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by Lindsey Davis

eBook Ode to a Banker download ISBN: 0892967404
Author: Lindsey Davis
Publisher: Mysterious Press (July 30, 2001)
Language: English
Pages: 368
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Rating: 4.2
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Category: Mystery
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ODE TO A BANKER A Novel of Marcus Didius Falco by Lindsey Davis To Simon King (another of. .

ODE TO A BANKER A Novel of Marcus Didius Falco by Lindsey Davis To Simon King (another of my ‘Dear Simon’ notes. On your retirement from Random House. With thanks for your. A book may be define. s a written (or printed) message of considerable length, meant for public circulation and recorded on materials that are light yet durable enough to afford comparatively easy portability. Encyclopaedia Britannica. examines your family affairs; he meddles with your transactions.

Davis Lindsey Читать онлайн Ode to a Banker.

Читать онлайн Ode to a Banker. PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS.

Author: Lindsey Davis. Rome: MID July-12 August AD743.

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Lindsey Davis Ode to a Banker. PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS Old Stagers From Commerce. Nothokleptes – a thieving bastard (a banker). Aurelius Chrysippus (him again) – a secretive businessman. PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS Old Stagers. M. Didius Falco/Dillius Braco/Ditrius Basto – a well-known Roman. Helena Justina -a heroine (a loyal reader). Ma (Junilla Tacita) -a canny depositor. Pa (Gerninus) -a chipped old block. Lucrio – a personal banking executive (unsafe deposits).

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Автор: Davis Название: Ode to a Banker Издательство: Hachette Book Group Классификация: ISBN .

Описание: From renowned author Lindsey Davis, creator of the much-loved character, Marcus Didius Falco and his friends and family, comes the second novel in the Flavia Albia Falco series, set in ancient Rome.

Ode to a banker . Lindsey Davis. Published by Century in 2000. This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or. otherwise, be lent, resold, hired out, or otherwise circulated without the pub. lisher's prior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it.

When a wealthy Athenian banker is found gruesomely murdered, Marcus Didius Falco must scour the seedy streets of ancient Rome to hunt down the killer.
Comments: (7)
Well, I enjoy all the Falco stories. They get better as they go along, really. I like Davis' writing style, and the subject matter is great! I am normally more interested in the Republican era, but Vespasians' rule was the better Imperial setting. Just enough going on, but not so bad as, say, the Year Of The Four Emperors- some would just be too dark. As an example, read Saylor's Murder On The Appian Way, where Milo and his men kill Clodius, causing riots and murder througout the city. Or Sulla's proscriptions- I can't imagine Falso walking past rows of impaled heads as he treads the Forum in search of work.

Falco also grows, becoming more settled, a family man. This gives the chance to see more of the real life in Rome in the 70's, as the Flavian Ampitheater nears completion. The characters are taking on a life of thier own, and Falco's own sardonic views make these people close to us- yet, not too close! I also admire the way Davis makes some of the more quesitonable mores of the time- the mixture of prudishness and pure vulgarity- (think the punishment for a wayward Vestal Virgin) and makes it seem just the 'same old' in what was probably the most exciting and dangerous city to live in....ever!
All of Lindsey Davis's Roman mysteries are excellent. Falco, the main character and detective, is very likeable, and with very human strengths and weaknesses. As the stories progress through the many stories of his adventures, most of the other characters are equally human, and his relationships with them very realistic. I am something of a history buff, and as far as I can tell Davis's history is very accurate. I recommend all of Davis's Falco stories.
One in the series of 20 Falco detective novels, all of which are a pleasure to read. For the best effect, you should start from the beginning, with the book Silver Pigs, then go in order. These are mystery stories set in the ancient Roman empire. The stories take you to a lively world in the first century AD. They are filled with characters as interesting as any in Shakespeare (not an exaggeration). But best of all, these books are funny. It really doesn't matter what they are doing in the story, it's always a hoot. Treat yourself to this delightful series.
Loved this entry in the series. Missed Helena's family, but the Didii were in full force. The mystery of the story was for once not totally obvious and the display at the end with everyone in the same room was very enjoyable to watch.
I remember when I first discovered this series. I couldn't get enough of Falco! This was about two years ago. I bought this book and it has sat on my shelf for quite awhile; getting lost in the mounds of books I need to read. This weekend I decided to pull it out and re-visit ancient Rome. This book was a bit of a disappointment. I began to get bored at some point and question why I had liked this series. The plot just meandered around. It seemed unreal to me that Falco just "forgot" to check up on some basic facts and alibis. Falco and Lindsey Davis both seemed really tired. I am not giving up on the series...I hope to read more...I just hope that they are a little livelier. Hopefully this will be the only Dud in the bunch. I gave this three stars because I do love Falco and the gang so much, and hope does spring eternal...
Lindsey Davis presents a rather unorthodox view of ancient Rome, but it is her laid-back approach that makes her characters and her version of history so captivating. Instead of ancient characters preserved in amber like relics, she makes the period and the characters come alive with all the foibles and the nuances of real people. Her series is my latest guilty pleasure -- lots of fun to read.
Another entertaining book by Davis. Not only are her books a good read, they are educational too. Who knew that during the time of Ancient Rome the Greeks were the bankers of the day?
Anything written by this lady author is superb! Wit, action, suspense and pathos with love. Rome comes alive again with the Marcus Didius Falco books. They prove there is a good man around when you want one...2000 years ago.