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by Harold Coyle

eBook Team Yankee download ISBN: 0425110427
Author: Harold Coyle
Publisher: Berkley (September 1, 1988)
Language: English
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Rating: 4.3
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Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Thrillers and Suspense

Harold Coyle’s most popular book is Team Yankee.

Harold Coyle’s most popular book is Team Yankee. Books by Harold Coyle. Showing 30 distinct works. Team Yankee by. Harold Coyle.

With M-1 tanks and a.

With M-1 tanks and a mechanized infantry division, Captian Sean Bannon's "Team Yankee" must defend their vital strategic post. They will engage the enemy with the ultimate in sophisticated weaponry. They will fight beyond all limits of human endurance - on the brink of World War II. eam Yankee.

Coyle (born February 16, 1952) is an American writer and author of historical, speculative fiction and war novels including Team Yankee, a New York Times best-seller. He graduated from the Virginia Military Institute in 1974, spent fourteen years on active duty with the . Army, and is a veteran of the Persian Gulf War. Other pen names include . He has co-authored books with Barrett Tillman and Jennifer Ellis. Harold Coyle's books published by Tor Books.

In this explosive new series from New York Times bestseller Harold Coyle and noted military author Barrett Tillman, a new type of war is being fought by private paramilitary companies at the beck and call of the highest bidder. With the military and intel. Cat and Mouse (Nathan Dixon, by Harold Coyle.

A realistic depiction of World War III combat follows Captain Sean Bannion and the tank soldiers of Team Yankee as they battle the Russian invasion force, from Hill 214 in West Germany to the ultimate cease-fire.

Team Yankee: A Novel of . .has been added to your Cart. a techno-thriller like no other book. I am an avid reader of alternate history novels and Harold W. Coyle has set the bar way above the rest that I have read

Team Yankee: A Novel of . Coyle has set the bar way above the rest that I have read. After finishing the book, his style of alternate history put him in the same league as Harry Turtledove and Robert Conroy. a great piece of literature and all those who start it will have trouble putting it down until they are finished.

Author: Harold Coyle. Publisher: Berkley, 1987. NATO and the Soviet bloc are at war. With M-1 tanks and a mechanized infantry division, Captian Sean Bannon’s Team Yankee must defend their vital strategic post.

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This former New York Times bestseller by Harold Coyle, now revised and expanded, presents a glimpse of what it would have been like for the Allied soldiers who would have had to meet a relentless onslaught of Soviet and Warsaw Pact divisions. It takes the view of a US tank commander, who is vastly outnumbered during the initial onslaught, as the Russians pull.

A realistic depiction of World War III combat follows Captain Sean Bannion and the tank soldiers of Team Yankee as they battle the Russian invasion force, from Hill 214 in West Germany to the ultimate cease-fire. Reissue.
Comments: (7)
I read this book in paperback when it first came out and enjoyed it. However, the digital version is simply butchered.
The novel was not scanned and digitized, it was transcribed with grammatical errors galore.
For those thinking of getting the kindle version be advised that words like "down" has been replaced with clown. And "thing" replaced with thong.

Of all digital books, this one has been through a meat grinder and I would recommend spending the time with the printed version than the digital version.

Example. from the book in my lap. "Tessman greeted Harrert and led him and the medic to where the lieutenant was lying, face down," Kindle excerpt, "Tessman, who greeted Harrert, led him and the medic to where the lieutenant was laying next to 21 facedown on the crew had thrown down on the ground."
It is not just an issue with the wrong words inserted, it is the fact that sentences are restructured and punctuated in ways that do not reflect the original print.

Whoever transcribed this book to digital needs to be fired and banned from transcribing.
My two star rating is not for Lt. Col. Coyle's writing; his work is five star. My poor rating is for the appalling formatting of an otherwise outstanding novel. I first read 'Team Yankee' when it came out in the mid-80's and have re-read it five times since - it's that good. I've waited patiently for the book to appear in Kindle format and was quite happy when it did; it had been a few years since I last read the book and with its appearance in Kindle format, I was anxious to devour it again. So, it was with great disappointment that within just a few pages I found that the transition from the printed page to digital format had not been a success. In fact, it is an abysmal failure. Jumping from about a 10-point, single-spaced text to 12-point double-spaced text at almost every other page, there are entire paragraphs missing, along complete descriptions and character thought-lines, and pages are duplicated frequently while others are truncated. Words are misspelled or are totally inappropriate for some sentences, faults missing in the print version. In short, the digital version of this book is a disaster and the perpetrators should be deeply chagrined. Amazon, you should likewise be chastised for allowing such a mess to be inflicted on your customers at $8 a whack. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a good 'what if' novel, but until the digital format is repaired, I only recommend the printed version.
Overall a well-written military novel, falling into the "techo-thriller" genre made popular by Tom Clancy. Now that I think about it, it reminds me of a not-as-well-written version of Red Storm Rising. The reason for the three stars is the transcription (at least, I HOPE its the transcription) - this was butchered. SLAUGHTERED. Butchered to the point where it's hard to read. Butchered to the point where I reread sentences 3 or 4 times to make sure I'm not having a stroke because it literally makes no sense. Typos, grammatical errors, sentence fragments, transposition of numbers and letters, the list goes on - whoever edited/transcribed this should be taken out back and roughed up. Then the person who APPROVED this Kindle version should be taken out back and roughed up even worse.

If I were Harold Coyle, I would be livid.

Also, the continued use of the phrase "third point of contact" just got tired and annoying after the second or third time. Just say ass like a normal soldier would, geez.

Book itself - 4 stars. Editorial/transcriptional butchering - 1 star. I rounded it up to 3.
Being in the 80's Army, I fell into this story and could really visualize the action. This wasn't just another story about some fictitious battle, this was real.
The story is fast paced, accurate as to weapons, vehicles, doctrine and mindset.
Basically, if you served during the 80's/early 90's, you recognize yourself in this book somewhere.
The complaint about the hardback book that I have, is the entire book was reprinted or retyped on some machine with rigid auto correct engaged.
Sentences make no sense, tenses change in mid-sentence, names are spelled differently from one paragraph to another, and punctuation is random.
This occurs on almost every page of the book. Initially, I wanted to red pen everything, but decided to just get through the story. I'm not sure how this edition made it by the proof readers or author.
The concept is dated and the writing is sub-par, but that's okay. You're reading this book because the armchair general in you is interested in the hypothetical: World War 3 in the 1980's with all the cool equipment. And the book delivers in its modest way. I say modest because you should not expect a grand, all-encompassing narrative in the vein of Clancy's "Red Storm Rising." Instead, the focus is on tactics and small units, particularly tanks. You'll learn a lot about modern tanks and how they function in combat. If you're not interested in tanks, this is not the book for you. If you prefer politics and diplomacy to tactics, this is not the book for you. The story's scope is extremely narrow, both in time and place. There is self-consciously no "big picture" view of the war. The book's style is more after-action report, filled with acronyms and technical language, than creative writing. Nonetheless, Coyle secured this reader's investment in the characters and their fates, which made finishing the book pleasant enough. I read an old hardbound copy so cannot speak to problems people may be having with a digital or revised format.