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by Leslie Hewitt,Paul G. Hewitt

eBook Conceptual Physical Science download ISBN: 0805387064
Author: Leslie Hewitt,Paul G. Hewitt
Publisher: Addison Wesley Publishing Company; 3rd edition (August 1, 2003)
Language: English
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Rating: 4.6
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Category: Math Sciences
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Ships from and sold by travelsell. Paul G. Hewitt was a Silver Medallist Flyweight Boxing Champion for New England State at the age of 17. He was then a cartoonist, sign painter, and uranium prospector before beginning his physics studies.

Leslie is also coauthor of Conceptual Physical Science Explorations (with Paul and John). After obtaining her geology degree at San Francisco State University, Leslie’s interest in teaching broadened to include educating elementary and middle school students. She completed additional graduate work in geography and education, receiving her California State Teaching Certification, also from San Francisco State University.

by Paul G. Hewitt (Author), John A. Suchocki (Author), Leslie A. Hewitt (Author) & 0 more. ISBN-13: 978-0321516954.

Hewitt also co-authored Conceptual Physical Science with his daughter Leslie Hewitt, a geologist, and his . Hewitt released the trade book: Touch This! Conceptual Physics for Everyone

Hewitt also co-authored Conceptual Physical Science with his daughter Leslie Hewitt, a geologist, and his nephew, John Suchocki, a chemistry instructor at St. Michael's College in Colchester, Vermont, and founder of ConceptualAcademy. Hewitt released the trade book: Touch This! Conceptual Physics for Everyone. He is now a regular columnist for the magazines The Physics Teacher and The Science Teacher and producer of physics video lessons at ConceptualAcademy. Hewitt's textbooks have several memorable characteristics. Hewitt (Author), John Suchocki (Author), Leslie A. Practice Book for Conceptual Physical Science Explorations.

This book includes animations and interactive tutorials developed specifically for students taking physical science.

Hewitt, Paul G; Suchocki, John; Hewitt, Leslie A. Publication date. San Francisco : Addison Wesley.

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This text has been well regarded by both students and instructors for its superior conceptual approach to physics, chemistry, astronomy, and earth sciences. Working from the premise that students learn best from what they already know, the authors use many interesting analogies and everyday examples to clarify concepts. Consistent, high-quality coverage of all topics includes critical thinking exercises, review questions, and computational problems. A unique art program, with many figures drawn by the authors, is enhanced with illustrations by geology artist Dennis Targa.
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The math in this book gives a very simple version of the real-world situation. There are far too few, in my opinion, problems that have been worked out for student at the level of information in this book. The book does, however, give a fairly good qualitative of the topics treated. I should add that I have a BS in physics, so I may be expecting a bit too much for the target of this book.
I haven't had the chance to delve deeply into this voluminous textbook, but at first perusal it seems comprehensive, nicely illustrated, and clearly written. I'm looking forward to using this book as a means of reviewing the many science courses I have taken over the years. In today's world of high technology, it is more important than ever to keep yourself well informed on basic scientific concepts and principles. This book appears to fill that bill by providing a good source of modern scientific knowledge in a readable and practical format.
Don't judge this book by it's cover. It seems pretty old, but it's actually a pretty useful book. Contains a lot of information in a very easy to understand format. If your looking for a basic understanding of physics and the basics of science in general, this is the book for you. I would highly recommend this book for any intro science/physics class.
Hewitt is amazing. If I could purchase his books for my classroom, I would do so. He knows how to explain abstract, and any ideas, in such a way and with visuals to help everyone understand. He focuses on the understanding in this book, which is perfect.

This book was used, probably in a classroom. It has wear and tear but it is good enough condition for me.
It's the right book and it comes at the right price when rented. Fortunately I did not need access to Pearson Lab so this worked out great! Plus the book came in impeccable condition. It may have even the new.
This was a disappointing purchase. Despite being advertised as having embedded links/videos, it did not. I contacted Amazon support about this issue in June and they said it should be fixed in 7-10 days. It's now mid-August and the issue remains.
This book was great, and really helpful! I am more of an English and History course kind of girl, and science is usually something I really have to make myself focus on. However this book kept me interested and explained the material in a clear concise way. I never felt that I had to slog through massive amounts of information in order to get to "main idea". I used this book for an online class last semester and it was instrumental in helping me teach myself the material. Definitely one of my favorite science textbooks so far.

A word of advice, it really helps to buy the access to the online website. I would study for my tests by reading the chapter and watching the videos. I got an A in the class thanks to this book!
I bought this book upon recommendation from others who thought it was useful for MCAT prep, at least to understand physics concepts. In a way, it is helpful, but I was looking for a book that would really help me understand the concepts while also being at the level of college physics, and this book is definitely NOT written for that. So, if you want basic high school level physics, get this book. If you're seeking more advanced knowledge, you may only want to refer to this book after consulting a college level coursebook.