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by Mark Indy Kochte

eBook Climb Maryland! download ISBN: 0966343131
Author: Mark Indy Kochte
Publisher: Dog Days Graphics (April 2003)
Pages: 360
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Rating: 4.5
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Mark "Indy" Kochte has been climbing since 1983. His adventures have led him across the . When Indy moved to Maryland in 1988, he began scouring the hills and forests for crags, and has since discovered hundreds of routes tucked away all throughout the state

Mark "Indy" Kochte has been climbing since 1983. and beyond to such places as Eldorado Canyon (Colorado), Devil's Tower (Wyoming), Joshua Tree (California), Seneca Rocks (West Virginia), and the Gunks (New York), as well as some non-U. desitinations such as Squamish in British Columbia and Traversella in Italy. When Indy moved to Maryland in 1988, he began scouring the hills and forests for crags, and has since discovered hundreds of routes tucked away all throughout the state. Many of the routes cataloged in this guide first appeared on his Web site many years ago.

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Not everything, but a lot of stuff. Most all the material that is in the book itself, anyway. I'm sorry for the online readership for this change.

Background/History to the Guide. The Future of the Online Guide. Bouldering in Maryland. List of Areas Covered. By 1990 Indy had explored most of the well-known climbing areas in the region: Great Falls, Carderock, Rocks State Park. With all the rolling hills around, and the Appalachians in the near distance, Indy couldn't believe that this was it, that there was nothing left to climb in Maryland. Not everything, but a lot of stuff.

Climb Maryland! by Mark "Indy" Kochte is out of print, but copies can be found and are a valuable guide to the state's climbing opportunities. Route Finder - Best Climbs for YOU!

Climb Maryland! by Mark "Indy" Kochte is out of print, but copies can be found and are a valuable guide to the state's climbing opportunities. Route Finder - Best Climbs for YOU!

Climb Maryland: A Time-lapse View. A little time lapse video project I put together for fun, showing some of the climbing areas in Maryland (specifically Sugarloaf, Balcony Jr, Locust Grove, and Bushwhack Rocks).

Climb Maryland: A Time-lapse View. Used both a Canon SD1100 IS digicam and a Nikon D7000 DSLR for the footage. Used the Stage Zero dolly from Dynamic Perceptions for the traversing sequences (otherwise camera was simply on a tripod).

Do a rising traverse to the left and hook up with B Climb in the center of the slab at the left facing corner. Descent Options: You can rappel down, or hike a trail down which takes approx 45 minutes.

Additional Resources: Climb Maryland! by Mark Indy Kochte, Mountain Project, Rockclimbing. Sugarloaf bouldering. Since 2015, the park has issued seasonal closures of the cliff for nesting peregrine falcons in the spring. Additional Beta: Mountain Project, Rock Climbing. com, Climb Maryland! by Mark Indy Kochte.

Since I do know the exact sorting for all the routes here, which go from . to . 0d, I am not going to list them. Instead, I am going to focus on the three that I have climbed and some others about whose locations I am positive.

Covering over 500 routes in 22 areas, "Climb Maryland!" is the first comprehensive guide to the surprising wealth of climbing in central Maryland -- from well-known climbing destinations to hidden crags practically at your doorstep.

In this guide you'll find: -Multi-pitch routes & boulder problems -More top-rope routes than you can shake a 'biner at -Clear directions and maps to the crags -Geology, history & known access issues -Local places to eat and camp

Climbing abounds in central Maryland; get out there and get vertical!

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Still the bible on MD climbing, although it can be quite hard to find a copy these days. There are a handful of mistakes in the book, but Indy's website/blog highlights them and provides route updates as well. 5 stars for the combo of the two. More detail here than the Falcon guides for sure. Wish we could get a second edition with additional areas (eg balcony rock) and color photos. Still, great book by one of the climbers who put many of the popular areas on the map.

Also, note that some of the off the beaten path locations that he says are dirty are really really really dirty.
Indy's guide to climbing in Maryland. Highly recommended. For comprehensiveness, this is it. Its got the most detail on all the Maryland climbing areas, including Maryland Heights, Annapolis Rocks and Sugarloaf, the smaller areas like Rocks State Park, plus smaller,'hidden', and out-of-the-way areas you've probably never heard of. Good descriptions and pictures, with personality. Almost all the good climbing in MD is in the central 'Piedmont' region, where all the old, solid metamorphic rock is found (see the Sierra Club Naturalists Guide to the Piedmont). Eric Horst's guide casts a wider net, including the great WVA crags Seneca Rocks and New River Gorge, but lacks the great detail of this guide for the Maryland crags. See Indy's website for even more stuff that got left out of the book...
Indy has really done his research on this book. Not only is this the most complete list of climbing areas in Maryland you'll ever find, but each area comes complete with well tested maps on how to get there, route maps, climb names and ratings, a description of the history and geology of the area, and tips specific to each area, such as access issues and places to eat nearby. He enlisted the help of many local climbers for testing the routes and getting good action shots for the book. And anyone who decides to actually read the book instead of just referencing the route maps will enjoy his frank, humorous writing style. There is nothing in here that isn't useful and well researched. I don't know what more a person could want out of a climbing guide. Get two copies - one for the bookshelf, and one to take along.
This guy has done some serious research! I am amazed at the many uncovered gems that I found in this tome. He has obviously spent countless hours all over Maryland seeking out even the most unreachable of climbing areas. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who climbs between the Potomac and Susquehanna!
This is THE guide to climbing in Maryland. Nothing else compares to this comprehensive guide, which includes everything from very specific directions to exactly what type of gear you will need.

The name of each chapter is the climbing location, directly under this is a graph showing the ratings of all the climbs so you can get an idea of how hard the overall location is. Under this the author includes any special equipment you may need, such as hiking shoes for a long trek. Next you will find specific directions with a map of all possible approaches, followed by camping info and restrictions/rules.

Once these details have been enumerated a list of every route is presented, along with their difficulty rating, fun rating, safety rating, height, and other information. Did I mention- there are pictures of every single route? Yep. It doesn't get any better than this book. Perhaps that's why I always see copies lying around whenever I am out climbing popular crags! Another cool feature are the empty boxes next to the name of each climb in the Index- that way you can turn the index into a check list for all your climbing adventures!

The bottom line is, this book is incredibly well organized, extremely detailed and it will help you arrive prepared so you can get the most out of your climbing adventures- buy it.