, she agrees to his price, though she knows she cannot pay it. When he learns of her deception, Jeoffrey offers her an alternate price for rescue...

The payment is to be reaped by Lord Jeoffrey in his bedchambers—swiftly, immediately, and all night long.

Comments: (7)
I had a problem with the premise. The hero finds the heroine in a dungeon while he's rescuing others (for pay). He asks her how much she can pay him to get her out. She lies, since she doesn't have anything. He punishes her for the lie and offers to help her if she'll give her virginity to him (thus ruining her for a good marriage in that time period). Now, if he was supposed to be a jerk who the heroine's love changed, I wouldn't have had a problem with this. I had no problem with the punishments (some really hot scenes, actually). But he's supposed to be an honorable man (do honorable men really require payment to rescue a lady when they were there anyway?). Later, they actually have to lie and tell people that he rescued her and is taking care of her until a suitable marriage can be arranged (nothing about what he's required of her)--in order to make him look good. This could have been made to work, he could have been transformed or something. The other problem I had was that I we only got to read something from the hero's perspective for about one scene at the beginning of the story. The rest was all from the heroine's. It's really a shame, because the writing is quite good, as is the romance, the plot, the love scenes, etc. I'm still undecided whether I'll read more books from this author or not, since this is pretty good quality for erotic romance in a period I love to read about. If my issues with the premise aren't yours, you'll certainly enjoy this book.
I downloaded this book because it was being offered for free from the kindle bookstore for a limited time. I am sovl happy I downloaded it. I didn't know what to expect, but what I got was a winner. I really liked this book. The characters we believable and relatable. The mood and feel of the story line was balanced so perfectly. I was sad and happy throughtout the story. The ending was a little predictable, but I didn't care. The story was engaging and kept me antsy when I had to walk away to work. I strongly reccomend this book. I can't wait to get the rest of the series!!
The historical acumen was a bit off putting at first and the ending was a bit predictable but not in a bad way. Predictable in the way that one hopes the hero and the female protagonist end up happily ever after... you know-- to screw each others brains to mush. ^_^ The long and the veiny of it is, Ruling Passions was wonderfully written and definitely entertaining.
This was a enjoyable book with likable characters, a nasty bad guy, and enough sex to keep you turning the pages. I liked it enough I also bought the second in the series.
Lady Rosalind Hamilton’s family home was invaded by a horrible villain, Sir William who proceeds to kill her whole family and take her prisoner. When she refuses to submit to the murderer, he tries all sorts of means to entice Rosalind to become his wife. After she rejects his bribes, he resorts to forcing her to work in the laundry rooms. When that fails to persuade her, he throws her in the family dungeon hoping to get her to change her mind.

Lord Jeoffrey Blaisdell arrives one night to rescue some other prisoners but in all the confusion hears a faint voice pleading for freedom. Rosalind offers him a ransom if he will release her from her imprisonment. When they arrive at his home, he learns that Rosalind has no money to pay the ransom. His solution to the dilemma is a night in his...bedchamber.

This story is well written and believable. You get caught up in the characters and the development of their romance. Honor is a strong theme throughout this tale.
The Hero {Lord Jeoffrey Blaisdell} and Heroine {Lady Rosalind Hamilton} first meet in a dungeon, where Rosalind is being held captive by Sir William de Railles. Sir William put her in the dungeon of her own Manor in order to help persuade her to become his wife. She, however wanted nothing to do with him, a side from watching him die after he first murdered her father and then her brother, all while she watched. His men helped themselves to her mother and then killed her. Jeoffrey was actually there freeing others when she called out to him to save her also. She lied and stated that she would pay him 1000 crowns if he would rescue her as well. He agreed.
Once Rosalind and Jeoffrey were in his manor the next day, she told him that she did not have the money to pay. He demanded something else instead of money. The use of her body for one night and one day. In addition to this payment she would also have to be disciplined for lying to him. Spanked!!!!
That's it folks I've already said too much!!!!
This was a very good read. I enjoy Katherine Kingston's style of writing and can not wait to read more from her... Caution: There is some violence in this story {SPANKINGS}. If this type of material offends you please don't read it.
This is a well characterized book. Ms Kingston makes you feel for her characters and the difficulties that they go through. Rosalind's parents were killed by the evil man who put in his dungeon to break her will so she would marry him. Jeffrey rescues her on the promise that she can pay him in gold. The next morning he finds out that she can't pay him. He tells her that he will let her stay in his castle and he will assist her if she will spend a night and a day with him. But first she has to take her punishment for lying to him.
After spanking her and making love to her. Rosalind decides to remain and be his mistress until he can arrange a match for her. She falls in love with him and he her, but he can't marry her as his estate is in ruin. He is trying to marry the daughter of a Duke so he will have a strong ally and money to take care of his people.
The story has a nice ending and wonderful secondary characters but it moves a little slowing in places. I became frustrated with the two characters because they didn't seem to make the effort to work things out. Rosalind did come from a rich estate and if Jeffrey could take it back she probably would have inherited it.