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by Herb Galewitz,Don Winslow,Fontaine Fox

eBook Fontaine Fox's Toonerville Trolley download ISBN: 0684128993
Author: Herb Galewitz,Don Winslow,Fontaine Fox
Publisher: Charles Scribner's Sons; 1st edition (1972)
Language: English
Pages: 184
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Rating: 4.6
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Fontaine Fox was one of the most popular American cartoonists of this century. For more than forty years his Toonerville Trolley cartoons were syndicated across the country.

Fontaine Fox was one of the most popular American cartoonists of this century. Dealing with everyday things and ordinary people.

Toonerville Folks (. The Toonerville Trolley That Meets All the Trains) was a popular newspaper cartoon feature by Fontaine Fox, which ran from 1908 to 1955. It began in 1908 in the Chicago Post, and by 1913, it was syndicated nationally by the Wheeler Syndicate. From the 1930s on, it was distributed by the McNaught Syndicate. The single-panel gag cartoon (with longer-form comics on Sunday) was a daily look at Toonerville, situated in what are now called the suburbs

Fontaine Fox's Toonerville trolley.

Fontaine Fox's Toonerville trolley. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. By SHERWIN D. SMITHSEPT. In fact, and we may as well admit it, some of Fox's racial humor is downright distasteful

Fontaine Fox's Toonerville Trolley. In fact, and we may as well admit it, some of Fox's racial humor is downright distasteful. I don't suppose the Irish are going to rise up in protest against Mickey (Himself) McGuire, the plughatted little tough from the wrong side of the tracks, but I wonder about curlyhaired Jakey, who keeps outwitting him.

Fontaine Fox's Toonerville Trolley compiled by Herb Galewitz and Don Winslow. A book that has been read but is in good condition. Illustrator: Fontaine Fox. Publication Year: 1972. Very minimal damage to the cover including scuff marks, but no holes or tears. The dust jacket for hard covers may not be included.

Fox, Fontaine; Galewitz, Herb; Winslow, Don. Published by Charles Scribner's Sons. ISBN 10: 0517165430 ISBN 13: 9780517165430.

See if your friends have read any of Fontaine Fox's books. Fontaine Fox’s books.

The McNaught Syndicate was an American newspaper syndicate founded in 1922. It was established by Virgil Venice McNitt and Charles V. McAdam. In 1972, Herb Galewitz and Don Winslow compiled Fontaine Fox's Toonerville Trolley, a 184-page book of daily panels, for Weathervane Books, an imprint of Charles Scribner's Sons.

Fontaine Fox's Toonerville Trolley 1 issues. Volume Published by Weathervane. Popular on Comic Vine. Fontaine Fox 1. Most issue appearances.

Fontaine Fox was one of the most popular American cartoonists of the 20th Century. For more than 40 years his Toonerville Trolley cartoons were syndicated across the country. Dealing with everyday things and ordinary people, they recorded an era. They did so with broad humor and with a marvelous cast of characters who became household names. The most celebrated was the careening Trolley itself, with its Skipper. There were also the Powerful Katrinka; the Terrible Tempered Mr. Bang; Mickey (himself) McGuire; Taeny Tomkins, the World's Smallest Football Player; and many more
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An excellent book and reminder of the Fontaine Fox strips about those Toonerville folks. With the only commonly available reminders the Van Beuren Toonerville cartoons (public domain so that quality can vary) - I've never seen the Toonerville silent comedies with Joe Yule jr/Mickey McGuire/Mickey Rooney, I know they were on 8mm but DVD?
The strip died with Fox and unlike Peanuts (with Charles Shultz gone there will be no new strips) they don't get rerun - perhaps they are just too much of their times. Still a shame to forget 'em though.
I was given this book when it first came out, only lost, a few months later. It has always been in the back of my mind, with a great and warm feeling to finally replace the void.

This was a birthday gift to a friend and long-time fan of Toonerville Trolley. He was delighted!
Very nice book in very good condition with a clear Bogart book cover included. I received it promptly for this seller.
Ok we have all heard jokes about the old bus or train that is so slow or the little hick town where nothing ever happens. Well here is the real Toonerville trolley and the Toonerville folks. Fontaine Fox drew these cartoons in the 1920s 30s and some of this humor is not politically correct but is of its time. It was later used as a basis for a series of animated cartoons which can be seen on YouTube.It is a real trip in to the past If you can get past some of the topical humor . the General Patton cartoon is one of them, Patton had slapped a soldier for crying in a first aid station during the Sicilian campaign and was in real hot water because of it If you like social history or old cartoons pick it up you just might enjoy this trip into the past
Better than described and like new with complete dust jacket with clear cover. Ray