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by C. Hyytinen

eBook Pattern of Vengeance (A Maria Sanchez Thriller Book Two) download ISBN: 1590805208
Author: C. Hyytinen
Publisher: Echelon Press Publishing; 1 edition (April 1, 2007)
Language: English
Pages: 288
ePub: 1372 kb
Fb2: 1915 kb
Rating: 4.8
Other formats: txt mobi lit lrf
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Thrillers and Suspense

Pattern Of Vengeance book. Pattern of Vengeance (A Maria Sanchez Thriller Book Two) (Maria Sanchez Thriller). 1590805208 (ISBN13: 9781590805206).

Pattern Of Vengeance book.

Pattern of Violence - A Maria Sanchez Thriller (Book One)

Pattern of Violence - A Maria Sanchez Thriller (Book One). Top-notch homicide detective and single mom, Maria Sanchez, is about to face her most formidable foe. A serial killer is wreaking havoc in the streets of g, torturing, and killing his victims; children of the community. Can she find the killer before the unthinkable happens? Dubbed the "River Rat" by the media because his victims are always found floating in the Mississippi River, this maniac is on a mission. Maria and her partner Joe have a deadline to meet and need to do it before he strikes again.

BOOK 1: His Vengeance (Completed) BOOK 2: Her Vengeance (Completed) BOOK 3: Their Vengeance (Ongoing). By PaLaNgErTz Ongoing - Updated May 21, 2019.

The book was hard for me to put down. Great depiction of characters. Bryan Koepke is the author of the Reece Culver thriller series. Vengeance will definitely not be the last book I read by Bryan Koepke. By Ken Fracaro on March 20, 2015.

Vengeance is a 1984 book by George Jonas describing part of Operation Wrath of God, the Israeli assassination campaign launched after the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre. The main source of the book is also the main character, Yuval Aviv, known in the book as Avner

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Pattern of Vengeance (Maria Sanchez Thriller).

Carmen Sánchez (née Rivera) is the deceased mother of Manolo Sánchez and the wife of Carlos Sánchez. She is a beautiful woman with brown hair with three streaks of white that curls at the end. She wears a simple black dress with a floral pattern on the bottom half and a red ribbon an sash tied around her waist. This dress is inspired by the state of Chiapas in Mexico. She also wears blue earrings and a blue pearl necklace with a heart-shaped pendant.

Pattern of Vengeance (A Maria Sanchez Thriller Book Two) EAN 9781590805206 75. 3 руб.

DE. There"s a lot David Diangelo doesn"t know about his latest Odd Job. He doesn"t know how many people are trying to intercept him and the case he carries. He doesn"t know the case he"s been hired to deliver to a law firm in Las Vegas is emptya decoy. Pattern of Vengeance (A Maria Sanchez Thriller Book Two) EAN 9781590805206 75. Echoes of Torment EAN 9781590805121.

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Someone is killing street kids in Minneapolis and Detective Maria Sanchez is determined to stop the evil menace responsible for pushing the drugs. As the investigation deepens, an undercover cop is executed and evidence points to a diabolical L.A. crime boss, who has picked up where his uncle left off. Sanchez and her partner have their work cut out for them when they team up with the FBI and a beautiful Russian born agent masquerading as a troubled teen to end the nightmare. When the agent and a young accomplice find themselves too close to the "family" in more ways than one, time quickly expires. Out of options, Maria and her partner make a trip to California, one that could well prove fatal.
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Pattern of Vengeance
A Maria Sanchez Thriller
By C. Hyytinen
Echelon Press Publishing
April 2007 286 pages

The setting begins in Minneapolis and then moves between LA, Minneapolis, as well as some scenes set in Florida. Agent Stan Bauer has been murdered and believed to have been a Mafia hit. Detective Maria Sanchez is on the case. Her partner is Tom Powders who is nearing retirement and he has been acting very odd lately, Maria is not sure what he is up too, but begins to speculate as the story continues. They believe there is a leak in the department and no one can be trusted. Special Investigator Joe Morgan is Maria's husband of ten wonderful years.

Chief Sandra LaSalle is the new chief having moved from New York only a year ago, she is a petite redhead in her fifties and is not very well liked and has earned some names since arriving as the new Chief in Minneapolis. Due to the nature of the crimes being committed, the possibility of a leak within the department LaSalle has made the decision to assign the case to Sanchez and partners her with Morgan.

Maria was once married to Jack Sanchez known as The River Rat and was the father to her daughter Tess. He was also father to a boy named Tony, whose mother died and Maria and Joe adopted him, after all he and Tess are brother and sister. Tess is in college and is twenty years old, Tony is a teenager about sixteen. It is nearly Christmas and Tess has finished with finals and comes home to stay for a month, which is just in time as the case heats up for her parents. Will they finally be able to put an end to all the mafia's crimes? Will anyone else die as a result of this investigation? Will the person responsible for leaking the information to Marco be discovered in time?

LaSalle brings in Etina Altmark a Russian from New York to go undercover as a runaway, she is twenty eight but looks as if she is only fifteen. Hyytinen has a way of leaving you on the edge of your seat, she has incorporated vivid details and accounts throughout the story, making this one that you have to read from front to back non-stop. The chapters are short and each chapter leaves an inevitable hook at the end leaving you with the desire to read one more and then another. The author has superbly written scenes with impact, with a steady flow of action and suspense. This story is so relentless, gripping and intriguing and a genuine page turner. The characters are so finely tuned, believable and real, you find yourself cheering them on, hoping for the best, and feel these are people you have known for quite some time. You will find yourself thinking of the characters long after finishing the book. The story erupts with explosive twists and delivers a powerful ending that will leave you breathless. This is a must read, I will warn there is mature themes including language, but I have no hesitation in saying I highly recommend reading The Maria Sanchez Thrillers. If looking for an explosive read you will not want to miss this one.

It has been a great pleasure to read and review Pattern of Vengeance and I truly cannot wait to read the first in the Maria Sanchez Thrillers, and look forward to all her new releases.
This is the author's second police novel. It is set in Minneapolis with a fictional detective, Maria Sanchez, her husband, also a cop, and her family. There's a supporting cast of characters, some from her previous novel, "Pattern of Violence." The novel also continues the detectives vendetta against an L.A. mob family, a prime source of heroin into the Twin Cities of Minnesota, and the frequent receivers of very young runaway girls into the sex trade on the west coast.

There are a few steamy sex scenes and some frank language, but nothing particularly unusual for this kind of crime novel. The writing generally works, although Hyytinen's style sometimes is difficult to follow, with odd word choices, multiple sentence fragments and several procedural and punctuation errors.

Still, the author evokes genuine emotion from her characters and her sensitive understanding of conflicting points of view are worth examining at length. I recommend the novel.