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by Michael J. Moran

eBook Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics download ISBN: 0471629847
Author: Michael J. Moran
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons (WIE); International Ed edition (April 30, 1988)
Language: English
Pages: 820
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Rating: 4.9
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Category: Math Sciences
Subcategory: Physics

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Engineering Books Pdf Mechanical Engineering Thermodynamics Fundamentals of Engineering .

Thermodynamics of the Earth and Planets by Alberto Patino Douce.

Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics Formula Sheet Thermodynamics 2012 - 2013.

PDF This book provides a thorough development of the second law of thermodynamics (featuring the . Fundamentals of. Engineering. The Ohio State University.

PDF This book provides a thorough development of the second law of thermodynamics (featuring the entropy-production concept), an up-to-date discussion.

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Download books for free. Environmental topics have also been expanded and updated. The new version of Interactive Thermodynamics (IT) is a powerful windows-based software program that now includes equation-solver, printing, graphing, data retrival and simulation capabilities. Скачать (pdf, 7. 7 Mb) Читать.

Fundamentals of engineering thermodynamics: SI version, Michael. J. Moran to prepare students. Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics. 45 MB·2,552 Downloads·New! A brand new book, FUNDAMENTALS OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING THERMODYNAMICS makes the abstract subject. Jet Propulsion : A Simple Guide to the Aerodynamic and Thermodynamic Design and Performance of Jet. 322 Pages·2003·3. Fundamentals of Thermodynamics.

Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics book. This leading text in the field maintains.

This textbook aims to present a detailed treatment of engineering thermodynamics from the classical viewpoint, while teaching the reader an orderly approach to problem solving. The text provides a development of the second law of thermodynamics (featuring the entropy-production concept), a discussion of availability analysis (including an introduction to chemical availability), and a description of application areas. Topics covered include control volume energy analysis, vapour power systems, gas power systems, thermodynamic relations for simple compressible substances, non-reacting ideal gas mixtures and psychrometrics, reacting mixtures and combustion, and chemical and phase equilibrium. In addition, there are 138 solved examples and over 1200 end-of-chapter problems, some requiring the use of a computer.
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I have changed title from best to excellent because I have looked at Cengel Boles 3rd ed in the mean time which in some explanations I found a little better, and it answered some questions that arose in my mind, like max work between equilibrium states.

There seems to be a lot of parallelism between the two books which seems more than coincidental. Interesting.

Padding seems to be an inevitable consequence of marketing. For self-study older, cheaper versions of both texts are readily available ($5). Unfortunateley, the poor students don't have that option.

This text presents the principles of Thermodynamics clearly with no missing steps in the derivations and explanations, actually pretty unique for a text book. There are no maddening gaps in the development. Examples are clear and illustrative. I didn't try many problems. My objective was to create a concise, recallable structure of Thermodynamics in my mind.

I personally don't like the term "Exergy." I find "Availability" a lot easier to think about and recall. Also, all those e's for energy, exergy, and environment are a nuisance to write clearly. The chapter on Exergy (Availability) is excellent but left one gap in my mind as to the meaning of exergy change. Is it the max attainable work between two states? If yes, why?

I wish the authors would write a textbook on E&M. Talk about finding a clear, understandable, explanation for a subject, whew!
Has a good sol man.
Written in calculus terms.
Thermo is hard but it makes more sense when you dig into a book that builds on the calc you'd know instead of trying to dumb it down and make it more about memorising 100 bulls*** equations.
This one will stay on the shelf.
This book is very handy when studying thermodynamics. The tables in the back of it are very complete and accurate. They are also easy to use with minimal instruction. Having both english and SI units in the tables is also quite convenient. These books usually come with a cd but mine was missing since the book was used when I bought it. I also have the 6th edition of this book but the 5th is organized differently and in my opinion is slightly better. Cycles are mentioned at the beginning and elaborated upon at the end so the information in between seems less random like it has a direction.
deadly claw
Great book, my professor for this class lacked a Ph.D and the ability to teach, so I was on my own for the most part. I nearly pulled an A in the course. On a technical note, they aren't so clear and/or make a few minor errors, be careful with the P-h diagrams.
So cheap but the delivery took forever!!!!
I find it very enjoyable. No wonder it's one of the preferred Thermodynamics book. The examples are very clear and the problems at the end of each chapter are very useful.
Price is good.