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eBook The Good Mayor download ISBN: 1845021924
Author: nicoll-andrew
Publisher: Black & White Publishing (2008)
Language: English
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Rating: 4.1
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Born in Dundee, Andrew Nicoll has lived all his life within the same few streets by the sea. Once a forester, now a journalist, Nicoll . Discover new books on Goodreads. See if your friends have read any of Andrew Nicoll's books.

Born in Dundee, Andrew Nicoll has lived all his life within the same few streets by the sea. Once a forester, now a journalist, Nicoll has covered the S. . Andrew Nicoll’s Followers (38). More follower. ndrew Nicoll.

A story to fall in love wit. magical debut to appeal to fans of Joanne Harris and Marsha Mehran Excellent. Really engaging, sunny, quirky and well written, with more genuine charm than any book I have read in the last twelve months. Joanne Harri. e walked up the green marble staircase to his offi ce. He liked those stairs.

the room and tell him what to do. Without Agathe, there was nothing to do. And now, after he had washed himself in the bleach-smelling Gents at the end of the corridor, after he had unwrapped his parcel and changed his underwear, after he had picked a dozen pins from his new shirt and put it on and confirmed-beyond any possible doubt-that it did not go with his tie, he sat down.

Winner of scotland’s. Saltire society first book award. An exuberant, whirlwind read. The Guardian (London). Every now and then, a first novel reads like the culmination of a lengthy literary caree. he Good Mayor is a case in point. A wonderfully warm and comforting experienc. he Good Mayor is a marvellously satisfying tale, evocative, moving and gently funny in a manner that recalls Jane Austen. Herald Sun (Australia). A story of love, dreaming and loss, magical realism.

In the meantime, if you know any books with non-binary main characters you think we should include, please let us know.

A mayor, his unhappily married secretary, a bearded saint, a brooding artist and a misunderstanding of the word COL OUR FUL. This is a love story with a difference. Quirky, unpredictable and absurd with a touch of magic realism and lyricism. In the meantime, if you know any books with non-binary main characters you think we should include, please let us know. Success against the odds.

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Near the end of The Good Mayor, the narrator confesses that "this story is.But if the tale loses a bit of credibility, keep faith with St Walpurnia and focus on the telling. The cover of Andrew Nicoll's debut novel comes splattered with commendations from various worthies.

But if the tale loses a bit of credibility, keep faith with St Walpurnia and focus on the telling. That kind of in-built praise can heap pressure on an untried novel but, happily, The Good Mayor can bear the load.

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Silver Globol
I'm an English literature teacher, and having said that . . . I read a lot. And up until I read this book, I would have said that hands down, the greatest novel that I'd ever read was Their Eyes Were Watching God -- but I must say I have a new favorite. I am amazed that no one has told me about this book -- I can't believe that the world isn't abuzz with the wonder of this read. I'm a cheapskate . . . I get books at the library because I inhale them and then take them back. This one I bought so that I could read it again and again and again. I promise you will want to do the same . .. to not want to is impossible; this book is that charming, that engrossing and that special.
Yellow Judge
Fun, numerous, suspenseful! Loved the descriptions!
generation of new
The Good Mayor is Scottish author Andrew Nicoll's debut novel. Nicoll is a former lumberjack turned newspaper journalist who wrote The Good Mayor on his commute back and forth to work.

It's an absolutely quirky, offbeat, enchanting, magical love story.

This tale is narrated by St. Walpurnia, a bearded nun, who has watched over the small town of Dot, in a forgotten corner of the Baltic, for many, many years. Tibo Krovic is the mayor of Dot. He is known as Good Mayor Krovic as he always says and does the right thing. The good mayor has harboured a secret for many years. He is in love with his lonely, married secretary - Mrs. Agathe Stopak. But he worships from afar, or at least peeking under the crack in his office door, afraid to let her know of his feelings. One day fate, or St. Walpurnia, steps in and it seems like the good mayor and Mrs. Stopak may have a chance at true love. But the path of love is almost always crooked....

Now it sounds like a mushy love story but it's anything but. We have Strega Mamma Cesare (an Italian witch) who sees and knows much more about Dot and its' inhabitants than anyone realizes.

" Small and brown, Mamma Cesare waddled in front of them like a magic toadstool leading two lost children through a fairy story."

And that is the feel of The Good Mayor - a fairy tale for adults. Anyone who loved the film The Princess Bride will be enchanted by this story.

There is a circus troupe that only some can hear and see, but they seem to appear at the most opportune moments. And an enigmatic, very overweight lawyer who seems to also know a bit more than he should.

"...nothing in Dot is ever just quite what it seems. Nothing."

The story itself is charming but it is Nicoll's language and telling of the story that make it so wonderful. The thoughts, the feelings, the descriptions -all of it captured and held me until I reluctantly turned the last page.

As St. Walpurnia says "Anyway, this story is much more about the telling than the things that happen in it..."

Tender, funny, charming and beguiling - this one will stay with you and make you wish for a little bit of magic in your life...
For two decades Tibo Krovic has served as THE GOOD MAYOR of Dot on the Baltic Sea. He has been in love with his secretary Agathe Stopak for years, but does his best to hide his feelings from her and everyone. Besides being his employee, she is married to a drunk.

Agathe is sad as her marriage lacks love. She visits the Italian psychic Strega Mamma Cesare and soon afterward takes a closer look at her boss. Tibo knows something has changed in the office, but is not sure what. For the next few weeks, the pair keeps their distance as much as possible until one day he asks her to go to lunch. She accepts and they enjoy their meal together but being ethical he refuses to cross the line so she looks elsewhere.

THE GOOD MAYOR is a super whimsical romance with pathos and humor enhancing a profound look at Tibo and Agathe. Whimsy is the prime element throughout even describing the country at the onset. The fully developed lead couple affirms that love is so capricious and quirky it is the ultimate proof of chaos theory. Fans will relish this wonderful charming love story while wondering whether a happy ever after is in store for protagonists.

Harriet Klausner
Tibo Krovic is the mayor of a small town called Dot, and has been for twenty years. Everyone likes Tibo, he always says and does the right thing. But Tibo has a secret that no one else knows. Every morning when he gets to work, he closes the door to his office, gets on his knees, and peeks under the door through the crack at her. He is hopelessly in love with her, but she doesn't have a clue.

Agathe Stopak is a married woman who works for Tibo. Her marriage is an unhappy one. One, he is a drunk and two, they recently lost a child. She is still young and craves happiness and love, so she visits a psychic and soon is taking a closer look at her boss. But Agathe will need to get rid of her loser husband before beginning a new relationship with Tibo.

Eventually, Tibo garners up the willpower to ask Agathe out to lunch, but what you expect to lead to a fairy tale will leave you empty handed. The lives and characters of the small town of Dot are quirky, eccentric, and lead you to a wonderful and charming love story but with an added element of moral and magic. A stunning debut that I highly recommend!