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by Enid Blyton

eBook Summer Term at St. Clare's download ISBN: 041666590X
Author: Enid Blyton
Publisher: Methuen Publishing Ltd (March 16, 1972)
Language: English
Pages: 160
ePub: 1946 kb
Fb2: 1456 kb
Rating: 4.5
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Pat and Isabel are disappointed when they miss the first week of the new term. But summer term brings all sorts of excitement and several new girls, some of whom are more popular than others.
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White gold
My daughter who is 10 and just started boarding school loves them. She had a set and lost the first book so this replaced - and then some.
I love Enid Blytons and grew up reading this series, so this review is not a commentary on the book itself. It's more a review of the quality of the e-book. There were typos through the series, and not small ones. Sentences and even entire paragraphs were repeated at random intervals, while some ended abruptly. Words were substituted erroneously. I'm annoyed as I bought the entire series and found errors in every single book.
daughter loving it as much as I did many years ago
Read these as a child in the Caribbean. It is still a great read today. Love everything Enid Blyton. Amazon--you need to get Malory Towers on Kindle.
This is one of the best books I have ever read. I am looking forward to reading more of Enid Blytons's books

Molly Ruebe-Haig
11 years old
This book is captivating, as the twins and their friends try to work out what the half spanish new girl, Carlotta, is hiding, and the real character behind the good-goody front that Prudence is putting on...

Mad-cap Bobby is one of my favourite characters, as she doesn't care what anyone thinks of her and does what she pleases.

I also like Hilary, as she is responsible, steady, and a good friend to her class-mates, and Mamzelle, as she is funny, and is always fooled by Bobby and Janet's tricks.

However, I detest Prudence, and approve of Bobby and Janet's taking her down a few pegs.
Wonderful book!
However, as another customer said, there are tons of mistakes in the editing-no paragraphs, words missing, phrases completely wrong, But I still enjoyed the story of the girls in a privileged all-female boarding school in another era.
Enid Blyton has a plot and is good at building characters. And there are girls in it where you recognize yourself or others.
And it's interesting to see how the group pressures a girl who doesn't fit in for some reason or another-different tools to do that in such an environment.
One girl on a blog wrote about how she was influenced by these boarding school books to learn piano. I can't see how they could be anything but a good influence on a young person. They can be used as a teaching tool.
The teachers and girls are working towards high standards-or are expected to. Shame that in today's world a young person can be surrounded by low expectations and have fewer opportunities than these girls who get a good academic school, but also have super extra-curricular opportunities.
It's fiction, but fun fiction.
There is another side to boarding schools of missing parents and being bullied. But Enid Blyton makes for a fun read.