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by Marian C. Eberly and A. David Edward J.

eBook Eating Disorders: A Handbook of Christian Treatment download ISBN: 1932124942
Author: Marian C. Eberly and A. David Edward J.
Publisher: Remuda Ranch (2008)
Language: English
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Rating: 4.3
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This book is a treasure.

This book is a treasure. The section on the med management, along with the spiritual and psychological pieces were helpful in conceptualizing how to help my patients.

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Many of the important developments in recent years are reflected in this expanded volume such as the basic science of appetite control, the discovery of leptin and the knowledge about the neurotramsmitters involved in eating.

for new and seasoned clinicians, as well as an. excellent teaching resource. The purpose of the book, now in its fifth.

The Handbook is unique in its focus on evidence-based practice and its attention to the most pressing .

J Christ Nurs 2005 ;22(2):15-9. Authors: Marta Harris Marian Eberly Edward J Cumella. Remuda Ranch Programs for Anorexia and Bulimia, Wickenburg, Arizona, USA. View Article. Download full-text PDF. Source. Nursing 2004 Oct;34(10):24-5. Patient-Care Services, Remuda Rancy Center for Anorexia and Bulimia, In. Wickenburg, Ariz.

David M. Gardner, Paul E. Garfinkel. Therapeutic approaches are described in step-by-step detail and illustrated with extensive case material. Several chapters function as self-contained treatment manuals, enabling practitioners to easily learn and implement each model, as well as adapt it to suit the needs of individual patients.

Absolutely perfect. Brand New
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Dated and poorly referenced.
Interesting read.
This book is a treasure. It should be the cornerstone of any library on eating disorders, and the first stop for anyone journeying into the study of anorexia or bulimia. I have read many books on eating disorders, and this is one of the few, truly comprehensive guides to the mysterious world of eating disorders. It clearly explains eating disorders, along with proper assessment and intervention, across the entire bio-psycho-social-spiritual continuum. It is written very well, intended for a broad range of healthcare and pastoral professionals, practitioners, educators, and students. As an inside look at the pioneering eating disorder treatment done at Remuda Ranch, where patients have the highest recovery rates of any treatment available, this book offers truly state-of-the-art, scientifically-valid knowledge of anorexia and bulimia nervosa. This knowledge is integrated carefully with non-denominational Biblical Christianity in such a way that people of most Christian faiths, Reform or Catholic, will be able to resonate with and learn from the integration. In fact, the spiritual integration is extremely sound, and in many ways forms the basis of a truly scientific Christian Psychology that can be applied to the entire field of behavioral health. The editors and authors from Remuda Ranch have given us a gift in this work, for they appear to have distilled their years of experience with thousands of patients, their wisdom, and their compassion, and communicated these thoroughly in this handbook. So I highly recommend this work to anyone serious about Christian Psychology and/or understanding eating disorders.
This book is a result of years of experience treating thousands of patients in the Remuda system, and it shows. Written in a format that shows the biblical basis treatment and in a manner that is scientifically valid, this book provides a great deal of depth as well as a wide range of co-occurring issues that are common with eating disorders. If you are wanting professional development in a holistic approach for treating eating disorders this book will be extremely helpful, whether or not you are coming from a Christian perspective. The only thing that keeps me from giving five stars is that this book is not as readable for a lay person. If you are a Christian professional, there is nothing else out there like this!
This book strives to look at eating disorders from a holistic point of view, and seems to deliver. The section on the med management, along with the spiritual and psychological pieces were helpful in conceptualizing how to help my patients.