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by Marilyn Todd

eBook I, Claudia: A Mystery, 13BC download ISBN: 0333650220
Author: Marilyn Todd
Publisher: Macmillan (November 24, 1995)
Language: English
Pages: 320
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Rating: 4.7
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Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Thrillers and Suspense

I, Claudia by Marilyn Todd. Reading books set in the ancient world is one of my favourite things to do especially when they're both witty and require a bit of brain power to read.

A Mystery, 13 BC. By Marilyn Todd. To Marjorie Rogers, who may only have slipped into the next room, but who has somehow managed to keep the door wedged open a fraction, I have just one thing to say: Thanks, Mum! For everything.

Book 1 of 13 in A Claudia Seferius Mystery (13 Book Series). Books In This Series (13 Books). Page 1 of 1Start OverPage 1 of 1. Previous page. 1. I, Claudia (A Claudia Seferius Myster. arilyn Todd. 2. Virgin Territory (A Claudia Seferiu. 3. Man Eater (A Claudia Seferius Myster.

Claudia had kept her head down in the fervent hope her husband might have forgotten her until he was well underway-by retiring early and cocking a deaf ear to the clatter of hooves and the shouts of the grooms right under her window-but, luck wasn’t with her. She was hastily summoned to his room on the point of departure and issued with a long list of instructions, culminating in the inevitable: she must join him and the family at the villa when she’d finished, it was her duty.

But when her secret gambling debts spiral, she hits on another resourceful way to make money - offering her personal services to high-ranking Roman Citizens. Unfortunately her clients are now turning up dead - the victims of a sadisitc serial killer

I, Claudia was Todd's first novel featuring her heroine Claudia Seferius. In a black cloth binding with original unclipped dustwrapper.

I, Claudia was Todd's first novel featuring her heroine Claudia Seferius. Dustwrapper is smart, with just a couple of marks and a label to the rear. Internally, firmly bound. Pages are bright and clean, with just a couple of spots to the fore-edge.

At first, Claudia is simply curious. Then a young man is found murdered, floating downstream. Scorpion Rising Blackmailed into investigating the murder of a child, Claudia is plunged into a bizarre world of priestesses who have no use for men beyond slave labor. But there is discord within this secret society. While Claudia works to uncover the truth, a sinister force moves in the background. A master of disguise, the Scorpion is uniting the tribes in an uprising against Rome. No one crosses this man and lives. Especially fiery young Roman women.

I, Claudia: A Mystery, 13BC. ISBN 10: 0333650220, ISBN 13: 9780333650226.

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The ex-prostitute Claudia has inveigled her way into marriage with a wealthy wine merchant. When she runs up gambling debts, she starts offering "personal services" to high-ranking Romans. One by one, however, her clients become the victims of a serial killer, who Claudia must track down.
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I've read many Roman novels and can forgive some use of modern slang terms but this book was riddled with them. The author, being English, used her vernacular as in calling someone a punter, or using the phrase "leave off" which made it all the more disconcerting for me. This was done multiple times in each chapter. There also wasn't any flavor of Roman life, nothing to immerse you in the culture of that time. I just couldn't finish the book. I did like the character of Claudia. She was the ancient Scarlett O'Hara and probably would have enjoyed more of her adventures. I did read the ending and that isn't tied up for you. It beckons you read the next book in the series. Disappointing to say the least.
I was disappointed in this story not because of the plot, because it did have some surprising twists and turns, but because of the one-dimensional and stereotypical characters, the lack of any real action on their part, and the way it was written. I could not relate to Claudia at all. I would not call her a heroine. She was narcissistic in the main, a con artist and generally unlikeable. I found no redeeming qualities in her character. The main male character, who has fallen into like or lust or something with Claudia, is supposed to be investigating a series of murders. At the same time Claudia is trying to identify the murderer. But they mostly seem to be working against or thinking about one another and very little actual fact finding or anything is being done. The story just...sort of falls...into place. There were times I was not sure who was speaking/thinking in the story and had to read back several pages to be sure I was with the right character. The story was also plagued by different fonts and font sizes. I wasn't sure if they were lost edits or just poor editing. Finally, the language being used was right out of the 20th century, not Rome. If this is to be a historical novel I would prefer it stay as close to the truth as possible. Every time I read the word "poppet" I was expecting Mary Poppins to show up. The story has a lot of potential but it needs better construction and development.
This is the worst historical fiction I've ever read—and I've read literally hundreds of novels set in ancient Greece and Rome. Everything about this is awful: the writing, the characters, and the plot. To top it all off, there are historical errors on almost every page. I don't expect complete accuracy about every little detail, but there are mistakes here about even such basic things as names.
The brilliant title playing on Graves’s classic tale told me, this promises to be fun. The story did indeed deliver. I let the details wash over me rather than trying to guess who the culprit was. The conclusion was satisfying, but this was a character driven novel, thus I wasn't looking forward to the end! Claudia Seferius proved to be quite a different character from the average stock heroine. Her dynamic twists made her real and gave her depth, not every protagonist needs to be totally innocent themselves. The taste of Ancient Rome was infused throughout the story, but the ingredient wasn't heavy handed. As I turned each page, I realized that Claudia was the sort of person I enjoyed reading about, but I’d be a little concerned to find myself sharing a plate of Roman delicacies with the formidable lady.
I picked this up on DIRT CHEAP MYSTERY READS because it had all my favorite elements: mystery, romance, and history. I noticed a reviewer said it was "tame." Not when a killer is carving out his victim's eyes, it isn't!

There's enough ancient Roman history to keep your interest and her husband's family are such vultures, snobs, and sycophants that it's a wonder Claudia can keep her head at all. I guess you could call her a stone cold bitch--but with the bunch she has to contend with, I think I like her that way.

There's no doubt that she must solve this case, mostly because if she doesn't, she'll lose more than her extra-curricular paycheck. I thought her side-job kind of funny--the writer has a rather droll sense of humor--that is until her clients started showing up gruesomely murdered.

Then there's a handsome "policeman" who might yet arrest her or become her lover, and may so in the next book, but in this one she goes hot, cold, hot, and finally cold.

Well written, edited, and the mystery is wrapped up neatly too.
I have read the entire spqr series twice, and loved learning about historical people and issues, all with a sense of humor. I Claudia is not as good. The problem with a female protagonist is that women had a very limited role in public life in ancient Rome. But the writing is humorous and sexy, so I'll probably try another one.
It's completely different, I'll give you that. The lead character, Claudia is self-centered, a liar, a con woman and oddly charming in a thoroughly egocentric way. Fun to read about but you wouldn't want her for a friend, if she has any. This is not, to put it mildly, a standard heroine. The approach is very original.
Claudia is a virago with a taste for money, men and danger. A former dancer and currently a part-time dominatrix (a girl has to pay off her gambling debts somehow, doesn't she?), she is now looking to secure her new status as the wife of a wealthy wine merchant. Problem is, a murdered is running around gouging out the eyes of her former 'clients'. Worse...a too-attractive and too-smart detective has realized she I'd involved somehow. Claudia has to solve this one before he does. But there is more in the frame than it would appear...Hades! Isn't it always the bloody case? You will love Claudia and the relationships she has to suffer. She is a new hero...bad, but with good she is trying desperately to smother in its sleep.