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by Anne Stuart

eBook Blue Sage (Western Lovers: Ranch Rogues #2) download ISBN: 0373219512
Author: Anne Stuart
Publisher: Harlequin; Target Exclusive edition (May 1, 1999)
Language: English
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Rating: 4.5
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Blue Sage, reprinted as Western Lovers: Ranch Rogues. The wastrel heir, the second Viscount Griffiths, wasn’t able to deed the land over legally, but Russell had won life rights to the place, and it was there he’d brought his bride, raised his three daughters, and lived most of his life. When the girls’ old nanny retired he gave her a cottage and a small living on the edge of the estate.

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Comments: (7)
This is another good one by Anne Stuart. She can think of the most interesting and unique plot lines and characters of any romance author I've ever read. This one is no exception.

Charles Tanner was a war veteran who came home a "different" man. Changed by all the death and violence he saw during the war, he was a victim of post traumatic stress syndrome. One day this "war hero" lost it and went on a shooting spree killing 16 innocent people and badly wounding a young girl. He then killed himself.

His son, also named Charles Tanner, has come back to the town in which his father unleashed his fury. He's come back to bury old ghosts and try to understand why his father did what he did. The girl who was the lone survivor of the shooting is now a woman who offers to help Tanner with his search for answers. She becomes his friend and of much more!

I liked this book. Ellie is a survivor, but she is also "stuck" in the past. Tanner pushes her to move on and believes in her. Both have to come to terms with the hand that life has dealt them, but there is a certain amount of fate and destiny in this story. I enjoyed it very much.
In Blue Sage, Anne Stuart poses the question, "Could you fall in love with the son of the man who murdered your parents and several other people, and maimed you for life?" And she answers it beautifully.

This is a very tough situation, and you would think that it would be way too dark to tackle in a series romance, but Ms. Stuart really does a great job with this plot. From the beginning you can see the struggle that Charles Tanner, Jr. (who goes by Tanner) has had, trying to deal with the fact that his father was a mass-murderer. He has faced prejudice because of it, even though he did nothing to earn it. This story reminds me a little of the Paul Newman movie "The Long Hot Summer" in how Ben Quick has to deal with his father's reputation as a despicable barn burner.

Ellie is an interesting character. She has been made into a living martyr by the town because she was the only survivor of the massacre. She basically has no identity outside of that, and is living a half-life but is afraid to have any goals or aspirations outside of this. When Tanner comes back to town, she is actually nicer to him than pretty much everyone else, even though she has the most reason to hate him. I believe that Ellie just wanted to get past what happen and move on, but the town wouldn't let her.

Tanner has an outcast personality, with good reason. He doesn't take crap from anyone, and says exactly what he thinks. He doesn't treat Ellie like a plaster saint. He says things that are designed to provoke her, in fact. Tanner succeeds very well in waking Ellie up out of the coma she's living in. His fearlessness inspires Ellie to become her own person and take what she wants out of life. Their relationship is a passionate and eventually loving one, but not smooth-sailing. But seeing these two characters who have so many reasons not to be together find solace, acceptance, and love, is a message that touches me. This is definitely one of her more serious category romances, but well worth the read.
Stuart is one of the best writers around. Period. She creates such vividly complex characters. They are not perfect examples of what we would like to be - some shimmering chimera that does not exist. She picks out characters that are deeply wounded, often scarred, often they are content to turn a blind eye to the world around them just because it's easy than fighting. Sometimes people don't really get Stuart because she is not drawing pictures of pretty characters, she's studying people in all their aspects, good and bad. And she fascinates me like no other writer because of this willingness to dance on the knife's edge rather than play politically correct.
Tanner and Ellie are two more of Stuart's intense dramas. Stuart loved the whole of a person - all aspects, even the ugly, and loves to toy with those, intense emotions when a man and woman are put into a situation that is explosive - between them, around them. Fifteen years ago, Tanners father took a rifle and killed over a dozen people. No one saw it coming; there was no major warning signs before it happened. Tanner and his mother were gone before it happened, though the horrifying act has followed him ever since. He has come back to the scene of the crime, the small Montana town where people died because of his
father with the driving need to understand why.
The first person he meets is Ellie Lundquist, the only survivor of his father's massacre. She was wounded in the knee, limps today because of it. After her first shock at who Tanner is, she befriends the troubled man. Ellie is a good person but for too long she was much more than a victim of his father's crime. She was only sixteen when it happened, and as the survivor, the town wrapped her in cotton and protected her like the town princess. Ellie has allowed this to happen because she cares about the people, but she knows this has gone on too long and she must leave the town or die inside.
Tanner is determined to find out why his father suddenly cracked and killed people. His arrival has upset some, since nearly every family in town lost a member in the killing spree. It's a quiet, sleepy small town slowly dying, but beneath the surface is a troubling ripple. Suddenly, animals and pets are being shot in the head; people are reporting someone peeking in their windows.
Ellie knows it's not Tanner, but these are the people she has lover her whole life; she cannot see who would be doing this. Worse, if someone is killing animals now hinting Tanner is behind it, could it be maybe Tanner's father was not the real killer? Or was he the killer and somehow escaped by faking his death?
Tanner and Ellie are wonderfully drawn. They are so human, so mesmerizing. This is just another in the long line of Stuart masterpieces, where she unflinchingly holds up the mirror and forces us to look at emotions that are powerful, that are often disturbing.
Sheer bloody brilliance!