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Author: Stuart Woods
Publisher: Wheeler Pub Inc (May 1, 2002)
Language: English
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Rating: 4.1
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Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Thrillers and Suspense

BOOKS BY STUART WOODS FICTION Orchid Blues† Cold Paradise . He rose to meet her. She looked wonderful, as usual, in an Armani pantsuit. She gave him a short, dry kiss and sat down. I’d given up on you, Stone said.

BOOKS BY STUART WOODS FICTION Orchid Blues† Cold Paradise . Dead The Run° Worst Fears Realized Orchid Beach† Swimming to Catalina Dead in the Water.

Stuart Woods at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books in 2008. The Short Forever (2002) (First appearance of CIA agent Lance Cabot). Dirty Work (2003) (First appearance of Herbie Fisher). 1938-01-09) January 9, 1938 (age 81) Manchester, Georgia. Woods' second book was to be written about the 1977 Round Britain Yacht Race but the book was canceled because of light winds and calms during the race.

He followed her up the escalator into the book department, where she browsed and bought a novel, then back downstairs into the food halls, which were the most spectacular supermarket Stone had ever seen. She bought a few pieces of fruit, then, suddenly, she turned and came back toward Stone, who was pretending to look at the smoked fish.

Stuart Woods is the author of more than sixty novels, including the New York Times bestselling Stone Barrington series. He is a native of Georgia and began his writing career in the advertising industry. Chiefs, his debut in 1981, won the Edgar Award

Stuart Woods is the author of more than sixty novels, including the New York Times bestselling Stone Barrington series. Chiefs, his debut in 1981, won the Edgar Award. An avid sailor and pilot, Woods lives in Florida, Maine, and New Mexico. Библиографические данные. The Short Forever A Stone Barrington Novel (Том 8).

Praise for The Short Forever good-guy charm. Perhaps some typos - I did not find any in this ebook. Bombshell revelations and multiple resolutions combine with the cinematic plot for a perfect flight or beach read. The plot is definitely plausible with a killer properly killed before the book end while his adversary who does not kill but just steals can live for years to come.

Publishers Weekly "Will have readers' hearts racing from beginning to en. Press Journal (Vero Beach, FL) "Action packed and fast-paced. Woods keeps the tension high until the last page. Все объявления по этому товару.

Author: Stuart Woods. Stone Barrington is back! This time, Stone is paid a visit by a new client, who has an unusual request. The man is well-recommended, so Stone takes on the job, which involves traveling to another country, ruining a man’s reputation, having him jailed, if possible, and bringing someone else back with him. Not the sort of thing Stone usually does, but the money is good and the destination interesting, not least because an old love lives there.

Stone joined hi. ricket looked grim. He reached into a pocket and handed Stone a single sheet of paper. Only in the United States was there an apparent match, but no identity was provided. I have returned the wallet to the Green Street house, as per your instructions. This letter constitutes my resignation from the assignment. Mr. Cricket will present you with my bill.

Book by Woods, Stuart
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I liked this book since the protagonist is bit less of a sex maniac in this particular installment,

Not that I have anything against sex but making Mr. Barrington a sexual athlete that gets all the girls is odd at the his nominal age - he was supposed to be born in 1952 and kind of fifty something in all books published by Woods after 2000.

There are few other things I liked about the book. One little detail: there was, indeed, a military language school in Monterey, California, and my sister in law (no 3, my current sister in law is No 4) taught the Slovak language there for years. The school was closed in 1989 for obvious reasons.

Woods writes in this comments at the end of the book that this was his first book that virtually did not need editing of its substance. Perhaps some typos - I did not find any in this ebook.

The plot is definitely plausible with a killer properly killed before the book end while his adversary who does not kill but just steals can live for years to come.

Of course, stealing a strategic 'object' from UK government is rather vague, in a book by another US author an ingot of almost pure Uranium 235 (less than needed for a nuke) is bought in South Africa and used rather convincingly.

Woods, fortunately, does not pretend he understands anything of a technical nature, he is obviously an expert on good food, good drinks and easy women.

Altogether a fairly believable story using little bit of UK English (boot instead of trunk, lorry instead of truck, for instance) and with a true affection for the city of London.

Recommended for people of 14 years of age , there is not much of adult stuff there. Four stars.
This is the first of two books, written in sequence, that delve into the world of espionage. Having said that, one of the main characters in this story is Sarah Buckminster, an old girlfriend from a previous story in which her New York art gallery is blown up which scares her and makes her run off to her parents in England just after she completes the decoration of Barrington's Connecticutt house which he bought mainly to please her. This story is complicated because Barrington's mission is to find the young niece (Erica) of British Spy John Bartholomew and return her safely to the US. Trouble is Bartholomew is not his real name (it's the name of a legendary and fantastical British spy) and he does not have a niece! Stone conveniently bumps into Erica his first evening in London as she and her boyfriend, Lance, just happen to eat supper in the dining room of Stone's hotel. She takes a little bit of a liking to Stone and lets him walk her home while her boyfriend does other things. But then she tells Stone he should really be dating her older sister Monica. So he does that even though he does not know how or if she figures into his mission. But she is as pretty as Erica though closer to Stone's age. She gets Stone to go with her for a weekend of sailing off in the a remote coastal area. On the way she tells Stone that "by the way my friend, Sara Buckminster, is getting married this weekend. He becomes alarmed that this is the same Sarah he knew in New York and decides he really does not want to crash her wedding party. Monica talks him into proceding to Sarah's home and to the party. Boys and girls use separate bedrooms in the huge huge Buckminster mansion and sneak into each other's rooms after "lights out." Stone things he is visited by the lovely Monica but it is actually the lovely Sarah who visits him! She does not have a firm relationship with her fiance.

The next day they all go out on Sarah's sizable yacht. Her fiance knows little about yachts. Stone has quite a bit of experience with yachts. he recognizes when Sarah is heading toward a dangerous jibe and warns her about it. She blunders into it and the swinging boom hits her fiance right on the head. That's a neat trick that requires some planing. Jibing is all too easy but hitting someone in the head is not that easy. I blundered into a jibe the first time I took my wife for a pleasant afternoon sail in our new 28-ft yacht. Fortunately my wife was short enough so that when she sat in the cockpit, the boom passed right over her without contact. She was also smart enough to stay seated when she saw me messing with the sheets as the wind swapped direction. Sarah's fiance, James, was taller and dumber and got knocked off the boat into the Solent unconscious. Stone dived in and tried to save James but could not get him and had to return to the boat empty-handed.

No one else on the boat was experienced at sailing. Erica's friend Lance thought Sarah did it on purpose. There was an inquiry into James' death and the Court believed Stone when he said the jibe seemed accidental, not mentioning that he had warned Sarah.

Stone manages to get himself into trouble trying to find out who Bartholomew really was, who Lance really was (ties to CIA) and what he was supposed to do. Along the way he meets a couple of real British spies (mason and Carpenter, a nice-looking lady in whom Stone was interested who help Stone find out Bartholomew's real name. I never did figure how everything related to Stone's original mission but the activity was interesting and somewhat suspenseful. Erica did return to New York with Stone. Carpenter did too and became a figure in the next installment of this two-part series - "Dirty Work." Stone made a lot of money from Lance's investment scheme though he was supposed to just show everyone what illegal activity Lance was engaged in.
I have read nearly every Stuart Woods books. This book, in my opinion, was goats written by other than Woods. It did not have the flow, the intensity, the descriptive Woods language, or the reading draw of Stuart Woods. It sounded like a female author versus Woods in loosing so much of his exciting, fast paced reading. I actually skipped chapters to see if anything changed or quite frankly just to get to the end. I am an absolute Stuart Woods reader, fan and fellow 1960 UGA grad. It was disappointing. Paul Gross

p.s. the words are "ghost author" not goat which was a typo. Stuart Woods in my opinion, for my literary needs is a five star author.
A bit of a change for Stone, and a nice one. International intrigue, with a bit of James Bond flair. I will admit that there was some confusion for me for awhile due to duplicate names for same person, but then it all fell into place. Poor Stone, his choice of women are not good ones. And even though he was supposed to be a very good detective, he's pretty dumb at times. However, these books are still a fast and very fun read. This was nice with the international flavor and he wasn't sleeping with every skirt he met. Very refreshing.
I'm reading his novels in the order he wrote them. There is a definite pattern: The reluctant hero gets called upon to do some mysterious thing in some far off place or country; he gets drawn into an expanding situation; he calls his NYC detective captain buddy to come and help him; plot twists and turns and finally gets resolved on all fronts. Excellent entertainment and fast read.