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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Private eye Jack Flippo focuses on a deadly kidnapping plot that features a nouveau riche beauty, a lovable arsonist.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

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Doug Swanson is SO underrated. com User, April 24, 2000. Jack Flippo's 3rd adventure is another energetic romp through Big D. More sex & violence this go round, both for the good and bad.

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In only his third time out, Swanson (Dreamboat, 1995, et. has already established himself as the John Travolta of the comic caper: He makes it all look light and easy, and seems to be having a great time too. (Regional author tour). When Teddy decides to deal Mertts and himself in on Dudley's kidnap scheme, the stage is set for one of those joyous ple crosses that Jack seems fated to specialize in. In only his third time out, Swanson (Dreamboat, 1995, et.

Doug J. Swanson is an American writer of suspense and crime books and journalist. He is known as the author of mystery novels featuring Jake Flippo, a private investigator working in Dallas, Texas. Doug J. Swanson published his first novel about a private investigator Jake Flippo in 1994. In ‘Big Town’, its main character lost his job at the district attorney’s office after he was discovered having sexual relations with the wife of a prominent drug dealer. In ‘Dreamboat’ which followed the next year, Flippo was a private investigator working insurance-fraud cases.

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Private eye Jack Flippo, the hero of Dreamboat and Big Town, focuses on a deadly kidnapping plot that features a nouveau riche beauty, a lovable arsonist, and an ex-con named Fred Mertts. 10,000 first printing.
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This is the third installment in Doug J. Swanson's series featuring an engaging, down-on-his-luck Dallas P.I. named Jack Flippo. Divorced, living in a crummy apartment and working out of an even more down-at-the-heels office located above a 24-hour coffee shop, Jack has a client list that few other P.I.s would envy. Things begin to look up though, when Jack is hired by a former stripper named Sherri Plunkett. Sherri had the good sense to marry well and her elderly husband has lately died leaving her three million dollars.

Sherri has recently reconnected with the daughter that she gave up for adoption many years ago. The daughter, Sandi, is a frisky blonde actress from L.A. who had a bit part in a syndicated detective series that was found mostly on late-night cable channels. Sandi has come to Dallas to get to know her birth mother, but someone seems to be stalking Sandi. Sherri is naturally worried and offers Jack much more than his usual daily fee to keep an eye on Sandi while trying to find out who is after her.

At the same time, Jack himself is being stalked by two relatively hapless criminals. One is a giant thug named Fred Mertts; the other is Teddy Tunstra II, who refers to himself as Teddy Deuce. Jack was instrumental in sending Teddy to prison a couple of years ago, and Teddy and Fred met while incarcerated. Now released well ahead of schedule, Teddy is determined to take revenge on Jack. Teddy and Fred have more than a little trouble getting their act together but you certainly don't want to be the poor mope that gets between them and their target.

Swanson has created here a great cast of well-drawn comic characters and there are any number of laugh-out-loud moments. This is not a book intended to be taken very seriously, but it's witty in an intelligent way and it's really fun to just sit back and go along for the ride. In the end, of course, poor Jack Flippo has no idea who he can trust or how he's going to find his way out of any number of tricky situations, but he's not one to ever let down a client, even one as ditzy as Sherri Plunkett. The reader will certainly not feel let down either.
Good novel from a first time author. Will purchase additional books in the future from this author. Enjoyed the subject matter.
Swanson hits his stride with this third Jack Flippo novel: good characters, good plot twist, good language. Recommended if you like this genre; this book will hold your attention and there are no "down" moments. Swanson keeps you -- and Jack -- moving. Buy it for someone you love, then borrow it.