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by Marianne Macdonald

eBook Death's Autograph (Antiquarian Book Mysteries) download ISBN: 006109742X
Author: Marianne Macdonald
Publisher: HarperTorch; 1st edition (March 1, 1999)
Language: English
ePub: 1941 kb
Fb2: 1553 kb
Rating: 4.7
Other formats: lrf mbr lit mobi
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Mystery

Death's Autograph book. The first book in the antiquarian bookshop mystery series. Dido is a fresh sleuth with a super side-kick her father, Barnabas.

Death's Autograph book. The story: A dyspepsic antiquarian book seller gets involved in crime due to her poor choice in men. Hence her involvement with the predatory and married cop who arrives to solve the crime, is not at all surprising. But he doesn't solve the crime. I love the setting, plot, abd additional book lore.

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Items related to Death's Autograph (Antiquarian Book Mysteries). Marianne Macdonald Death's Autograph (Antiquarian Book Mysteries). ISBN 13: 9780061097423. Death's Autograph (Antiquarian Book Mysteries). With the help of her father, Barnabas, a retired academic with a penchant for mysteries, Dido may be able to divert the killer long enough to figure out who wants her dead and why. Recovering from a heart attack, the irrepressible Barnabas is taking chances that are likely to give Dido a coronary of her own, and give the police a bad case of indigestion.

Death's Autograph (A Dido Hoare Mystery). Book in the Dido Hoare Series). by Marianne Macdonald.

Download Audiobooks by Marianne MacDonald to your device. Showing results by author "Marianne MacDonald" in All Categories. To escape from bad memories and nightmares in London, antiquarian book dealer Dido Hoare takes time off to visit a childhood friend, Lizzy Waring. Audible provides the highest quality audio and narration. Crime & Thrillers. Lizzy lives in the picturesque village of Somerset with her husband and his family. The Warings own Monksdanes, an idyllic Georgian mansion; it appears the perfect place for an over-active London native to rest and recuperate.

DEATH'S AUTOGRAPH Marianne Macdonald SIGNED True 1st/1st, F/F, First Book RARE. Customs services and international tracking provided. Ghost Walk by Marianne Macdonald True First .

Marianne McDonald (born January 1937) is a scholar and philanthropist. Marianne is involved in the interpretation, sharing, compilation and preservation of Greek and Irish texts, plays and writings. Recognized as a historian on the classics, she has received numerous awards and accolades because of her works and philanthropy. As a playwright, she has authored numerous modern works, based on ancient Greek dramas in modern times

Death’s Autograph by Marianne McDonald. The somewhat inappropriately named Dido Hoare, the world-famous soft-touch antiquarian book dealer is the hero of McDonald’s series of bibliomysteries.

Death’s Autograph by Marianne McDonald. It begins not innocuously enough when Dido is tailed and nearly killed on her way from an appraisal. Then her shop is ransacked and a bunch of shady bookmen become fixated on getting their hands on a scrap of forged Shakespeare ephemera, which may turn out to be not quite so forged.

Antiquarian book trade in the United States. The antiquarian book trade in the United States is an aspect of book collecting and publishing. The term antiquarian, in general, refers to antiquities and collectible items usually considered old and rare, usually in reference to books, but is not limited to books. The word antiquarian could also be used to describe a person who collects rare books or other antique items.

lt;P Dido Hoare, dealer in rare books, single mother, and daughter who alternately shelters her father, Barnabas, from unsettling events and leans on his sage and scholarly advice, has unexpectedly been named executor of the will of one of her bookstore's more irregular customers. Before he died, Tom Ashe gave Dido an exotic necklace along with cryptic clues and dire warnings, which she took to be the ravings of a street person

<CENTER><B>Murder's Bold Inscription</B></CENTER> <P><BLOCKQUOTE> "Whoever had broken into the shop might just have gone upstairs afterwards, might just be there still...My first reaction was anger: I wanted to roar up the stairs, only I could hear Barnabas saying, the way he used to when I was little: "Temper, Dido! Count to twenty-nine..." </BLOCKQUOTE><P>Selling rare books has its moments, but few are anything close to thrilling--except when Dido Hoare's scoundrel of an ex-husband suddenly reappears and puts a pulse of excitement in the air.But events go from interesting to intense when someone ends up murdered and the culprit seems to think Dido has something worth killing for, too. <P>With the help of her father, Barnabas, a retired academic with a penchant for mysteries, Dido may be able to divert the killer long enough to figure out who wants her dead and why. Recovering from a heart attack, the irrepressible Barnabas is taking chances that are likely to give Dido a coronary of her own, and give the police a bad case of indigestion. But as Dido and Barnabas are about to learn, every crime has its victims and its payoffs--it's just a matter of being on the right side of the bookshelf before everything comes tumbling down.
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Maranne MacDonald's Dido and her father are terrific characters, and the reader is happy to follow them anyplace. Especially back to Dido's really interesting antiquarian bookstore. The crimes could be more tightly developed, but MM is finding her way and you can only wish her luck. Might as well come along for the ride; the authors' characters are so good.
I read this quite some time ago & wasn't impressed. Fortunately, more recently I read another in the series without remembering I'd read this one. I liked it much better & plan to read the rest. So I'd skip this one & read the others.
Have you made the acquaintance of Dido Hoare? If not, I highly recommend you do so straightaway. You won't regret it. Dido is a modern young woman, newly divorced, daughter of a former academic at Oxford (who seems to have had other assorted former careers, as well) who now owns an antiquarian bookshop in London's Islington area.
Coming home late at night after having purchased a privately-owned library some eighty miles from her home, she is menaced by a white car. Eventually, however, the other driver loses interest, and Dido arrives home, nerve-wracked but otherwise unharmed.
The next day, her father, Barnabas, recovering from serious heart surgery, receives an anonymous letter, and from then on, the pace never lets up. We meet several of London's other antiquarian book dealers, plus Dido's former husband Davey. Briefly, that is, for in just a few days time, Davey and the white car fall victim to a bomb.
The police officer assigned to the bombing, Paul Grant, bids fair to becoming an important part of Dido's life, if only she can figure out why Davey had to die. What does she have that she doesn't realize she has? Neither Davey's new friend, Ilona, nor his mother, Sally, are much help either.
One clue is a book about a possible forger. Or has the forger been forged? This is a wonderfully well-written book that works on several levels. I cannot recommend it highly enough to those who enjoy truly intelligent books. How can you not love a book that includes this line "She continued to watch her drink as closely as though she were waiting for it to change colour and play the National Anthem." You won't regret the acquaintance, I promise.
Death's Autograph is the first book in the antiquarian book series featuring Dido Hoare and her father Barnabas. Dido has an antique book store in London which she lives above. Barnabas is a retired Oxford professor. Threatening incidents, break-ins and murder are occurring and the one common element is that they all are tied to Dido for some reason. Dido and her father Barnabas are puzzled by what is happening and start investigating to see why the ties come back to them. Barnabas eventually solves the mystery. There are a few twists but if one thinks about it, they really shouldn't be too surprising due to Dido choices though out the book. The book slowed down for me in the middle but did pick up again at the end. It was an enjoyable read and I will continue on with the next book in the series Ghost Walk.
I have enjoyed all the other books in this series, and have learned fascinating bits about book dealing in England. HOWEVER, in this first book, Dido repeatedly does stupid things like not setting the entry alarm after she has been burglarized and her life is in danger. She rushes into action without thinking first, actually REFUSING to think. She makes one bad choice after another. It's a weak way to advance the plot, but I continued reading in order to see what Dido's father, a retired Oxford professor, was planning to rescue her. Professor Barnabus Hoare is easily the most intriguing character in Death's Autograph. One day, Marianne Macdonald might decide to write a mystery series about him in his younger years. I would certainly read it.
This first Dido Hoare mystery is the most complex of the four so far; but just as interesting and intriguing.
This novel starts when a mysterious white car follows Dido on her way back home from a book buying trip, late at night through the deserted M40 highway. Soon after Barnabas, her father, receives a mysterious postcard alluding to the incident. Next, Dido's ne'er-do-well ex-husband, Davy, turns up and tries to persuade her that she needs his help to maintain the bookstore. Then her store is burglarised. Barnabas is sure that Davy is somehow responsible for all these events but Dido refuses to consider that possibility. And then Davy's car is blown up with him in it. The police seemed stumped and cannot quite see the connection between all these events. However Dido comes to the reluctant conclusion that Davy was involved in some way. But how? And what can all this possibly mean?
This book is intriguing and complex and I think that if you have the patience to follow all twists and turns of the plot you will be more than amply rewarded. An amazing first installment of an equally amazing series.
Well written mystery that will appeal to all mystery fans, especially those who are book collectors.
Dido Hoare is an antiquarian bookseller. Driving home after a buying trip, late on a stormy night on lonely back roads, she is followed by a car that seems to want to play road games, speeding up to be right on her bumper, then dropping back. She stops for fuel, hoping to lose them, but she fails, and soon after they up the ante. Are they trying to run her off the road? Things are further complicated when her elderly father, Barnabas, receives a threatening letter. And then her ex-husband, Davey, shows up. He is always involved in some sort of shady deal--could he have something to do with all this? And then, people start to die. A good mystery, with a lot of twists to it. My only reservation was with some of Dido's actions. But that's just me. All in all, recommended.