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by Frank Grimes,Stuart Neville

eBook Stolen Souls download ISBN: 1407499262
Author: Frank Grimes,Stuart Neville
Publisher: Whole Story Audio Books; Unabridged edition edition (April 1, 2012)
Language: English
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Rating: 4.1
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Category: Mystery
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Stolen Souls', Stuart Neville's 3rd in his Jack Lennon series, is a competently written, well plotted police procedural/mystery novel of a victim of white slavery crossing paths with a serial killer. It's OK, but nothing special. Detective Inspector Lennon, the star of the series, just doesn't get and hold my attention throughout this series.

Galya Petrova travels to Ireland on a promise that she will work for.

She went to the front first, found it sealed tight, reinforced by a heavy padlock. She pulled inward, aware of the futility of it as she did so, but the door was solid ossed by thick paint. She went to the kitchen, and her stomach reminded her with a growl that she hadn’t eaten i. ow long? No time to think of that. Instead, she turned her mind to the door leading to the backyard. She jerked the handle. A flutter of panic in her breast. She placed a hand over her heart, kept the fear in its place

Stuart Neville (born 1972) is a Northern Irish author best known for his novel The Twelve or, as it is known in the United States, The Ghosts of Belfast. He was born and grew up in Armagh, Northern Ireland

Stuart Neville (born 1972) is a Northern Irish author best known for his novel The Twelve or, as it is known in the United States, The Ghosts of Belfast. He was born and grew up in Armagh, Northern Ireland. The Twelve was placed on the Best of 2009 lists by both The New York Times and Los Angeles Times.

Galya Petrova travels to Ireland on a promise that she will work for a nice Russian family, teaching their children English.

As the Irish people prepare to welcome President John F. Kennedy to the land of his ancestors, a German national is murdered in a seaside guesthouse. Galya Petrova travels to Ireland on a promise that she will work for a nice Russian family, teaching their children English.

Author: Stuart Neville. Instead, she is dragged into the world of modern slavery, sold to a Belfast brothel, and held there against her will. She escapes at a terrible cost–the slaying of one of her captors–and takes refuge with a man who offers his help

Stolen Souls offers harrowing, uncompromising suspense Just three books in and Stuart Neville is already a crime-writing star.

Stolen Souls offers harrowing, uncompromising suspense. Val McDermid Gripping, compassionate and packed with wonderfully realised characters, this is a book that will stay with you long after you finish it. Just three books in and Stuart Neville is already a crime-writing star. Mark Billingham, author of Lazybones. You read Stolen Souls wincing, in thrall to Neville’s brilliance but wishing you weren’t.

Narrated by Frank Grimes. It is snowing, she’s barefoot, but Galya runs. Narrated by Frank Grimes. You have this audiobook. Listen to your audiobook on Apple (iOS) or Android phones and tablets.

When you are alone, who will protect you? It is snowing, she's barefoot, but Galya runs. Tricked into coming to Belfast with the offer of a good job, all she wants now is to go home. Her only hope is a man who gave her a cross on a fine chain and a phone number, telling her to call if she escapes. Now she puts herself at his mercy, knowing she has nowhere else to turn. This recording is unabridged. Typically abridged audiobooks are not more than 60% of the author's work and as low as 30% with characters and plotlines removed.
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I had not read either of Stuart Neville's previous two novels but now I understand why they received critical acclaim if "Stolen Souls" is indicative of Neville's first two efforts. "Stolen Souls" is not for the faint of heart, though, as it contains a bit of graphic violence, drug use and prostitution. Rather than reiterate the plot as others have already ably done (and to avoid any spoilers), let me say that the writing is spot on; the descriptions and dialogue make it very easy to visualize the environment and feel as though you are immersed in the action -- I could really feel the tension in all of the scenes! The characterization was such that it was natural to like and root for the good guys, and to despise and hope for the demise of the bad guys. The excellent writing and the pace made it very hard to put down "Stolen Souls" and I frequently found myself reading longer than I read had time to.

I will be adding Stuart Neville's other works to my reading list!
After having read Ghosts of Belfast and Collusion I was expecting this book to have been up to those exacting standards. In my opinion this book was not. In the previous books, while a bit far fetched, I could accept the paranormal theme relating to little Ellen and Gerry Fegan. However, I had a hard time believing Ellen's "feyness" in this book. Also, D.I Lennon does not seem to have grown as a character - he is still stumbling around in his personnel life and is indecisive. It becomes boring after a while and detracts from the story. The mystery element of the book was okay, but nothing really new, just a different setting/ time/ country.
D.I Lennon is no Gerry Fagen,who was a very interesting character in the previous books. The "Traveller",who was portrayed as an excellent, worthy adversary makes an appearance in this book....but to what end????. If I had read this book as a stand alone I no doubt would have enjoyed it more and could rate it more highly.
Both main characters in this tense, atmospheric and well written thriller (one a hard-boiled detective inspector and the other a young and appealing victim of Eastern European sex traffickers) lurch from one blood spattered disaster to the next. There is perhaps a slight air of improbability to it all (Galya had a couple of REALLY bad days; does DI Lennon have to have a quasi-psychic daughter?), but this is just a quibble as I was completely immersed in this story, and couldn't put it down until the last page. The villains were well fleshed out, and their lurching descent into further misdeeds and mayhem was compelling, a real violence begets more violence parable. The story is set in a quietly rotting post-financial crisis Belfast which is just as much of a gripping character in this great book as the human ones are.
Loved the first book in the series, really liked the second, this one's kinda meh. Seems like a slide from solid noir into sentimental mediocrity. I hate it when that happens.
just one girl
I would have given this one more star-it kept me interested, but I began to get bogged down by SO much bad luck happening to one guy-even if you are Irish!! There were so many evil guys in this book. As a reader, it began to get really depressing. I hope Mr. Neville will allow Jack to have some good things happen. Nobody can be that down on their luck constantly. Other than that, it was an interesting plot.
Excellent novel set in Belfast. I have read them all, Stuart Neville is a great writer.
Wow, I don't want to read another in the series until my nerves clam down. Jack Lennon blunders on. How can one be a good police man when your boss is corrupt. Thrilling story, well written and fast paced.
Hazelhawk, Winnetka IL
Stuart Neville once again takes his readers on a trip through the underbelly of Europe with a thrilling story of crime and salvation. Continuing the series started with the incredible The Ghosts of Belfast, and continued with the great Collusion: A Jack Lennon Investigation Set in Northern Ireland, Stolen Souls tells the harrowing tales of a woman stolen into sexual slavery until she fights back. But for her, it's out of the frying pan and into the fire as she encounters one of the creepiest characters in fiction. On the case is Jack Lennon, a troubled Irish cop with more enemies than friends.

Nelville is becoming a gifted writer. He keeps the pace up using short chapters that change perspective every two or three pages. He paints a picture of a gritty life below the pretty surface seen in travel guides. The supernatural elements that marked the first two books in the series are only briefly alluded to here, as Neville settles into a fine style of Gaelic Noir. With gripping tales of a tarnished green, Stuart Neville has become a release-day download for my Kindle.