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by Jack Henderson

eBook Circumference of Darkness: A Novel download ISBN: 059533573X
Author: Jack Henderson
Publisher: iUniverse, Inc. (April 27, 2005)
Language: English
Pages: 449
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Rating: 4.8
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Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Thrillers and Suspense

Circumference Of Darkness book. A great first novel by Jack Henderson that was full of action, surprises and romance.

Circumference Of Darkness book.

Circumference of darkness : a novel. Circumference of darkness : a novel. Terrorism, Electronic surveillance, Computer hackers, Terrorists. New York : Bantam Books. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by abowser on November 1, 2011. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata).

Circumference of Darkness has been added to your Cart. A highly imaginative, relentlessly paced page-turner. Jack Henderson gives us two of the brainiest heroes in thriller fiction and a frightening scenario of a terrorist Armageddon

Circumference of Darkness has been added to your Cart. Jack Henderson gives us two of the brainiest heroes in thriller fiction and a frightening scenario of a terrorist Armageddon. It's a rollercoaster read in the best tradition of Tom Clancy. Jeff Abbott, author of Panic. The best debut I've read in a long time. Henderson has the kind of talent that doesn't come along every day and is sure to win him wide acclaim. -Kyle Mills, author of The Second Horseman.

Circumference of Darkness. Twenty-two-year-old Jeannie Reese is a computer wunderkind-and the top architect of next-generation security for the Department of Defense. Her latest brainchild is IRIN, the most powerful surveillance technology ever developed. He has remained in complete seclusion despite his infamy as the author of a slew of massive electronic crimes-and despite his long-ago, now eerily prophetic, scenarios of terrorist warfare against America. Under Jeannie’s direction, IRIN gathers and analyzes endless data-and unearths Phr33k.

бесплатно, без регистрации и без смс. This electrifying debut thriller delivers a gripping tale of Big Brother gone mad amid a modern world on the verge of endless war. Brimming with high-powered suspense, here is the brilliant, frighteningly believa. Brimming with high-powered suspense, here is the brilliant, frighteningly believable story of three masterminds locked on a breathtaking collision coursthe outcome of which will determine the fate of the United States. Circumference of ear-old Jeannie Reese is a computer wunderkindand the top architect of next-generation security for the Department of Defense. Her latest brainchild is IRIN, the most powerful.

Jack Henderson is an American thriller writer. He is best known for his series of novels featuring hacker John Fagan, aka phr33k, and FBI agent Jeannie Reese. Henderson was born in Springfield, Missouri on October 3, 1958 and was brought up in Buffalo, Missouri. Henderson did not complete a university degree, although he did complete two years of further education in Performing Arts before leaving college to work in regional theatre.

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com User, October 12, 2005. This novel was wonderful. Great plot, characters with depth and one of those "stay up all night" reads. I am already looking forward to the sequel and/or movie!

Circumference of Darkness. Circumference of Darkness. To date, IRIN has remained ultraclassified and inactive.

Circumference of Darkness - eBook. Circumference of Darkness Random House Publishing Group. Random House Publishing Group.

In 1993, a legendary hacker known only as “phr33k” outlined a far-fetched plan for the ultimate terrorist attack, in a members-only online chat room. Eight years later, he awoke on September 11, 2001 to see the World Trade Center in flames and his casual brainstorm materializing into a murderous reality.

Among the injured in the Pentagon strike was 22-year-old Jeannie Reese, former child prodigy and current lead designer in the government’s Total Information Awareness program. As the response is mobilized, she receives a green light to activate her pet project, ARGOS, an above-top-secret, omnipresent domestic surveillance system. She soon uncovers phr33k’s years-old blueprint for September 11th, and Jeannie sets out to track down this dark figure of the Internet underground and bring him to justice for his role.

But the hunt soon leads Jeannie down an alarming trail of revelations: the terrorists are gathering again, they achieved only a fraction of their aims on 9/11, and a massive follow-up attack is coming, designed by the most formidable mind she’s ever encountered, conceived to bring about the end of the United States of America.

“Frighteningly imaginative… Fasten your seatbelts for a wild, techno-thriller ride…” —George Smith, Ph.D. Senior Fellow, Author, The Virus Creation Labs
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One of the best SciFi books I have ever read, and I've been reading them for a gazillion years. Engaging characters, complex and surprising plot that moves fast and yet also lingers enough to savor developments so you can contemplate where it might be going. My only true regret is that Jack Henderson has not written a follow-up novel. What happened---did the NSA assassinate him for knowing too much, and covering truth in the guise of fiction!?! Five stars out of five. This guy can definitely think deep and write well.
I got the teaser chapters e-mailed to me while in Iraq by a friend. I liked it so much I paid for the download because I had, I mean HAD to finish it that night. While I can't think of anything on iUniverse that was more deserving of a pickup by a big publishing house, someone at Bantam took a really good novel, better than a couple of Tom Clancy's I've read, cut out enough technical detail to open plot holes later, and then jacked with the ending.

Jeannie Reese is perfectly believeable, ditto John Fagan, if you realize people that smart come along a few kids a generation. I was far enough up in the gifted class I watched someone like that almost launch. His problem was he didn't have the support structure, and he was pretty much too bright ever to function in the outside world. Ended up a very screwed kid.
I have two complaints about this book...first, I got very little sleep because it was hard to put down, and second, it ended. Great writing, lots if action. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Glenn Beck mentioned it on the radio so I thought I would give it a try.. it was a great book... for those of you who enjoy spy novels you will love this one..
This book is otherwise known as Maximum Impact. In my view it is an average coffee table book. The basic storyline was that the hero John Fagan (a computer underground legend) outlined/predicted the Sept 11 attack. To have used the Sept 11 as basis of the story and stretching the imagination from there toward city/nationwide bigger terrors plot and chaos did not make it an outstanding techno-thriller novel, especially when it's is published in 2005-2007.

I feel it's not that prescient or surprising in its plots. The bigger terrors and chaos predicted in the book could have simply been in the planning of the Pentagon's simulations after (if not before) the Sept 11 attack.

Tom Clancy's Executive Order did better visualizing the Sept 11 attack storyline in the late 90s. As could have been hinted by the author, this book's inspiration appeared to be drawn from Tom Clancy's attack outline and Robert Ludlum Bourne series that formed its basis.

The book did draw a small educational value that all existing terror's attacks (whether within or outside of US) are primarily singular and setpiece in nature. They are not coordinated and large scales that target all types of infrastructures. It is also logical that a massive apocalyptic effort to bring down the massive infrastructures in the US has the best chance of being pull off by someone with intimate knowledge and access to the government, rather than from someone outside.

The book also have a slight prophesy sense that the invasion of Iraq will trigger oil price to rise and ultimately housing bubble bursting (though I cannot confirm if this was a revision made in 2007, during the housing crisis).

For those with computer science background, this may be a book of added interest as its using computer stuff as a furniture of the story. It did a good portrait of the computer science capability, tugging a nice chatbot known as Kate to serve as the hero's companion and a Terminator Sky-Net like system known as Irin designed by the heroine that was used by the government. While the Irin system became a periphery character (probably this line is being overused in other similar books anyway), the author's overall efforts and attention to the technology was much appreciated.

The last 100 pages were its cream and saving grace. While pulling no surprise in the plot, the book detailed the landscape of what might happen beyond the Sept 11 attack. It had vividly illustrated a consequence that could have occur but did not manifest

I feel the main inspiration for the book was from Tom Clancy's Executive Order which I would have given a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

For this book itself, I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars. The last star was for the neat last 100 pages to its conclusion. A fairly readable book. A pity it could have been darker in its imagination on possible attacks scenarios, rather than following the linear take of from Sept 11.
John Fagan is held in awe in the hacker underground for the misdeed he accomplished in cyberspace. He lives like a hermit in New York City that is right out of a Star Wars movie with a talking intelligent computer called Kate. Jeannie Reese was a math and computer prodigy who was hired by the government to create a surveillance program that would eliminate extraneous data and put security risk information in a logical order

She initiates IRIN shortly after 9/11 and meets John in cyberspace where he is the first one to defeat her in a game of chess. He feels guilty because he was in an IRC chat in the 1990's and talked about a blueprint to bring the U.S. to its knees. Someone intercepted and partially initiated that plan. She would like to talk to him but she is kicked out of her job by the power that be who want to control IRIN and he is kidnapped by those loyal to Edward Latrell, a survivalist militiaman who played a part in 9/11 and demands John's expertise to break the U.S. and rebuild it in his image. John finally agrees to stop Latrell killing the innocents in the camp but is rescued by one of Jeannie's people. They meet up in Las Vegas seeking to find a way to stop the doomsday scenario from happening but John built something he doesn't know how to dismantle.

In his debut, Jack Henderson acts like a veteran thriller writer with strong plotting, solid three dimensional characterizations (especially the lead misfits) and exciting action adventure scenarios that grip readers from the onset. CIRCUMFERENCE OF DARKNESS is one of the best the thrillers to come along in years. The two protagonists are social misfits trying to save the world that neither feels comfortable in. Readers will admire and their courage and perseverance.

Harriet Klausner