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by Philip Kerr

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Author: Philip Kerr
Publisher: Wheeler Pub Inc; Large Print edition (June 1, 1997)
Language: English
Pages: 541
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Rating: 4.3
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Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Thrillers and Suspense

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Philip Kerr was a British author. He was best known for his Bernie Gunther series of 13 historical thrillers and a children's series, Children of the Lamp, under the name . Librarian’s note: There is more than one author in the Goodreads database with this name. Books by Philip Kerr. Mor. rivia About Esau.

Philip Kerr spins a tale in which science, politics, and human frailty mix to take us on a journey into the nature of man. In an ice cave high in the Himalayas, a skull is found, neither ape nor ma. .In a conference room in the Pentagon, military and intelligence officers debate their options. Three hundred miles away in the Punjab, Pakistan and India edge closer to nuclear wa.

Philip Kerr's Bernie Gunther novels have won him an international reputation as a master of historical suspense. Houston is the richest writer in the world, a book factory publishing many bestsellers a year - so many that he can't possibly write them himself. He has a team that feeds off his talent; ghost writers, agents, publishers. So when he decides to take a year out to write something of quality, a novel that will win prizes and critical acclaim, a lot of people stand to lose their livelihoods.

Jack Furness, mountaineer, is scaling one of the highest peaks in Nepal when he slips and falls into a crevasse - where a fossilised fragment of skull has lodged in the ice. Intrigued, he delivers the fossil as a challenge to his former girlfriend, a young at the University of California. She is transfixed; the skull defies classification, but appears to be a rare example of an early hominid, a form of ape-man whom she names Esau.

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Philip Ballantyne Kerr (22 February 1956 – 23 March 2018) was a British author, best known for his Bernie Gunther series of historical detective thrillers. Kerr was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, where his father was an engineer and his mother worked as a secretary. He was educated at a grammar school in Northampton. He studied at the University of Birmingham from 1974 to 1980, gaining a master's degree in law and philosophy.

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The accidental discovery of a mysterious fossil skull unleashes a political and scientific struggle as a paleoanthropologist tries to confirm that the skull represents proof of a missing link, while in the Punjab, two nuclear powers draw even closer to war
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I first read Esau years ago and I liked it immensely then and I still like it very much now. The premise in Esau is that there is an unknown biped in a range of Asian mountains, which sends a young UC Berkeley anthropologist to Asia looking for it. The young scientist finds a lot more than he had hoped for and wanted in action, violence, mystery, and love while he barely makes it back to the San Francisco Bay Area alive and in one piece--can't say the same for one of the protagonists, though. The story's tension zooms up and down like an EKG to a rapid and fitting conclusion in which the hulking hominid fittingly dishes up a coldly violent dish of karma..
I love the stories behind the Yeti more than Bigfoot because there seems to be a greater possibility that this human exists. Kerr brings this possibility closer to reality. A thrilling adventure into the highest mountain range in the world.
One of his best. This thriller, written 1996, takes readers to the Himalayan peaks. It is convincing, informative and exciting. There’s intelligent backing to the yeti hunt, treacherous icefields, scary cliffs and a murderous unknown spy. And let’s not forget Esau and his hairy tribe
Speculation on evolution and the origin of humans comes from the author’s hard research and a bibliography of scientific experts. A mix of nationalities in the expedition, and their conflicting personalities, add to the tension.
Expert mountain climber Jack Furness leads a team climbing one of the world's highest mountains, Machhapuchhare in Nepal. The climb, which is illegal since the peak is considered sacred and holy by the natives, is a catastrophic failure as Jack is the lone survivor of a tremendous avalanche. In an ice cave high on the mountain's side, Jack finds a fossilized skull. When he returns to California, he takes his find to his former lover, Dr. Stella Swift, a renowned paleoanthropologist, who realizes that Jack has not unearthed a fossil. It seem that the climber has brought back with him evidence of a different hominoid line, potentially the yeti.
....... Jack and Stella quickly organize an expedition to return to the ice cave. However, unbeknownst to the team leaders, an intruder has entered their academic enclave. The Pentagon, desperate to locate a lost satellite that crashed in the region, has slipped one of their players on the team. The mole's assignment is to find the satellite at any cost. India and Pakistan are ready to open up the nuclear genie at each other. With the homo sapiens world falling apart around them, Jack and Stella plunge into the world of the abominable snowman.
........ This may be the best thriller of the year so far. Not only does a remote section of the Himalayas feel as if the reader is watching the Travel Channel, but the fast-paced, action packed story line speeds faster than an Olympic downhill skier. Philip Kerr has reached the top of the mountain with ESAU, a great tale.

...........Harriet Klausner
"Never judge a book by its cover" (Except this one)
The first book I read by Mr. Kerr was "The Shot". I enjoyed the book and was impressed by the skill with which he was able to spin a new tale about a subject that has been beaten to death, revived, and beaten again, for almost 40 years. Had `ESAU" been the first of his works I had read, it most probably would have been the last.
The cover of the hardback does not give away the subject, the paperback is different artwork, and it is pretty blatant in exposing the story. If you are someone who is interested in the "Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Sasquatch, ESAU" you will enjoy the book. As he has done with the subject of "The Shot" he creates a new situation and adds great detail. I cannot stomach the subject so I never would have finished the book but for Mr. Kerr's writing.
I enjoy well-researched reading. Mr. Kerr does his homework and that was what kept me reading. Every time I was going to give up, some detail appeared and it was enough to keep me going. The ending can be anticipated a bit past the halfway mark, but again his style kept me reading.
Mr. Kerr writes some great dialogue. In this work I particularly enjoyed a lecture by a college professor, both for the way he wrote it and the information it contained. On the other end of the character spectrum he had a few CIA types that were awful, not one line of their story/subplot was needed, and the behavior by one at the close of the book was completely out of place, gratuitous, the real low water mark in the book.
So, I have read 2 of his books and it was 1 great read and then this very marginal work. So off I went and read "A Five Year Plan". Best of 3 would decide whether I bought anymore of this Author's work.
I read it and the review should be just behind this one.
Jack Furness is a mountain climber and by accident he comes upon a skull while climbing the Himalayan Mountains. And he just happens to have a girl friend that is an paleoanthropologist, Stella Swift. After smuggling the skull back to the good ol' US of A he gives Stella the skull. Which just happens to be the most unusal skull she has ever seen. She is so excited by this discovery she wants to go back to the Himalaya's with an expedition to look for more bones right away.
In steps the good ol' CIA with funding, under a pretense of needing to go to the Himalayan's for a weather testing expedition but needing a guide and have to leave within the next 2 weeks, if you let me go along I'll pay. So they get their funding and are off to the Himalayan's.
And the fun has just begun. The expedition has all the latest technology, of course and all the comforts of home...well almost. They set out on a seek and find mission and stumble upon some very unusual foot prints the first night out. The graphic descriptions are vivid and makes me not want to be there. Very detailed and realistic discriptions. They even throw in a yogi to boot.
This is the first time I have read this author and will read him again. A great thriller, fast paced and a quiet enjoyable read. Don't know what the complaints were about, I have none.