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Author: Kenneth Roberts
Publisher: Madison Park Press (2007)
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. This classic novel follows the career of Major Rogers, whose incredible exploits during the French and Indian Wars are told through Langdon Towne.

Northwest Passage book. This is the first Kenneth Roberts book I've read, a historical novel about colonial America shortly before the revolution. It deals with the French and Indian War, in which France using Indian forces and French soldiers attempted to take land from the British, and the British used Indian and regular soldiers to fight back. In the process some truly ghastly atrocities were committed, and some truly heroic deeds were done.

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Kenneth L. Roberts' first three books were written to promote the Florida land boom of the 1920s. Northwest Passage - a ship route along the Arctic coast of Canada and Alaska, joining the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. They were "Sun Hunting" (1922), "Florida Loafing" (1925), and "Florida" (1926). In his subsequent books which listed 'other books by this author', these three were not mentioned. Many people lost money in the bust that followed, and perhaps Roberts wanted to disassociate himself from his role in promoting the boom. Sea passage between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans along the northern coast of North America.

Northwest Passage is an historical novel by Kenneth Roberts, published in 1937. Told through the eyes of primary character Langdon Towne, much of the novel follows the exploits and character of Robert Rogers, the leader of Rogers' Rangers, who were a colonial force fighting with the British during the French and Indian War. Structurally, Northwest Passage is divided into halves

Northwest passage, Том 1. Kenneth Lewis Roberts. Read in 2008 Recommended great read as part of the early series of books that were written by KR in the 1940's

Northwest passage, Том 1. Read in 2008 Recommended great read as part of the early series of books that were written by KR in the 1940's. He was considered to be a very accurate historian and his books bring all that the revolutionaries suffered to make our country free.

Written from the viewpoint of a fictional friend of the Historic Robert Rodgers, famed in America as the leader of 'Rodgers' Rangers' a guerrilla squadron harassing the English forces throughout the American War of Independence. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive.

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Read Books Ltd, 19 Ara 2016 - 712 sayfa. Written from the viewpoint of a fictional friend of the Historic Robert Rodgers, famed in America as the leader of 'Rodgers' Rangers' a guerrilla squadron harassing the English forces throughout the American War of Independence.

Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Doran & Company, 1937. One of only one thousand and fifty numbered copies signed by the author. The book later served as the basis for a 1940 movie starring Spencer Tracy and a 1958-59 TV show on NBC starring Buddy Ebsen.

From the front flap of this 709 page John Jakes reprint of this 1936 classic title: "'Northwest Passage' is a timeless classic written by one of America's finest historical novelists, Kenneth Roberts. Set during the French and Indian wars, Roberts tells the tale of the charismatic Major Rogers who, in his campaigns against the St. Francis tribes, proved himself one of the greatest of all Indian fighters. In equally scrupulous detail, we also see the starstruck Langdon Towne who, to escape trouble at Harvard, flees to Crown Point and enters General Armherst's army. At Crown Point he joins Rogers' Rangers, leaving the girl he loves and his old life behind. His career and Rogers' are intertwined from that point. Yet, Towne rises above adversity, while Rogers is crushed beneath it. Seen to the end through Towne's eyes, Rogers becomes a figure out of a Greek tragedy. And Towne is also a memorable figure, gathering to himself the strength that made New England the spearpoint of the colonies."
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I've always been a nut about American Indians, reading almost everything in libraries from elementary school through high school. "Northwest Passage" was one of my favorites as a teen, but I hadn't give it a thought in more than two-score (!) years until a lapsed friend and I reconnected for a New Year's drink. It turned out he was an Indian aficionado, too, with the French and Indian War (1754-1763) being one of his specialties. I was so stoked after I got home that I bought the book and plunged right back in. I loved the book the second time around, too.

The dramatic focus are the events surrounding Major Robert Rogers' Rangers' raid on the village of St. Francis along the St. Lawrence River in early October of 1759. The Rangers (precursors to today's US Army Rangers) endured incredible hardships leading up to the attack, but nothing like the constant terror that accompanied being pursued (and butchered, if caught) by hundreds of French soldiers and Abenaki Indians bent on revenge after they found St. Francis burned, winter food stores destroyed, and most inhabitants killed. While fiction, the account given by our young hero Langdon Towne is rooted in more-or-less accepted historical fact. To borrow a phrase, this part of the book is "a ripping yarn." The historical Rogers and a handful of companions traveled over 200 miles in sixteen days across unmapped forests with little or no food. Rogers' will (and perhaps cannibalism) kept the party alive.

Subsequently, Langdon Towne finds his heart broken by a woman and moves to London to establish himself as a portraitist to society types. He re-unites with Rogers and eventually they embark on the second great adventure of the book. This fictional quasi-biography of Rogers forces the book to stick almost to actual events, though the author livens them up with a variety of subplots involving the narrator and his ward.

Because the book is so well-researched and written, I was able to surf the adrenaline wave of the St. Francis raid down the long slope of the last three-hundred-plus pages. I really enjoyed this book, but wonder if would even find a publisher today given its length and subject matter. (Note that the book was a bestseller when published in 1937, became a Hollywood movie with Spencer Tracy in the lead in 1940 and even made it onto the TV screen in 1958-59 as a series starring Buddy Ebsen.)
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Maine native Kenneth Roberts wrote a number of excellent historical novels, still in print, about Revolutionary War-era America. "Northwest Passage", set in the French and Indian War, seems not to have aged as well, but is available and worthwhile in used condition. The novel follows the tumultuous career of Major Robert Rogers, who set a high standard in adapting to the Indian way of fighting in the wilds of what would become upstate New York and eastern Canada.

The story is narrated by the fictional Langdon Towne, a former student at Harvard and would-be artist, who is forced to flee Portsmouth, New Hampshire, after insulting a government official. Towne and his companions join Rogers' Rangers, just in time for an expedition to attack the hostile Indian village of St. Francis in French Canada. The approach to St. Francis becomes an epic of endurance; the retreat after the attack is a death-defying struggle to outrun pursuing French troops and vengeful Indians. This first half of the book is easily the most interesting, rich in fairly accurate detail about Rogers' leadership and the audacious heroism of his Rangers. It was the basis for the 1940 movie "Northwest Passage", starring Spencer Tracy.

The second half of the book follows Major Rogers' further career in England and on the Northwest frontier. His pursuit of the legendary Northwest Passage will become a consuming passion, again narrated by Langdon Towne. This second half of the novel has lots of period detail, but the search for the Northwest Passage and the fate of Major Rogers just didn't hold the interest of this reviewer as well as the first half. Nevertheless, highly recommended as a worthwhile read, especially to fans of Kenneth Roberts' other novels.
Kenneth Roberts did a spectacular job of fleshing out the characters in the intriguing historical novel, Northwest Passage. His writing was descriptive and he possessed a knack for even making the scenery come alive. I've been interested in learning more about Major Robert Rogers and his Royal Rangers ever since watching the series called Turn which was based upon George Washington's spy ring during the American Revolution. Northwest Passage takes place pre- revolution and helps readers understand the mindset of Colonials at the time as well as understanding the nature of Major Rogers. I highly recommend this action packed book.
Read this when I was a teenager and just reread it again. Kenneth Roberts was a master story teller and writer. If you are a history buff you should not miss any of Kenneth Roberts books. When I was younger he brought history alive for me. I became a high school history for 30 years and Kenneth Roberts books got me so interested I stuck with it. You will not be disappointed in any of his books.