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by Perseus

eBook Worst Nightmares download ISBN: 159315576X
Author: Perseus
Publisher: Vanguard Press (March 30, 2010)
Language: English
ePub: 1127 kb
Fb2: 1911 kb
Rating: 4.8
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Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Thrillers and Suspense

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Dermot Nolan is an international, award-winning, bestselling author who seems to have it all—a successful career, fame, fortune, and a beautiful wife. Dermot seems every bit the literary darling.

And yet, for the last year, he has suffered from a bout of writer’s block and in the process has grossly overspent his income. So when Dermot comes across an unsolicited horror manuscript stuffed into his mailbox entitled My Worst Nightmares—My Delicious Memoirs, he cannot help but feel intrigued. It tells the story of the twisted, homicidal “Dream Healer” who snares his victims via his website, seduces them into revealing their innermost fears, and then kills them by revisiting their very own nightmares upon them. And while Dermot is disgusted by the horror of the manuscript, he is also deeply intrigued, so much so he seeks to solve his writer’s block by rewriting Arnold’s novel as his own.

Sweeping aside the threatening prospect of plagiarism, Dermot begins to rework the novel while simultaneously researching the stories. In his search, he slowly begins to realize that the novel may not be entirely fictional, that these poor characters may have perished at the hands of a twisted torturer. Could the Dream Healer be real? Could these innocent cyber-surfers have fallen victim to a raving maniac? And could Dermot be writing his own ticket to death...his very own worst nightmare?

Comments: (7)
Psychological thrillers are my favorite category of reading and so I've read a great many of them - and this would have to be one of the best ever. It was a little slow at the start but the further you read, the better it gets... the last part of the book was absolutely mind blowing!

I won't comment on the plot as others have already done that - all I can say is, just read it for yourself. Oh, and don't let the few critical reviews put you off - I honestly don't understand why anyone would feel that way about this book and I'd be really interested to know which books those reviewers DID enjoy!
This book was not a difficult read, which suits my schedule. Sometimes I would put it down for several days in a row and then pick it up again. I did figure it out before the end of the book and it seems that the author realized you would and tried to make it as gross as possible in the end. Worth what I spent on it and has movie potential with a good tight script.
This was very twisted, very scary and very enjoyable. You definitely have to like this genre. And you cannot be squeamish. I'll read more.
I read 6 stellar reviews of this book before I bought it, and I feel a little misled. The book was ok, but not scary, and also not very well written. The idea behind the story was pretty interesting, but there was no build-up of suspense, and the character motivations were really hard to figure. The dialogue did not seem realistic at all, and the main character was not likeable at all. There were several times when I almost skipped to the end of the book, but I made myself read all the way through. If this author comes out with another book, I will definitely wait until way more than 6 other people (relatives and friends of the author, maybe?) have reviewed it!
I just read an advanced copy of this book and I could not put it down. It reminded me of all the great elements in Silence of the Lambs. The story is very much a thriller but deals with strong moral questions as well which makes it much more interesting than just your run-of-the-mill serial killer theme. The lines between good and evil get blurred and with so may twists you never know where it's going. So don't even try to predict an outcome. With the characters so real and the descriptions so visual it's very easy to see this as a movie too! A fantastic dance to the very end...or is it just the beginning?

PS /UPDATE I just checked youtube and it turns out Shane Briant has a channel and has made several videos that seem to depict scenes from his new novel.. They are all quite good and creepy!!!! [...]
Dermot Nolan is an internationally bestselling author. His recent book even won the coveted British Booker prize. However, Dermot just cannot seem to get his thoughts together for his next novel, and the clock is ticking. He has already spent his half a million dollar advance, he's selling his artwork to pay the bills, and his agent won't stop calling.

When an elderly homeless man stuffs a manuscript into Dermot's mailbox, he jumps at it for ideas. But the story is a crudely handwritten diary about nightmares, which isn't something Dermot would normally write about. So he tosses it into the trash in frustration.

However, his wife and editor Neela, sees potential in the manuscript and urges Dermot to have another look. If Stephen King could do it, why couldn't Dermot? So Dermot takes a deeper look at the manuscript, and before long he realizes that the crimes are real.

The diarist of the manuscript is the Dream Healer. He lures his prey to his website by random flyers. He urges them to share their nightmares so that he can help heal them. But in retrospect, what really happens is that he stalks them until he brings their nightmares into reality.

Dermot, predictably, rewrites the manuscript and has it published as his own. It is a nationwide sensation. But someone else digs into Dermot's new novel, crime journalist Jeff Schipp. He receives tips that are too similar to Dermot's book to be coincidence. Dermot Nolan is soon living his own nightmare as the police get involved.

WORST NIGHTMARES is a superb debut. An addictive, terrifying and heart-stopping ride that will keep you up at night. If you love thrillers, you won't want to miss this one!