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by Allan G. Bluman

eBook Elementary Statistics: A Step by Step Approach: Sixth [6th] Edition download ISBN: 0073271608
Author: Allan G. Bluman
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education; 6th edition (2007)
Language: English
Pages: 864
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Rating: 4.2
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Category: Math Sciences
Subcategory: Mathematics

Elementary Statistics: A Step By Step Approach is for introductory statistics courses with a basic. Paul Scligsün and Clive Üxfindcn.

Elementary Statistics: A Step By Step Approach is for introductory statistics courses with a basic. Frontiers in Massive Data Analysis. 25 MB·70,308 Downloads.

A Step by Step Approach. Community Coiiege of Aiiegheny County. The McGrOW’HiU Companies ^. Higher Education. Published by McGraw-Hill, a business unit of The McGraw-Hill Companies, In. 1221 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020.

Published by McGraw-Hill Education, 2 Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10121. Printed in the United States of America.

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Professor emeritus community college of allegheny county.

Allan G. Bluman is a professor emeritus at the Community College of Allegheny County, South Campus . Bluman is a professor emeritus at the Community College of Allegheny County, South Campus, near Pittsburgh. He has taught mathematics and statistics for over 35 years. He received an Apple for the Teacher award in recognition of his bringing excellence to the learning environment at South Campus. Al also the author of for mathematics books in the McGraw-Hill DeMystified Series.

Elementary Statistics: a Step by Step Approach. Bluman 5th Chapter 8 Solution.

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Elementary Statistics. Subtitle A Step by Step Approach. ISBN13 9780071283564. Elementary Statistics.

Step-by-step approach for students new to statistics!
Comments: (7)
I enjoyed and appreciated how clear and concise the info is. It made learning statistics easier than I thought.

However... the theme of this book goes like this: Read about a subject relating to statistics/probability, read one simple example, followed by a solution, which is then followed by one MAYBE two practice questions and then move right along to another new subject. The next subject is somewhat of what you just learned, with something new added to it. This cycle continues until you become a little lost and confused.
Yes, there are some practice questions at the chapters end (review questions) but its not enough! Repetition is key to learning this stuff. Only answers for the odd numbered questions are in the back, but they are just answers, no solution is written or drawn out. Its so frustrating to spend upwards of 20 minutes on one problem only to see the incorrect answer with no clue on what you did wrong.
Good luck!
The price point is as great as any other amazon textbook. I bought a hardcover because my University book store only sells a paperback that is UNBOUND (what??) and I figured it was a waste of money to buy something that requires a binder. I figured buying this hardcover for $20 more I would get everything the paper copy had and then some.. I was wrong. If your University requires you to get the ConnectMath membership, this book doesn't include it (a $100 value). So I had to return. Hopefully this will be helpful for you as none of the reviews had this as a comment.
I flew through this book in a winter course the instructor used the math connect between reading the chapters and the online material I passed this class with an A. Not as hard as I imagined which is a relieve. Definitely study over your homework before taking an exam.
Fairly easy to follow - I was able to teach myself stats from this book and get a "B" in college. The chapters are broken into sections and each section has a 30+ question exercises, with an end-of-chapter quiz. You will KNOW stats if you do all of the exercises and take the quizzes.

I haven't had a math class in decades. I took an Algebra course (prior to this course) and came away with success! You will need to brush up on basic Algebra, as some of the formulas look pretty crazy at first glance. As long as you remember your "order of precedence" for calculations, you'll do fine. There are also sections in every chapter that show you, step-by-step, how to use Minitab, TI-83 Plus or TI-84 Plus and Microsoft Excel to compute the formulas. If nothing else, you'll get more use out of Excel! I've used it for years without knowing all of the commands and macros that I've learned with this book.

Stats was THE hardest class I took for my undergrad and this book got me through it. You can actually teach yourself without a professor or a tutor. Although, a tutor would have come in handy a few times. Thank goodness for YouTube.
blac wolf
Really good book for those students who are taking this class online and teaching yourselves the material. Examples of problems are shown step-by-step, and new information is scaffolded onto the stuff learned from previous chapters. I wish the new chapters would remind you of the old information (because you need it to do the new problems), but I use The Idiot's Guide for that. There are some helpful hints in the book about using Excel, so I didn't need to buy a calculator just for this class. I'm still surprised that this book calls itself "Elementary" because there isn't anything elementary about this subject. Statistical formulas are pretty nasty, and problems can take hours to compete. Great overall, but an additional guide can be helpful if you're not taking this in a traditional classroom environment, or don't have a tutor.
I had to purchase the key card that goes along with the course. I had no idea it was not included: an additional $50.00
Be aware that there are at least two versions of this book labeled as an eighth edition.

The version described on this page ISBN-10: 0073386103 / ISBN-13: 978-0077460396, the version I ordered (used).

Then there is the version I received ISBN-10: 0073386103 / ISBN-13: 978-0073386102, it is unclear if it is supposed to have a CD and Formula Card. The version I received had it, but another reviewer of that version did not receive it.

Beware that if you receive the latter version the Amazon sell back price is about half that of the former. Be sure to check the ISBN to make sure you receive the book you ordered. I wish I had!

As for the book itself, it seemed fine for the class taken. The CD was not really very useful, but you must buy what is required for the class.
Book is excellent - Kindle software on PC not so much. This book was required for a statistics course and has been critical for success in the class. I prefer my textbooks in electronic format and so the rental choice was perfect because it was far less than buying and it is electronic.

The problem is not with the text but with the Kindle software on the PC. It crashes constantly. I can do a quick search or page through a few pages and down it goes. It's also not available for the Kindle Cloud (I should have looked for this) but I'm pretty new to Kindles and textbooks. Please be aware of this limitation before you commit to this purchase. I don't know for sure but suspect that the rental has something to do with some of the limitations but the PC Kindle reader is very unstable.

Even with these problems, I would still get the electronic version.