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by Sheila A. Coslett

eBook Organisms download ISBN: 1425951163
Author: Sheila A. Coslett
Publisher: AuthorHouse (October 18, 2006)
Language: English
Pages: 212
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Fb2: 1187 kb
Rating: 4.1
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Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Thrillers and Suspense

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Organisms by Sheila A. Coslett - Orphaned at the age of two,Sami learned. Big Spring High School, Big spring, Texas (TX). Graduates: Donnetta Coslett (1968-1972), Nikki Anderson (1986-1990).

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by Sheila A. Coslett. Orphaned at the age of two, Sami learns quickly to fend for herself. One morning she wakes from a horrible nightmare to find everything she worked for is gone and that something lay inside her, growing and thriving.

Rothman, Sheila M. (February 1977). Sterilizing the Poor" (PDF). Download as PDF. Printable version. Torpy, Sally J. (2000). Native American Women and Coerced Sterilization".

Are you sure you want to remove Organisms from your list? Organisms. by Sheila A. Published November 15, 1999 by Sheila A.

To stay happily married to anyone for twenty-five years is an achievement

To stay happily married to anyone for twenty-five years is an achievement. To stay happily married for that length of time to a writer is a miracle.

The cold, damp basement reeked with the smell of death. Signs of life lay hidden in the darkness, shown only by tiny streams of light that filtered through a small dirt ridden window. Sami saw a glimpse of her surroundings. Tattered clothing and a shoe were among the various items she saw strewn across the dirt floor of the dark basement. Although barely visible to Sami, it proved she was not the first to have been there. The vine-covered lodge stood hidden from the world, known only as an empty run-down building. It was ignored by all as an eyesore, unspoken of as if it injured the environment itself. The quiet ones survival depended on that secrecy in order to remain alive. The unfortunate women that had been there were lost to the world, deemed as runaways. They had been taken against their will, in the cloak of darkness, away from family and friends never to be found again. They would remain hidden from the world while unspeakable horrors were used on them each and every day without detection. . The quiet ones worked towards a singular goal and things that once were, would never be again if the quiet ones succeeded with their plan. Pictures of many missing women lined the walls of government offices. Searches of women that had vanished and were never heard from again.Only the "Quiet-Ones" knew why they were there. Only a government, of a world unknown to us, knew what was really happening. For the unfortunate women that were brought there, their days would be filled with horror and pain. They would live, so their bodies could be used like organic gardens until their usefulness was over. When their bodies wore out and they were of no further use, they would simply die. Each one would be a link in the chain of a plan to destroy the world, a link that would immediately be filled by another. Some Amazon reviews:"THIS BOOK KEPT ME ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT, YOU NEVER KNEW WHAT TURN THE STORY WOULD TAKE. IT WAS TRAJIC, SCARY, SUSPENSEFUL, AND FULL OF IMAGINATION.