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eBook Spenser's Boston download ISBN: 1883402506
Author: Robert B. Parker
Publisher: Otto Penzler Books; First Edition edition (December 1, 1994)
Language: English
Pages: 200
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Rating: 4.4
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Category: Mystery
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Spenser, an ex-boxer, ex-state cop turned private eye, in Boston, Massachusetts . Book 2. God Save The Child.

Spenser, an ex-boxer, ex-state cop turned private eye, in Boston, Massachusetts: Book . Appie Knoll is the kind of suburb where kids grow.

Robert Brown Parker (September 17, 1932 – January 18, 2010) was an American writer of fiction, primarily of the mystery/detective genre. His most famous works were the 40 novels written about the private detective Spenser. ABC television network developed the television series Spenser: For Hire based on the character in the mid-1980s; a series of TV movies based on the character were also produced. His works incorporate encyclopedic knowledge of the Boston metropolitan area.

ROBERT B. PARKER was the author of seventy books, including the legendary Spenser detective series, the novels featuring police chief Jesse Stone, and the acclaimed Virgil Cole-Everett Hitch westerns, as well as the Sunny Randall novels

ROBERT B. PARKER was the author of seventy books, including the legendary Spenser detective series, the novels featuring police chief Jesse Stone, and the acclaimed Virgil Cole-Everett Hitch westerns, as well as the Sunny Randall novels. Winner of the Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Award and long considered the undisputed dean of American crime fiction, he died in January 2010. ACE ATKINS is the Edgar-nominated author of nineteen books, including the forthcoming Quinn Colson novel The Fallen. Parker books have entertained and inspired millions of readers with stories and characters that never . Gabby Leggett left her Boston family with dreams of making it big as a model/actress in Hollywood. Two years later, she disappears from her apartment. Parker books have entertained and inspired millions of readers with stories and characters that never grow out of date. Their wit is legendary and their themes are universal. On Sale Now! Robert B. Parker's Angel Eyes. Her family, former boyfriend, friends-and the police-have no idea where she is and no leads. Leggett's mother hires Spenser to find her, with help of his former apprentice, Zebulon Sixkill, now an .

About Robert B. Parker: There is a place where crime creates an excitement and fascination; only in books or the movies. The reason this is true is because one is able to be part of the crime and not really be there. It is the unfolding of stunt after stunt in the mind as the crime story brings events and characters into life. He joined Boston University to pursue a Master’s degree in English literature which he completed in 1957. Henceforth until 1962, he worked writing advertising and technical content. Choosing to further his education again, he set out for a doctorate degree still at Boston University.

Spenser the late master Robert B. Parker’s greatest creation. The complex plot keeps things interesting but never gets in the way of what always matters most in the world Spenser inhabits. That’s the characters Parker brought to life and their singular voices. has stayed true to his voice and his literate, dialogue-driven vision while keeping his characters compelling and allowing them to grow. If you love crime fiction and aren’t already reading Ace Atkins, you should be. chicago.

by. Parker, Robert . 1932-2010. New York : Otto Penzler Books : Distributed by Simon & Schuster Inc. Spenser (Fictitious character), Literary landmarks, Authors, American. Collection. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china.

Последние добавленные книги. Robert B. Parker's Kickback. When a mature, beautiful, and composed April strides into Spenser's office, the Boston PI barely hesitates before recognizing his once and future client. Putnam's Sons 2015 г. ISBN: 978-0399170843. Parker's Cheap Shot. Putnam's Sons 2014 г. ISBN: 978-0399161582. Berkley Books 2014 г. ISBN: 978-0425271612. Now a well-established madam, April oversees an upscale call-girl operation in Boston's Back Bay. Still looking for Spenser's approval, it takes her a moment before she can ask him, again, for his assistance.

Spenser creator Robert B. Parker returns with his newest heroine, Boston . Sunny Randall, coming to the aid of three very different women in three very dangerous situations. The most personal and revealing Spenser thriller of all, PASTIME is Robert B. Parker's electrifying masterpiece of crime fiction-a startling game of memory, desire and danger that forces Spenser to face his own past.

His novels featuring the wise-cracking, street-smart Boston private-eye Spenser have earned him a devoted following and reams of critical acclaim. The Spenser character inspired the television series Spenser: For Hire and a number of made-for-television films. Genres: Mystery, Western.

Documenting historic Boston, this volume shows the city through the eyes of one of its most famous citizens--Spenser, the tough guy who is sensitive and intelligent--with photographs and excerpts from the best-selling mystery novels
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I read this book when it was first published in 1994 and wrote a review of it for my local newspaper in early 1995. I loved the book. Here is what I wrote about it nearly 20 years ago:
Some books appeal to more than one kind of audience. One such title is an amazing little volume attributed somewhat questionably to Robert B. Parker, though most of its content was produced by a Japanese photographer named Kasho Kumagai. The title is Spenser's Boston, and it will appeal to almost everyone except library catalogers, who may end up tearing their hair trying to figure out how to classify it.

Is it a photography book? Is it a travel guide? Is it some kind of literary commentary? Is it perhaps even an oddball work of fiction? Spenser's Boston is a bit of each of these and, possibly, a few more. The Library of Congress's Dewey Cataloging Division has seen fit to classify it under "literary landmarks," though one is tempted to question whether that refers to Mr. Parker himself or to the singular features of Boston and its environs which figure so prominently in both his "Spenser" detective novels and in Spenser's Boston.

The book is mostly scenery, and someone glancing through it quickly could almost mistake it for a National Geographic article, except for its small, octavo size (picture books of this sort are more often published in the larger quarto format), its lack of objective text and its hard covers. Kumagai's photographs are divided into six sections, the first prefacing Robert Parker's "introduction," the next three reflecting, in order, the three seasons from summer through winter, and the last two taking in communities surrounding Boston and the area around Cape Cod. The color and black and white pictures, ranging in size from two-page spreads to not much bigger than a credit card, present an inviting, impressionistic view of Spenser's territory. They include candid scenes from Beacon Hill, Boston Common, Fenway Park and others, plus shots of the corpulent Mr. Parker in places Spenser might be found, doing what Spenser might be doing: pumping iron, drinking, watching a ball game, hanging out.

Except for two very brief sections at the end, the only text in Spenser's Boston is fiction of one of two kinds. The first is brief passages from Parker's Spenser novels, scattered among the pictures. The second is a unique "introduction," a 23-page section written by Parker specifically for this volume, in which Spenser himself describes a shopping, sightseeing and restaurant-hopping trip on which he accompanies two other familiar series characters, his girlfriend, Susan Silverman, and Rachel Wallace. A determined tourist (or Spenser fan) could probably use this section to conduct an almost self-guided walking tour of Boston and Cambridge.

The book finishes with a quick word from the photographer, describing his first meeting with Robert B. Parker, and a very concise "guide to Boston," with single-paragraph descriptions of 12 famous landmarks. For photography lovers, Boston-philes, Spenser fans and people who just like looking at pictures of paunchy mystery novelists, Spenser's Boston is a delightful treat.
I collect Robert P. Parker's Spenser novels in hardcover, and I came across this by accident and love it. The photos used of Boston, MA are absolutly amazing. I'm qusi familiar w/ Boston from the tv series Spenser for Hire (Which needs to be put on DVD!) and can imagine well from Mr. Parker's descriptions, he was able to make Boston come alive in his books, but seeing it all like this with appropiate passages from numerous Spenser mysteries makes for a great addition for Spenser fans, or those who love pictorials.
It was an excellent display of photographs, but the price was far from reasonable (it cost $120 used). I recommend it for any die-hard Spenser fans, but otherwise, don't bother.
Happened to see this shortly after returning home from my first trip to Boston. Loved seeing Boston the way I did and in other seasons. Not a lot of description about the town, more quotes from the Spencer series. Some had to do with the pictures, others more random. Quick read but much time looking back.
We thought this might steer a walking tour of Boston, since we are Spenser fans, but didn't find it helpful in that regard
furious ox
Everything you wanted to know about Boston, but were afraid to ask. Makes my (infrequent) visits to Boston a pleasure.
I found this book generally disappointing. First, it is only about the size of a small trade paperback, far smaller than one might expect of what is essentially a photo pictorial. Then, the artsy and pretentious photography fails to deliver on the promise of the book: to provide the many Spenser fans who, like me, are not intimately familiar with Boston, with photographs of his haunts, and the locations described in his adventures. Some of the photos are so murky, underexposed, small and poorly printed that they are nearly unidentifiable. Absurdly, many places are represented by meaningless close-ups: Beacon Hill is depicted by close-up shots of a door knocker, folded newspapers tucked in a stair railing, and the front portion of a Jeep. JJ Donovan's Tavern is represented by an extreme close-up of a beer bottle label, and so on.

All that being said, if you are a Robert B. Parker collector (as I am), it's a "must have" - he wrote an introduction, and the photos are interspersed with random quotes from Spenser novels.
I have had the pleasure of touring Boston and I found the photos in this book very disappointing. Many of the photos were so small or dark that you couldn't see them hardly at all! I was really, really, disappointed in the map of Boston and the photos that were in the book. A Boston travel guide from the tourism bureau would have been better than this. I did enjoy the excerpts from various Spenser novels. That was an excellent touch. I was really looking forward to seeing and reading about Spenser's Boston! Oh well, maybe the next one will be better, but I probably won't buy it based on this experience.