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by Richard (Donald Westlake) Stark

eBook The Score download ISBN: 0850316081
Author: Richard (Donald Westlake) Stark
Publisher: Allison and Busby; First Edition edition (1985)
Language: English
Pages: 160
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Fb2: 1347 kb
Rating: 4.2
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Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Thrillers and Suspense

He specialized in crime fiction, especially comic capers, with an occasional foray into science fiction and other genres

Richard Stark-at least in The Score-is not really what I would call a very good writer. The Score is number five with a bullet of the twenty-four Parker novels provided to us by Mr. Donald Westlake, writing as Richard Stark. It was first published in 1964, but doesn’t feel dated

Richard Stark-at least in The Score-is not really what I would call a very good writer. It was first published in 1964, but doesn’t feel dated. Parker, who by now is almost the king of thieves, is asked to run an operation that requires twenty-four men. Although Parker knocks it down to a dozen men, it still is quite an operation. Nothing like this has ever been done before.

Westlake Donald - скачать бесплатно все книги автора. that captures their next score

Westlake Donald - скачать бесплатно все книги автора. Книги 1-16 из 16. Bad News. Жанр: Иронический детектив. that captures their next score. The producer guarantees to find a way to keep the show from being used in evidence against them. They're dubious, but the pay is good, so they take him up on his offer. Parker, el personaje m?s emblem?tico creado por Donald E. Westlake (Brooklyn, Nueva York, 1933), es un ladr?n profesional y, eventualmente, un asesino. Un hombre fr?o y calculador, reservado hasta la exasperaci?n y due?o de una inteligencia m?s que destacable.

Richard Stark (Donald E Westlake). PART ONE. One. When the bellboy left, Parker went over to the house phone and made his call. Parker counted the rings, just as Paulus was doing at the other end, and while he waited and counted he looked around at the room.

I suppose Stark's (aka Westlake's) main crime is that Parker gets away with it in all his books

I suppose Stark's (aka Westlake's) main crime is that Parker gets away with it in all his books. I guess all one can say about that is, get over it. Parker hears about a rather unusual kind of caper. It's probably worth a '5', but I know that Stark/Westlake can do better: thus my score doesn't reflect how good the book is but reflects where it stands vis-a-vis Westlake's own capabilities. One person found this helpful.

Книга The Score автора Уэстлейк Дональд Эдвин оценена посетителями КнигоГид, и её читательский рейтинг составил . 2 из 1. A book in the Parker series.

Онлайн библиотека КнигоГид непременно порадует читателей текстами иностранных и российских писателей, а также гигантским выбором классических и современных произведений. Все, что Вам необходимо - это найти по аннотации, названию или автору отвечающую Вашим требованиям.

Поиск книг BookFi BookSee - Download books for free. Westlake, Donald E as Stark, Richard - Parker 05 - The Score (Killtown) . Westlake Donald E. 232 Kb. Westlake, Donald E as Stark, Richard - Parker 08 - The Handle (Run Lethal) . 246 Kb. Westlake, Donald E as Stark, Richard - Parker 09 - The Split (The Seventh) . 242 Kb. Westlake, Donald E as Stark, Richard - Parker 11 - The Rare Coin Score . 216 Kb. Westlake, Donald E as Stark, Richard - Parker 12 - The Sour Lemon Score . 230 Kb. #37.

2 Donald E. Westlake, . The great Donald E. Westlake, author of some of the best puzzles of the 20th century, turns out to have been a terrific essayist and correspondent, too. Hearing Voices in My Head: Tucker Coe, Timothy J. Culver, Richard Stark and Donald E. Westlake Living with a Mystery Writer, by Abby Adams Writers on Writing: A Pseudonym Returns From an Alter-Ego Trip, With New Tales to Tell.

Donald Westlake’s Parker novels are among the small number of books I. .Parker has a score to settle while Claire’s armed with her first rifle-and they’re both ready to usher in the end of the Age of Aquarius.

Donald Westlake’s Parker novels are among the small number of books I read over and over. Forget all that crap you’ve been telling yourself about War and Peace and Proust-these are the books you’ll want on that desert island. Parker, the ruthless antihero of Richard Stark’s eponymous mystery novels, is one of the most unforgettable characters in hardboiled noir. Richard Stark’s Parker novels. are among the most poised and polished fictions of their time and, in fact, of any time.

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This is a standard review for the University of Chicago published Parker series by Richard Stark. Overall the quality of the stories is very high. They are tightly plotted with dialogue fitted to the voices of the different characters. The descriptions of places and objects are brief but clear and connected to the characters' perceptions.

Now the negatives: These stories average about $9.99, and I expect that some editing must have been done to warrant so high a price for what are rather short novels. There are egregious editing errors in every book in the series, some with only a few, most noticeably the first four books in the series. The rest have over a dozen spelling and grammar errors that were no doubt due to the OCR scanning process on the original books/manuscripts. The software just can't identify certain words and doesn't always fix hyphenated words back to whole words. Having the choice all over again, I would look for the paper backs and read those. The books just aren't worth the $9.99 average price.


No real OCR errors in this one. Worth it.
the jugger is more good stuff from stark/westlake. parker heads to omaha and walks right into federal agents and a local cop who reminded me of clifton james from live and let die, the man with the golden gun, and superman 2. more hardboiled yumminess, the parker books just get better and better. features this awesome line about parker: "his clothes fit him like an impatient compromise with society, as though the man inside them could never be comfortable in a suit and white shirt, with a tie knotted around his neck and leather shoes encasing his feet." BLAM! that's writing right there, son.
This story is mainly a mystery. And I will say there are a fair number of "pearls" that send you away with something to think about. But the best Parker storys are the ones centered about a heist.

I will also say that there are a number of elements of this story that don't hold together well. People behave a certain way because it makes the story work. But what you are being told does not really make sense. And that spoils it for me some.
I don't usually read book series other than Tom Clancy, but I do read and love Westlake's (Richard Stark pen names) Parker Series. This is #6 and suggest reading in order.

As other reviews have noted, Westlake has admitted regrets about the Jugger...Parker appears to have gone soft. I don't agree.

The Jugger is consistent with theme of Parker as a flawed human being and master criminal with many qualities. Parker is smart, clever, perceptive about people and human nature, amoral, and only violent when he needs to be. Anyone who is skilled in their craft or business will respect Parker's expert craft as a criminal.

Parker lives in the moment like any good sales person. Not the past. Not the future. Though he respects only dependable people he has worked with in the past. Bozzo's and other undependable types get written off or killed. Mess with drugs, alcohol, or women during a job means you are a Bozzo and are undependable. Parker also plans financially. He pays income taxes to establish legitimacy, stashes cash everywhere like a squirrel, and only "works" enough to replenish his cash. The smart criminal.

About the story: As with other Parker stories, nothing is as it seems, and all the pieces come together by the end of the story. One of Parker's dependable ex-crime partners is in trouble and unclear why. Parker travels to Nebraska not because he cares about his friend--he has no friends--but fear that something might leak about himself and his own criminal past. Parker leaves nothing to chance, so he quickly decides he must travel from his motel "home" in Miami to Nebraska.

The rest of the story is Parker figuring out what happened and not allowing any loose ends that might lead back to him. Story includes dumb cops, crooked cop, diligent cop, old undependable criminal partner, nosey neighbors, corruptible/weak medical doctor, and petty small town corruption.

Tip: You do need to adjust to the times--1960s. No mobile phones, no Internet, no video cameras, no Miami Vice-type weapons, and 1960's prices to match the times.

Jugger is a Great Read. Another Great Parker story. And perfect "novelette" size for one long plane ride.