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eBook Shocking Pink download ISBN: 0778301265
Author: Erica Spindler
Publisher: Mira Books (2006)
Language: English
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Rating: 4.4
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Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Thrillers and Suspense

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Fifteen years after she and her two friends had pursued a dangerous obsession involving deadly sexual practices.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

Erica Spindler (born 1957) is a New York Times Best-Selling author, who specializes in romantic thrillers. Spindler was raised in Rockford, Illinois. She lives with her husband, an advertisement executive, and their two sons in New Orleans, Louisiana. Spindler had planned on becoming an artist, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Delta State University and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of New Orleans in the visual arts.

I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the following people for their help and support during the writing of this book. Jessica Schneider and Erin Engelhardt for honestly sharing their thoughts, feelings, hopes and wishes; for reminding me what it’s like to be fifteen and best friends. Linda Kay West (as always) for answering my many questions about the law and legal proceedings. Dianne Moggy and the amazing MIRA® crew for helping me make this book all it could be.

Publishers Weekly awarded the audio version of her novel Shocking Pink a Listen Up Award, naming it one of the best audio mystery books of 1998. Erica lives just outside New Orleans, Louisiana, with her husband and two sons and is busy at work on her next thriller.

I could not put it down, and the ending was very shocking.

The mysterious lovers the three girls. I could not put it down, and the ending was very shocking.

Andie said, surprised, swinging her front door open. What are you doing here?. I didn’t think I had to call first. Andie’s smile faded at her friend’s words and tone. It’s a work night, that’s al. .She swung the door wider and stepped aside so the other woman could enter. I thought we could go to dinner. Andie repeated, looking down at herself. When she’d gotten home from the office thirty minutes ago, she had thrown on some baggy shorts and an old T-shirt.

For police captain Patti O’Shea, the discovery of a dead body is shocking, but part of the job. A dead body with the right hand severed is disturbing. But when a corpse is discovered with the police badge of her murdered husband, she is pushed over the edge. Detectives Micki Dare and Zach Harris are called in to investigate when a millionaire developer leaps from atop his luxury hotel on the night of its grand opening.

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I sp. urde. he mysterious lovers the three girls spied on were engaged in a deadly sexual game. Books related to Shocking Pink.

Shocking Pink - Erica Spindler. Yeah, he managed to say finally, I know who she is. Book One. Best Friends - Summer of 1983. Thistledown, Missouri. The call had come in at 3:01 . An anonymous tip. Something weird was going on over at the Gatehouse development site, the caller had said. 1. The inside of the car was hot, steamy with the heat radiating from the two teenagers making out in the back seat. The Camaro rocked slightly with their enthusiastic movements.

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I've loved this book since high school. One of my all time faves.
Awesome book!! Love Erica Spindler!!
Enjoy the mysteries by this author-have read almost all of them! Most of the plots and characters are different in each story.
Excellent new condition. Came so fast. Was very pleased. Thank you.
Teenagers Raven, Julie, and Andie discover illicit goings-on in a model house in a new subdivision. Fascinated by the forbidden, they continue coming back, spying on the participants. When Mrs.X, as they call the woman in the affair, dies, their friendship is broken by other secrets being revealed during the poilice investigation. Each girl's life is changed forever. Only when they are adults, do the three friends reunite and then certain events make them realize the murderer has returned also.

When someone starts leaving evidence from the previous crime in Andie's home and begins sending newspaper clippings from fifteen years before to each of the friends, one man becomes the obvious suspect. The police officer on the original case gets into the act. As a rookie detective, he had a connection with the teenaged Andie but now she's an adult, and that connection becomes more serious, bringing about the climax of both cases because it appears the man they thought was the killer may not be, and if that's the case, who is?

A second story runs counterpoint to the murder of the so-called Mrs. X . The mayor's wife kills her husband. She claims self-defense and witnesses agree. As her therapist, Andie is asked the question: Can a person be goaded into attacking another so he can be killed in a way looking as if the victim is defending herself?

As character studies, the three friends are such contrasts to each other it's a wonder they ever managed to become, and stay, friends. With the exception of Andie, the evident main character, none are particularly likable. Even as a child, Raven is brash and rude, a control freak and manipulator, a foul-mouthed man-hater, and a genuine b***h. Julie, the daughter of a hellfire-and-damnation preacher is a whimpering sex addict and easily bullied by Raven who is openly contemptible of her, alternating insulting with coddling and pampering her. Andie is the most normal of the three but even she has her fears and tends to be an observer rather than a participant in life. The descriptions of the three friends are well-written, especially Raven's, making her such a despicable character I felt myself wishing someone would land a solid one to her jaw and put her in her place. The description of the man they think the killer is also well-written, though slanted in context so there's no pity for him as he also wrestles with trying to prevent hurting the second woman he has begun, in his own odd way, to love. A little sympathy there would've made more of an impact.

Beginning in the present, then told in flashback bringing the reader up to the point of the prologue, Shocking Pink is a tense, exciting thriller. and I had only one complaint, and this may be considered a SPOILER: after the true murderer is discovered, the supposed one is never mentioned again, while the end of the story centers on the trial of the mayor's wife. What happened to the man who fifteen years before set the three friends on the paths of the rest of their lives is never explained.