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by Joyce Bean,Nevada Barr

eBook High Country (Anna Pigeon Series) download ISBN: 1596003936
Author: Joyce Bean,Nevada Barr
Publisher: Brilliance Audio; Abridged edition (January 28, 2005)
Language: English
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Rating: 4.4
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Category: Mystery
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High Country (An Anna Pigeon Novel). Nevada Barr is the award-winning author of thirteen previous Anna Pigeon mysteries, including the New York Times bestsellers Hard Truth and High Country.

High Country (An Anna Pigeon Novel). She lives in New Orleans. Series: Anna Pigeon Series (Book 10).

19 primary works, 22 total works. Note: The Rope is chronologically a prequel. National Park Ranger Anna Pigeon goes beyond the call of duty in this Agatha and Anthony Award-winning mystery series. She travels to National Parks around the country, solving mysteries in the wilderness and historic locales. Author Nevada Barr draws on her own experience as a former park ranger t. ore.

Written by Nevada Barr, Audiobook narrated by Joyce Bean. An Anna Pigeon Mystery. Narrated by: Joyce Bean. Series: Anna Pigeon, Book 12. Length: 6 hrs and 10 mins. Categories: Mysteries & Thrillers, Modern Detective.

While working in Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Barr created the Anna Pigeon series. Pigeon is a law enforcement officer with the United States National Park Service. Each book in the series takes place in a different National Park, where Pigeon solves a murder mystery, often related to natural resource issues.

High Country- Pigeon 12. Authors: Nevada Barr. Soon, Anna knew, she would devolve further, from quadruped to arthropod crawling on her belly. Worms tended to have short life spans

You can read book High Country- Pigeon 12 by Nevada Barr in our library for absolutely free. High Country- Pigeon 12. Worms tended to have short life spans. Duff gave way to layered rock, slabs of stone overlapping like flagstones for a giant's patio.

HIGH COUNTRY by NEVADA BARR. Loaded with intrigue and adventure. Sensing evil, Anna hikes a snowy trail to the high country, only to discover a disturbing reality that may end her adventures once and for all. £. 4. Topic: MysteryFormat: Audio CDType: AudiobookCustoms services and international tracking provided. Audio Book CD Nevada Barr HUNTING SEASON. 5 CDs in good condition, no box. "When Anna answers a call to historic Mt.

Narrated by Joyce Bean. It's fall in the Sierra Mountains, and Anna Pigeon is slinging hash in Yosemite National Park's historic Ahwahnee Hotel.

Written by Nevada Barr. Narrated by Joyce Bean.

It’s fall in the Sierra Mountains, and Anna Pigeon is slinging hash in Yosemite National Park’s historic Ahwahnee Hotel. Four young people, all seasonal park employees, have disappeared, and two weeks of work by crack search-and-rescue teams have failed to turn up a single clue; investigators are unsure as to whether the four went AWOL for reasons of their own - or died in the park. Needing an out-of-park ranger to work undercover, Anna is detailed to dining-room duty; but after a week of waiting tables, she knows the missing employees are only the first indications of a sickness threatening the park. Her twenty-something roommates give up their party-girl ways and panic; her new restaurant colleagues regard her with suspicion and fear. But when Anna’s life is threatened and her temporary supervisor turns a deaf ear, she follows the scent of evil, taking a solo hike up a snowy trial to the high country, seeking answers. What waits for her is a nightmare of death and greed - and perhaps her final adventure. "Barr’s trademark pleasures [are] evocative natural descriptions, mounting suspense, and Anna Pigeon’s never-say-die spirit." - Kirkus Reviews
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NO SPOILER HERE! I will not give you a “Reader’s Digest” condensed version of this book.
Nevada Barr’s Anna Pigeon series is an exceptional creation. It is unique in that each one of the books is set in a different National Park, though there are some doubles. Ms. Barr’s descriptions of the park, the inner workings of the National Park System, history, environment, flora, fauna and applicable issues make reading these mysteries a fulfilling adventure. Like many such series, it will serve the reader well to read them in order. This isn’t necessary as each mystery will stand alone quite well. But Anna’s personal story is the thread that makes the series complete. Anna herself is a masterful creation. Human, flawed, introspective, complex, she is the window through which the reader sees much of the beauty our National Park System has to offer. From Mesa Verde, the Florida Keys, Lake Superior to environments that are dry, wet, cold, and hot, the drastically changing settings and Anna’s evolving personal life keep this series fresh and engaging. It will be no surprise to the reader that Ms. Barr is a former Park Ranger. I’ll admit I haven’t read the last three books in the series – with good reason. They are my emergency kit. When I have waded through a piece of substandard literary junk and need a dose of quality writing, an Anna Pigeon mystery is a perfect fix.
We're at Yosemite with Anna Pigeon, this time out in her nomadic career as a park ranger. She's undercover, serving as a waitress at the park's gourmet restaurant. Her assignment is to find clues to the sudden disappearance of four young people from Yosemite.

Anna is a lousy waitress, but she's a great investigator. Being all too clever, she uncovers a nest of vipers, and ends up in a desperate fight for survival in impossible situations – the very scenes I wait for with bated breath in every Anna Pigeon novel.

Anna is at her best evading homicidal males in the wilderness with no weaponry but her brain, the terrain – and whatever detritus she can put her hands on. To gild the lily, this plot even offers a couple of homicidal females.

Being undercover makes it hard for Anna to remember who she really is. Being a modern day samurai means she has to make peace with the violence she's forced to use against violent aggressors. So Anna faces some psychological challenges in this book.

I'm hooked on this series. Some of the novels may be marginally better than others, but I find them all absorbing and fun. Before Anna's injuries can heal, I'm on to the next book...
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I was hooked on Anna Pidgeon's Track of the Cat, and have devotedly purchased and read everything that Nevada Barr has written, especially the Anna Pidgeon books. But ever since Flashback, Nevada's books have been lacking in the excitement that has made the Anna Pidgeon books so addicting. I know, since reading Seeking Enlightenment...Hat by Hat, that Nevada has had a change in faith, and I wonder if it has not been reflected in her writing, since Anna has seemed to have this same kind of change come over her.

I have worked with many rangers as a docent for the parks system, and even in aging, none has seemed to carry aging to such a dark, dismal place as Nevada has written for Anna. Nevada needs to remember that age is not chronological, but spirtual, and if she wants people to keep reading her Anna Pidgeon books, she needs to stop aging Anna.

The draw of Nevada's books for me have been her travelogue of the national parks as much as the mystery of the novel. I have been given such a clear and perfect picture of each of the parks, that when I visit them, it seems as though I have already been there. This was not true for Yosemite. I grew up visiting Yosemite, and this book was so inaccurate, I would have thought I was visiting another place. First of all, walking in the wintertime from the Ahwanhee to Camp Curry or Yosemite Lodge would have caused hypothermia.

Nevada seemed hurried in writing this novel, and she seemed unable to decide on whether to develop the plot, or develop the park description, so she did neither. I would love to give her a redo on this, because based on the other reviews, I know she can do better.
Anna is undercover as a waitress and living in a dorm with youngsters. She is lousy as a waitress and doesn't realize just how much she doesn't fit the roles she tries to play. She seems more vulnerable and making more mistakes than in her usual role as Park Ranger in other books in the series. As she discovers where the dead bodies are and what other evil things are going on her cunning instincts and internal fortitude return. Many unusual twist and a additional wrongdoings occur outside of the main criminal activity to confuse Anna and me as the reader as to what is really going on. Not her best book in the series, but worth reading
I was nearly thrown off reading this book by another reviewer who implied High Country was more pedestrian than previous novels. Then, it occurred to me that I wasn't reading Barr's books for higher learning, I was reading them because I love the Parks, Barr's compelling descriptions of the surroundings, and Anna for her humanity. It is likely that others will not be reading these books for their considerable contribution to literature, but for the joy of being with Anna on another adventure.
I enjoy the Anna Pigeon novels because I actually Lear a lot about our national parks. That said, this novel made Anna out to be a superwoman. It was fast paced and constantly moving. However, it was hard to believe that one person could sustain such injuries to her person in such a short amount of time.