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by Warren Murphy

eBook Smoked Out (Digger 1) download ISBN: 0759289905
Author: Warren Murphy
Publisher: (October 5, 2010)
Language: English
Pages: 200
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Rating: 4.8
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Category: Mystery
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Hello, Lilac," Digger said. Digger, I thought maybe you and your friend might want to party. Brackler walked through the noisy, crowded bar toward the exit. Digger followed him, calling out, "Make way for a very important person. Hand on the door, Brackler asked, "Who’s Tycho Brahe?"

Hello, Lilac," Digger said. Bruno’ll be here any minute. We coul. ou kno. o something. Hand on the door, Brackler asked, "Who’s Tycho Brahe?" "Top salesman for Prudential.

In the master file are two tapes ight have stuffed in my pocket. No importance to the case, but I’ll probably have to deal with Breslin later on. Anyway, I like him. He has a highly-developed sense of greed, and that makes him predictable and trustworthy.

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In Smoked Out, Digger crashes a funeral to find out whether the death of a doctor’s wife was an accident.

Smoked Out. (1982) (The first book in the Digger series) A novel by Warren Murphy. October 2010 : USA Paperback.

Digger smoked out. by. Murphy, Warren. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

Smoked Out - Warren Murphy.

In Dead Letter, Digger’s boss’s daughter is the next name on a college chain letter that has led to a string of murders-and her daddy is afraid she will be next. Thriller & Crime Private Investigators Hard-boiled. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

Digger is an insurance investigator who drinks, chases women, asks smartass questions and gets help from his part-time hooker girlfriend. Digger Burroughs, a Las Vegas insurance investigator looks into the mysterious death of a doctor's wife.

Digger is an insurance investigator who drinks, chases women, asks smartass questions and gets help from his part-time hooker girlfriend. A humorous crime adventure series by the author of The Destroyer. In SMOKED OUT, Digger crashes a funeral to find out if the death of a doctor's wife was an accident...or murder.
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Julian "Digger" Burroughs lives in Vegas with Kilo, a young Japanese woman, a blackjack dealer with a brilliant mind. He's an insurance investigator.

He's sent to Las Angeles to look into the accidental death of a woman insured six months before for a half million, a full million for accidental death. Everything seems straight. It's just crossing Ts and dotting Is.

Digger pokes around, talking to people, and it all looks legitimate.

Until two goons attack him in a parking lot late one night and words slip out that hint it's more than a mugging. That causes Digger to look deeper.
The Digger series was a short-lived attempt by Warren Murphy (of Destroyer fame) to start a new book franchise. After just three novels, he switched publishers and re-started the series under the name Trace. Trace was essentially identical in every way, except for the character names.

Digger is about an investigator who works for a life insurance company. He drinks vodka pretty much 24/7 and sleeps with every attractive woman he can get his hands on (which is quite a few). He's not terribly bright and his girl friend (a part time hooker) solves the case in pretty much every story.

What makes the series is the humor and there is plenty of it. It takes a while for this book to get going but by the second half, the laughs start coming and it is a very entertaining read. This is not high art by any stretch of the imagination but if you're a fan of Warren Murphy or smart aleck humor then you should give it a try.
I think this is meant to be a guy's book and as a woman I was mostly annoyed. I realized early on that none of the characters were people I would want to know yet I am enough of a cheapskate that I forced myself to finish it. The women were sexually and otherwise objectified and dumb. Even the highly intelligent woman came across as dumb in many ways. The men were alcoholics, liars and cheats.

The mystery itself was very well thought out, however, and included some new twists that I hadn't read before. I would have enjoyed it immensely had the characters not been so despicable.
The myth of the hard drinking but brilliant detective was here in all it's glory but I liked it anyway by ignoring the supposedly clever chatter and focussing on the story line which is excellent. Well done.
more from warren murphy. digger gets buy without the super powers of Remo.
I LOVED this book. I laughed out loud! I want to read them all now. Warren Murphy is my new favorite writer now... :)
I very much enjoyed the wit and characters in this book. A good read.
But I still haven't found out why Murphy changed the character's names from Digger to Trace after the 4th Digger novel. Anybody?