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Author: Anne-Marie Villefranche
Publisher: Nexus; No Edition Stated edition (1984)
Language: English
Pages: 256
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. From the international best-selling pen of Anne-Marie Villefranche comes another improper novel about the affairs of an intimate circle of friends and lovers. In the stylish Paris of the 1920s.

Joie D'Amour: An Erotic Memoir of Paris in the 1920s by. Anne-Marie Villefranche. Souvenir d'Amour: Erotic Memoirs of Paris in the 1920s by.

Author:Villefranche, Anne-Marie. Each month we recycle over . million books, saving over 12,500 tonnes of books a year from going straight into landfill sites. All of our paper waste is recycled and turned into corrugated cardboard. Folies d'Amour by Anne-Marie Villefranche (Paperback, 1984). Pre-owned: lowest price.

Folies D'Amour : More Erotic Memoirs of Paris in the 1920's. By (author) Anne-Marie Villefranche.

Anne-Marie Villefranche. Published by Avalon Publishing. Closed tears to D. n unmarked copy. ISBN 10: 0881844659 ISBN 13: 9780881844658.

Villefranche Anne-Marie. Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read

Villefranche Anne-Marie. Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them.

Villefranche, Anne-Marie, 1899-1980. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by LineK on April 1, 2010. New York, NY : Carroll & Graf Publishers. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata). Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014).

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20's era erotica, tastefully done and juicy as hell, a yummy addition to that drawer in your bedside table, check out her whole series. Folies is a series of short stories, each with a funny or strange twist.
I've owned these books since the 90s, and they are HOT. I love them. In order of publishing:
Plaisir D' Amour (1983)
Joie D' Amour (1984)
Folies D' Amour (1984)
Mystere D' Amour (1988)
Secrets D' Amour
and finally Souvenir D' Amour (1991)
The books are translations from the original French by a woman named Jane Purcell, who is the granddaughter of Anne Marie Villefranche. Here's a brief excerpt from the Introduction in the first book.

"Anne-Marie Villefranche was born in Paris in 1899, the fifth child and second daughter of well-to-do parents..... [Her first husband died in World War 1, gave her one child, and] left his widow well provided for ... [and] for the next 10 years she lived alternately with her parents in Paris and at her late husband's parents estate near Chatillon-Cotigny... In 1928 [she married] Richard Warwick, an Englishman... The Warwicks lived in England for about half of each year, in London and at their country home in Berkshire. Until 1939 and the outbreak of the Second World War they made long and frequent visits to France to stay with Anne-Marie's family in Paris and her parents-in-law in the country. There were also long visits to several European capitals to stay with friends from Warwick's days in the diplomatic service. Anne-Marie had two more children, Natalie and Gervase. Natalie was my mother.

"Anne-Marie died in 1980... Among her many affectionate bequests to her family and friends there was for me ... an old-fashioned cabin trunk... Her solicitor handed me the key in an envelope on which my name was written in Grandmere's distinctive hand. Enclosed with the key there was a letter in which she wrote that as I alone of her English grandchildren could speak French correctly, it was to me that she bequeathed her 'little memoirs.'

"A week or two elapsed before I had time to begin reading the bundles of papers contained in the trunk. Astonishment is too weak a word to describe the emotion I experienced. The ink had faded, the paper was brittle and yellowed, but the handwriting was unmistakable. Anne-Marie had set down in narrative form some of the more scandalous episodes in the lives of those close to her. From the form I judged that her account was based on what had been confided to her in strict secrecy...What compounded my surprise was that I had met some of the people she wrote about during visits to Paris as a child. At some point I reached the conclusion that in deference to Anne-Marie I must attempt to translate at least some of these adventures of a by-gone age."

Jane Purcell then goes on to explain her translation philosophy, and mentions that the "Brissard" family in the memoirs was Anne-Marie's own family, the Villefranche family. I highly recommend reading the entire introduction by getting your hands on a copy of Plaisir D'Amour.

If you have managed to find these little gems, then you have hit the jackpot. These stories are utterly delightful. I don't own any of the two-fer books, I just own the original single volumes. Reading the volumes in sequence provides a little continuity, but honestly, the stories in each book stand alone. You can read them individually. Soon you'll have marked your favorites, just as I have.

If you're looking for hot, exquisitely well-written nonfiction, look no further. BUY THESE BOOKS!!
Folies D' Amour: an erotic memoir of Paris in the 20's (1985). There are six books in all, Joie D' Amour, Plaisir D' Amour, Mystere D' Amour, Secrets D' Amour and finally Souvenir D' Amour: all written by Anne Marie Villefranche. I am sure that is a pen name but it is a well-guarded one. I have never been able to find out anything about the author.
All I can say is that she has a phenomenal gift for writing extremely erotic prose without the use of crude language. Women will love this book. Men will too.

Over the last 50 years I have read them all, even the 3,000 page Classics like My Secret Life and Memoirs of Casanova, as well as Fanny Hill, The Story of O, and many, many others.

I found that the so-called "Popular" books like Fifty Shades of Grey to be much ado about nothing. This is the series you want to read.

I would note that although the books can stand alone, it is best to read them in chronological order. All of the family members, friends, maids, and lovers are interconnected in some ways (that's one of the charms of this series) and it would be less confusing.

You will not be disappointed.

I am trying to get Amazon to offer the D' Amour series on Kindle. If you read any and agree with me, please let Amazon know.

Also, if anyone can find any additional information on Anne Marie Villefranche, please let me know.
This book, like all others from this now deceased author were translated from French in the 1980's from memoirs that recently became public. Anne Marie's books have been translated into many many languages and are timeless in their appeal and eroticism.
Based mainly on the authors', or her friends real life,
and somewhat embellished experiences, I understand that she wrote these books for her own personal erotic gratification. What a marvellous stroke of luck that many of the memoirs have come to light for us to enjoy.
Most, if not all of the authors books deal with games of life and love that the decadent wealthly played incessantly in Paris during the 1920's. The theme of many of the stories seem to invariably involve beautifull and wealthy society women, which, I must say, pretty well have the morals of alley cats, and are
usually on the hunt for men and erotic diversions. For the hunt to be enjoyable, the hunted should usually not be aware of the game and feel that he is the master of his own destiny, what a laugh .... most of the men really don't know what had hit them though they would be lax in admitting to themselves that they
were used and abused at will .....
Many of Anne Marie V books were published in multiple book volumes such as in Scandale D'Amour, we find two very similar books titled 'Mystere D'Amour' which is 320 pages and 'Folies D'Amour' which is 248 pages in length.
Both books are a compendium of short stories each with its own plot, characters and delicious stories of erotic seduction and submission. The author has an innate knack for allowing the reader to quickly identify with one or another of the characters in each story making one feel as though you are a vicarious
participant. BTW Anna Marie Villafranche's prose and descriptions of love scenes can span 10 to 20 pages ... WOW ... as she is a master in drawing out those delicious
sinfull moments. It's not the hump and bump of many of our contemporary authors, thats for sure ....
I had some trouble finding this book and I can assure you it's not leaving my little library of erotic masterpieces any time soon .....