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by Arthur Hailey

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Author: Arthur Hailey
Publisher: Bantam Books (1981)
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Category: Mystery
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Arthur Hailey takes the reader to Detroit,inside the auto industry in the early 1970s. Hailey takes an in-depth look at the process of the development of a new car,before it enters the market.

All the human emotion. Arthur Hailey takes the reader to Detroit,inside the auto industry in the early 1970s. But the book isn't just about cars. It is also about the lives of the people working in the industry,and the drama of their.

Wheels (1971) is a novel by Arthur Hailey, concerning the automobile industry and the day-to-day pressures involved in its operation. The plot lines follow many of the topical issues of the day, including race relations, corporate politics, and business ethics. The auto company of the novel is a little-disguised Ford Motor Company and some of the characters are recognizable to company insiders.

Читайте Wheels (автор: Arthur Hailey) бесплатно 30 дней в течении пробного периода. Wheels - Arthur Hailey. Around him, in this personal study, were book-lined walls. Читайте книги и аудиокниги без ограничений в веб-браузере или на устройствах iPad, iPhone и Android. Occasionally-though not this morning-he glanced at them with a trace of longing; there was a time, years ago, when he had read a good deal, and widely, and could have been a scholar if chance had directed his life differently. But nowadays he had no time for books. Even the daily newspaper would have to wait until he could snatch a moment to skim through it.

Master storyteller Arthur Hailey’s New York Times bestseller is a turbocharged thriller about America’s automobile industry, from the bottom up Ford. They were the Big Three, accused by critics of greed, monopoly, and abusing the public trust. In the shadows of these towering giants is American Motors, blazing its own path to greatness.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Depicts the lives, loves, dreams, and personal ambitions of the individuals caught up in America's sprawling automobile industry.

A huge snow storm brings suspense and drama to airport and airline personnel responsible for the safe landing of one impaired aircraft. New York Times bestselling author Arthur Hailey's suspense-charged novel presents a terrifying question: What happens when a terrorist attack shuts down the power in America's largest state? In the middle of a sweltering July heat wave that has no end in sight, California's Golden State Power and Light is on overload.

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Arthur Hailey (5 April 1920 – 24 November 2004) was a British-Canadian novelist whose plot-driven storylines were set against the backdrops of various industries.

The book Wheels took place in Detroit in the late 1960s.

In Motor City, passionate men and women play a power game fueled by greed, lust, and dreams. The book Wheels took place in Detroit in the late 1960s. Adam Trenton works as an executive in charge of project development at the fictional auto-manufacturing firm of National Motors

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This wasn't my first time reading this book, but when I saw it in Kindle, I jumped at it. There was no backside title page in the Kindle edition (where one usually finds the year first published) but I believe from what I remember when I first read it at age 16 that it was published in the early 1970's. As a lifelong car guy, I found the book fascinating. Hailey presents a deep, well-researched look inside the auto industry. The story is told through a series of plots involving characters across the spectrum who work for one of the "big three" American auto makers. It is up to the reader to decide which company the story is about. I savored the book and wished it had lasted longer. As a result of reading Wheels, I am now beginning The Moneychangers.
Hailey's Airport is excellent but Wheels is so-so. Hailey narrates too much instead of letting action tell the story. And he pontificates on race relations. I almost put the book down unfinished several times but kept reading in hopes it would improve...and it didn't. The story also has an abrupt ending.
I read this book years ago in paperback and decided to read it again. Great book, I love all of Hailey's books, I have read them all.
Terrific novel about the automobile industry. Fast paced story with very interesting characters. I love all Arthur Hailey books.
Hated the abrupt ending. Liked the story & details about Motown & auto making-/ the history and so on. Amazing to see that in 70s they were considering alternatives to gas Engines
I work closely with the automobile industry at this time. The book features late 70s and early 80s. Quite an interesting read. Great glimpse of how the automotive industry has shaped till today.

The automotive industry will change rapidly in the near future. That’s what makes this reading very interesting.

I will strongly recommend.
Good retro novel for a rainy day
I read this book years ago and wanted to read it again. I got it on Kindle for easier reading.