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by Jack Clark

eBook Westerfield's Chain download ISBN: 1475175965
Author: Jack Clark
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (May 11, 2012)
Language: English
Pages: 298
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Rating: 4.1
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Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Mystery

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Westerfield's Chain book. With a plot reminiscent of Graham Greene's The Third Man and inspired by real events, Chicago native Jack Clark has crafted a winning first mystery. It was another nothing case  .

Westerfield’s Chain, was first published by St. Martin's in 2002, and was a Shamus Award Finalist  .

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Now Nick's a small-timer, a hand-to-mouth . Now Nick’s a small-timer, a hand-to-mouth .

It was another nothing case. That's the only kind private eye Nick Acropolis seemed to get lately. But this one leads to Westerfield's Pharmacy, which sits in the heart of Chicago's West Side ghetto, surrounded by ruins. Nick was a real cop years ago, a homicide detective, and there's something about the drugstore that gets the old juices flowing. There's no customers for one thing.

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John T. Clark (real name John Terence Kelly) is a fictional character created by Tom Clancy. Clark is Clancy’s second most famous character after Jack Ryan, and has been featured in many of his Ryanverse novels. Although he first appeared in The Cardinal of the Kremlin (1987), his origin story was detailed in Without Remorse (1993).

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Westerfield's Chain was a finalist for the Shamus Award for Best First Private Eye Novel. "A pure delight for many reasons, not the least of which is the way Jack Clark celebrates and rings a few changes on the familiar private-eye script. There's a memorable moment [on] virtually every page."—Chicago Tribune "Clark knows his city: the geography and flavor of the neighborhoods are vividly presented, and interesting, often quirky characters are introduced along this fascinating ride."—Chicago Reader "Jack Clark's descriptions are beautifully haunting and his plotting is exceptional."—Romantic Times "A likeable protagonist and spirited, uncluttered prose."—Kirkus Review "It's a great read."-Publishers Weekly
Comments: (7)
I like this writer's style. There were a lot of characters to keep track of in this story, but what a page-turner! I really liked the lead character, Nick Acropolis, a former Investigator who was thrown off the force and still has a bit of a grudge [and maybe a little love-hate] for the department as he tries to help out an old friend [a cop on the force] who finds himself facing possible suspension for an accident while off-duty. From there the story takes off with a series of seemingly random incidents that keep you embroiled in the story while keeping the crucial piece of the puzzle just out of your reach. I liked it and if you like mysteries, good luck trying to figure out the ending before its time, this one was good!
As the story began, i found myself immersed in the author's ability to describe in intricate detail the surroundings of the main character.
However, after reading 20% of the book, I discovered that the author's desire to describe everything in intricate detail became rather tedious.
As a result, I became confused and disinterested. I gave the book 3 stars as there was obviously a lot of work put into the writing of the book
and some people may enjoy the intricate descriptions that the author puts forth.
Nick Acropolis, a private eye that comes across like another Sam Spade, a detective from the 40s.. a good guy, dumped on, but emerging victoriously from the crap he falls into and getting involved with his clients, losing himself in the investigation. All through the story you want him to be returned to his previous status because he deserves to be, but it just doesn't happen. He's where he's supposed to be.

The demise of a city keeps the reader involved wondering why the guys in charge allow something like that to happen to a great place to live. The book does a good job of manipulating your emotions.
Interesting character development. These are folks that you can imagine seeing in a big city. I would really like to see more of Nick Acropolis.
I gave this book 3 stars, I just finished reading this book. I liked the fact that the writer talked about streets in Chicago,neighborhoods in Chicago. I was born and raised in Chicago so I liked the book because of that fact.The story dragged on a little to long but I am not a writer so I can't be a good judge. In my opinion that is. But again, I like books that are about Chicago because when they mention a street I know where they are talking about.
Where have I heard this before? Down on his luck cop turns private eye due to no fault of his own - it's the system you know. He solves several crimes at once, he always gets the girl - yada yada. I had a hard time finishing this book and even though it was all a rehash to me, I did make it to the end. It is written in first person - that works well. The characters are flawed and human - that also works well.
This series provides good reading----worthwhile your time.
The elements of suspense keep your attention with good mystery plots.
I would recommend these for those who like mystery fiction.
The price is right too!
The story was confusing at the start. However, as I got further into it, things began to tie together.
The last half of the book was much more a "page turner" than the first half. I almost deleted this one
from my Kindle, but kept going and decided it was an ok read afterall.