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by P. D. James

eBook The Murder Room (Adam Dalgliesh Mystery Series #12) download ISBN: 0736694455
Author: P. D. James
Publisher: BOOKS ON TAPE (2003)
Language: English
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Rating: 4.7
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Category: Mystery
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Book 12 of 14 in the Adam Dalgliesh Series. Commander Adam Dalgliesh, P. D. James’s formidable and fascinating detective, returns to find himself enmeshed in a terrifying story of passion and mystery - and in love.

Book 12 of 14 in the Adam Dalgliesh Series. The Dupayne, a small private museum in London devoted to the interwar years 1919 - 1939, is in turmoil. As its trustees argue over whether it should be closed, one of them is brutally and mysteriously murdered.

The Murder Room book. The Murder Room is a powerful work of mystery and psychological intricacy from a master of the modern novel. James's formidable and fascinating detective, returns to find himself enmeshed in a terrifying story of passion and mystery - and in love.

The Murder Room is a 2003 detective novel and the 12th in the Adam Dalgliesh series by P. James. It takes place in London, particularly the Dupayne Museum on the edge of Hampstead Heath in the London Borough of Camden

The Murder Room is a 2003 detective novel and the 12th in the Adam Dalgliesh series by P. It takes place in London, particularly the Dupayne Museum on the edge of Hampstead Heath in the London Borough of Camden. The Dupayne Museum is an eclectic collection of English memorabilia from the period between World War I and World War II. The murder room of the title refers to a room displaying relics of murders that occurred during this period.

Superintendent Adam Dalgliesh was looking forward to a quiet holiday at his aunt's cottage on Monksmere Head

Superintendent Adam Dalgliesh was looking forward to a quiet holiday at his aunt's cottage on Monksmere Head. There would be long walks, tea in front of the fire, and, best of all, no corpses. SUMMARY: Featuring the famous Commander Adam Dalgliesh, Devices and Desires is a thrilling and insightfully crafted novel of fallible people caught in a net of secrets, ambitions, and schemes on a lonely stretch of Norfolk coastline. Commander Dalgliesh of Scotland Yard has just published a new book of poems and has taken a brief respite from publicity on the remote Larksoken headland on.

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The Adam Dalgliesh series is a series of mystery and thriller novels written by the New York Times bestselling author from England named . This series is comprised of a total of 14 books, which were released between the years 1962 and 2008. All the books in this mystery series feature the chief protagonist in the form of a police detective from England named Adam Dalgliesh. The series is also connected to one of the other mystery series written by author James titled as the Cordelia Gray series. Author James has depicted the fictional character of .

Written by. P. Manufacturer: Vintage Release date: 9 November 2004 ISBN-10 : 1400076099 ISBN-13: 9781400076093.

Adam Dalgliesh looks into the connection between the grisly exhibits at the Dupayne family museum and the murder of adopted son Neville. Famed mystery writer . James spins an intricate tale of deception and murder in this classic style whodunit story, converted to TV movie, set at a spooky old museum in England. Three wealthy siblings in charge of the Dupayne Museum are at odds over its future. One wants to close it down for financial reasons; the other two want to keep it open, presumably for posterity. One of its rooms is dedicated to infamous murders that occurred between WWI and WWII.

Adam Dalgliesh Series. New in Paperback! (12-17-19). Please make a selection. He soon discovers that the victim was seeking to close the museum against the wishes of the fellow trustees and the Dupayne’s devoted staff. Everyone, it seems, has something to gain from the crime.

Book by P. D. James
Comments: (7)
In my opinion, The Murder Room is one of P. D. James' best. All her stories begin at a slow pace, moving carefully and comfortably to construct a complex background of place and characters. Her style is almost conversational in the beginning chapters, and the reader begins to feel quite well acquainted with all the characters-- even the detective and his team members-- their lives, their habits, their thoughts, tastes, and ideas. James is a master at withholding the slightest hint that would point in any one person's direction. James herself has said in interviews that place is very important to her, and she is meticulous in her descriptions. So she takes her time. But when the action begins, the pace quickens, and suspense builds.

The setting for The Murder Room is London, and she gives a warm and even affectionate picture of the city.
The plot is centered on a collection of memorabilia in a museum dedicated to the era between the two world wars. One room in the museum called "The Murder Room," contains newspaper stories, and objects connected with famous crimes during that era.
Adam Dalgliesh is called upon to solve a series of murders that seem to be copycats of some of the crimes in that room.
James leads the reader through the complexity of interactions between the characters: Members of the family who own and operate the museum, their staff, Dalgliesh and his team.

James is meticulous in her research and flawless in her presentation. Her style is articulate and well thought out.
The Murder Room is a very good read.
Allow yourself plenty of time to enjoy it.
This author likes to set up the characters by giving lots of information about their lives and how they interact with the other characters in the book. You know and understand the characters by the time the crime (s) is committed. I like the way Dalgliesh interacts with the characters including his police staff. I find the Dalgliesh series slow reading in the beginning but once the police are involved, the pace picks up considerably.
The characters seem like real people with problems that are quite possible. The police use common sense deduction to understand and solve the crime. You never really know who committed the crime until the end of the book.
The sexual content is mostly internal, as the characters struggle to find love. The violence is after the fact and not in your face. And who writes in third person? Yet PD James is THE BEST mystery writer, historical accurate with a narrative voice that draws the reader in and compels her to gulp each book in joyful anticipation.
PD James always delivered a great read, and The Murder Room certainly meets the standard. I read once that she admitted to being a little in love with her principal creation, Adam Dalgliesh. I can believe it. The mystery is satisfying although I guessed who the killer was well before the climax. But what struck me was the time and care James took at the conclusion of the book to write a big finale involving Dalgliesh's love life. I would have been content without the romance, but the author seemed to want her protagonist to be happy as well as clever.
One thing about P.D. James that never ceases to amaze me is how she can fill a novel with unpleasant characters and somehow make you want to know what's going to happen to them. In THE MURDER ROOM, a specialist historical museum controlled by the three children of its founder provides the source of conflict and the scene of the crime(s). The offspring must vote whether to keep the museum alive or wind it up. Two of them are invested in its continuation, while one wants to get rid of it. The vote to keep the museum going must be unanimous-- so you know who victim #1 is going to be. After the murder, Cmdr. Adam Dalgliesh and his investigators move in, disrupting whatever might be left of normalcy for the museum, its owners, and staff.

As usual, every character has a secret to keep hidden, and their efforts to keep private things private complicate the investigation. When a second corpse is found in the murder room (an exhibit in the museum), the pace of pursuit picks up, as does the feeling of doom surrounding the entire institution.
There are plenty of suspects, but the story bogs down a bit in a strange sex-for-hire scheme that turns out to be one of the skeletons in the museum's closet. When the murderer is finally revealed, it's kind of difficult to figure out exactly what the motive was. Everyone else seemed to have much better reasons for committing the murders!
While all this is going on, Dalgliesh continues to brood over his on-again, off-again love relationship with one of the characters from the previous novel, DEATH IN HOLY ORDERS. Will he or won't he? In the end, that ends up being more suspenseful than the murder mystery.
PD James has never disappointed me. I loved the sub stories and depth of the characters.
Dalgliesh's life weaves throughout the story. Set in a somewhat out of date private library, the characters enter the story as they enter the library. Death is linked to each of their lives from the owners, the board and down to the staff. How wonderful it was to have a 'murder room' whose exhibit was less interesting than everything that happens in it. Begin this book on a long weekend, it's hard to put it down.