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Author: multivoice,Robert Ludlum
Publisher: Unabridged Library Edition; Unabridged edition (August 1, 1986)
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The American's name was Noel Holcroft, but Holcroft had not been his name at birth. He was born in Berlin in the summer of 1939, and the name on the hospital registry was "Clausen. His father was Heinrich Clausen, master strategist of the Third Reich, the financial magician who put together the coalition of disparate economic forces that insured the supremacy of Adolf Hitler.

The Holcroft Covenant is a 1985 thriller film based on the Robert Ludlum novel of the same name. The script was written by Edward Anhalt, George Axelrod, and John Hopkins. Noel Holcroft's late father - who was a former associate of Adolf Hitler - left behind a fortune supposedly to make amends for his wrongdoings

Praise for Robert Ludlum and The Holcroft Covenant Pleases and seduces. Ludlum stuffs more surprises into his novels than any other six-pack of thriller writers combined.

Praise for Robert Ludlum and The Holcroft Covenant Pleases and seduces. I sprained my wrist turning his pages and didn’t notice until an hour later. John Leonard, The New York Times Don’t ever begin a Ludlum novel if you have to go to work the next day. -Chicago Tribune. There would even be an unsuspecting outsider to set the plan into action. that outsider is Noel Holcroft, the American son of a high-ranking Nazi.

The Holcroft covenant. by. Ludlum, Robert, 1927-2001. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

The Holcroft Covenant book. The Second World War is over. Classic, old-school Robert Ludlum thriller about a sinister plot to financially resurrect the Fourth Reich, and how the protagonist and title character, Noel Holcroft, is an unwitting dupe for most of the storyline, as the villains, through an elaborate ruse, trick Holcroft into thinking that the monies are intended to "make amends" to the victims of the Nazis' atrocities.

The Holcroft Covenant is a 1978 novel by Robert Ludlum. In 1985 it was made into a film of the same name. The novel concerns Noel Holcroft, New York City architect and secretly the son of Heinrich Clausen, chief economic adviser to the Third Reich. At some point in the 1970s, Holcroft is contacted by the Grande Banque de Geneve, concerning his father's will and testament. The testament says that in the last half of the war, Clausen found out about the Holocaust.

The book was originally published in 1978, and was later made into a movie 1985

The book was originally published in 1978, and was later made into a movie 1985. The story follows Noel Holcroft, a young architect who finds out that his biological father was a German . commander that grew a conscience about the horrors of The Holocaust before the war ended.

The Fourth Reich is waiting to ariseand the only man who can stop it is about to sign its birth certificate. But all of these elaborate plans need an unsuspecting outsider to set them in motion: Noel Holcroft, the American son of a high-ranking Nazi officer. He has just been shown an incredible document known as the Holcroft Covenant.

It is March 1945 and from all over war-devastated Europe, shipments of precious cargo are being secretly dispatched by plane, ship and submarine. The cargo - children! German children. When they come of age, they will carry out their preordained mission to establish the Fourth Reich worldwide.Noel Holcroft, an American architect, gets involved in a covenant which he thinks will help survivors and dependents of the Holocaust. But the covenant is a lie. If Holcroft signs the covenant, he will be signing his own death warrant and signing away the future of free people everywhere.Robert Ludlum, the unsurpassed master of the superthriller, lures listeners onto a roller coaster of conflict and conspiracy where the tension never falters.
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The Nazi's in the final days of the war hatched a plan for the rebirth of the third Reich. Now only one man, Noel Holcroft, stands in their way. The son of one of the highest ranking Nazi's, raised in ignorance of who his father was, he is know the inheritor of a vast amount of money that he is to use to right the wrongs his father and his father's cohorts inflicted on the world (as if that's possible). He is betrayed on all sides, surrounded by lies and pursued by enemies on all sides as the ODESSA pursues the money he controls in order to use it to push the world into another war. The European locals are interesting, the characters are twisted and believable, but it was a little flat for me this time around. I first read this when I was a teenager and recently re-read it. It was better back in the day, but that is probably because I have been trained to like a lot more action in my spy stories. This is a bit wordy and a little bit dated but I still enjoyed it. When I was 17 I would have given this 10 stars, now it's just four.
In this novel, Ludlum takes you into a plan to bring about Germany's 4th Reich, a deadly plan to put into power throughout the world those whom Hitler's henchmen deemed as the best of the Aryan race - children, who were carefully selected and secreted out of Germany, and raised to become the leaders of the new order, backed by millions of dollars embezzled from Nazi finances and hidden away in Swiss banks to await specific circumstances that will set in motion this ultimate plan for world domination. Given discoveries that have been made through research of documents discovered after WWII, Ludlum's premise for this novel is believable. The story is masterly crafted to keep you engaged and almost breathless as Noel Holcroft discovers the truth behind his carefully constructed life. The story twists and turns as he tries to thwart a plan of which he has been unwittingly an integral part since childhood. A wonderful read.
Prince Persie
Love the book!
Read it many years ago. This recent purchase was a gift.
Robert Ludlum man on the inside.
His books have been much, much better
than Hollywood has interpreted in the movies.
Robert Ludlum was way ahead of the History Channel and other documentaries
about the 4th Reich.
Ludlum is one of the master's of intrigue, the double-cross and deceit. Memorable story after story has been penned by this author and The Holcroft Covenant is no exception. Highly recommended for the way he weaves a great story, have you turning page after page and wanting more. Many of the modern day "indie" writers could learn a thing or two from reading Robert Ludlum (and that includes me!)
This title was amongst Ludlum's prime time. I watched movie first, it was almost entirely different from his original one. Once again our hero was John Wayne type (Who care), but I still wanted to follow his exaggerated story lines. Background of this title was mainly in Germany. So, when I read his other titles I could not remember the names of towns and cities which ones belonging to which titles. Anyway, if one is Ludlum's fan. one would not be diappointed!
It was okay, my second time to read it. Read it about twenty years ago seems like and it seemed better then. I have read lots of Ludlum, really like most of them.
I am hooked on Robert Ludlum's books. I gave up romance after I turned 20, moved on to murder mysteries (Ellery Queen genre), but I never experienced an author that could keep me awake until 3:00 in the morning, not only with one of his books--but with all of them!
I have read The Chancellor Manuscripts, all three of the series of the Bourne books, and just finished the Holcroft Covenant, which teases and hints at a sequel in the last few pages, and I'm crossing my fingers there is one (have to still check out his list of books).
The Holcroft Covenant deals with Nazi sympathizers and a Covenant that is allegedly going to help all those victims of the Holocaust approximately 30 years after the conclusion of the war. Mr. Holcraft, the son of one of Hitler's closest officers who supposedly committed suicide in the last days of the Reich, is given a letter, written by his father before his death, directing the son to find two other Nazi offspring, go to Geneva, and recover a multi-million dollar account that is dictated to be used to 'help' those victims of war crimes committed during the war.
The twist, as expected in any Ludlum novel, occurs about half-way through the book, from a direction the reader would never guess, and involves a woman (the hero always has to get his gal in Ludlum's novels--I love it!), and this right after he encounters an experience that forces him to run for his life, hide from those he loves, and cuts his communications off from any normal life that the hero would normally use if this was real life.
While Ludlum's books smack of a 'formula,' I absolutely love it--you know that something unusual is going to happen to the main character, he's going to be forced to give up his normal life to go out and 'save the world,' he'll use life-long aquaintances for help throughout the book (although about 85% end up in a morgue by the end of the story), there's lots of shooting of the bad guys, a damsel in distress who will initially hate the main character, then fall in love with him, and after everybody shoots at each other and more bad and good guys die, the hero either ends up being 'savior' of the world, or he ends up physically chopped to pieces, but survives to take on the bad guys again.
Don't try this plot at home--only Ludlum can add enough realistic and believable imagery to convince you of the reality of the story with his details of Europe, lovely descriptions of continental hotels, and travelogues throughout the storyline.
If you haven't tried a Ludlum novel, pick one up--any one, and enjoy an espionage thriller that only a master like Ludlum can write.
Liked the book in terms of the characters, although the villain was ported close to omnipotent, and therefore the less credible and most cruel. The complicated triangle of organizations kept me at my toes, and sometimes pushes me into uncertainty about my ability to sort out the different structures. In short, entertainment a la Ludlum, but an abrupt ending makes me wonder if even the author got a bit tired of the many plots.