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by Keith Lee Johnson

eBook Little Black Girl Lost 5 : The Diary Of Josephine Baptiste Laurens Storey download ISBN: 1601622600
Author: Keith Lee Johnson
Publisher: Urban Books; 1 edition (February 1, 2010)
Language: English
Pages: 304
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Rating: 4.8
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Little Black Girl Lost 5 book.

Little Black Girl Lost 5 book. He Briefly, very briefly, talked about Josephine Baptiste in book 3. Since book 4 and 5 was named after Josephine and her diary I was looking forward to reading more into Josephine's story. This was the story of Ibo/Lauren. May 18, 2015 Jewell rated it liked it.

Keith Lee Johnson is the author of more than six novels including the Little Black Girl Lost series as well as The Wise Brothers & Terry Moretti: A Woman in Love. Prior to his writing career, Johnson attended Owens Community College and served in the United States Air Force. He resides in Toledo, Ohio. Series: Little Black Girl Lost (Book 4).

No membership fee. You’ll lose NextDay delivery if your cart contains one or more items not labeled NextDay eligible. Lauren Renee Bouvier, now wealthy and free from slavery courtesy of her plantation owner's will, is torn between revenge for the murders of innocent slaves and the pursuit of the American dream in 1792 New Orleans. Little Black Girl Lost 5: The Diary of Josephine Baptiste-Lauren's Story (Little Black Girl Lost).

Keith Houghton Crime & Thriller Paperback Books in English. Additional Product Features. General & Literary Fiction. 304. Country of Publication. Boy's/Girl's Interest Diary of a Wimpy Kid Paperback Books for Children. Kensington Publishing.

The Diary of Josephine Baptiste. Keith Lee Johnson at his BEST! Published by Thriftbooks. Book in the Little Black Girl Lost Series). by Keith Lee Johnson and Beresford Bennett. com User, 9 years ago. I am NEVER disappointed when it comes to the Little Black Girl Lost series, Mr Johnson always reinterate's the stories before and brings you up to speed to jog your memory. I am not a very fast reader but I pick the book up on Friday and was done by Monday! that is fast for me since I take about 2 weeks to finish a book. Keith Lee Johnson has a away of taking you into the book and making you get lost in the series GREAT READ!!

In 1792 New Orleans, Lauren Renee Bouvier, after witnessing the murder of her beloved, as well as many other innocent slaves, is torn between revenge and freedom in her quest to embrace the American dream, in this powerful novel that continues the diary of Josephine Baptiste.

As more details about Josephine’s past come to light, the African heritage of modern-day Johnnie Wise is further explained. Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Publisher: Recorded Books AudioReleased: Jan 1, 2010ISBN: 9781440790362Format: audiobook.

In 1792 New Orleans, Lauren Renee Bouvier, after witnessing the murder of her beloved, as well as many other innocent slaves, is torn between revenge and freedom in her quest to embrace the American dream, in this powerful novel that continues the diary of Josephine Baptiste. Original.
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I sincerely declare that this book can be a movie! I have been intrigued once again, by Mr Johnson's Little Black Girl Lost (LBGL) series. This is the first time I have ever reviewed/commented on a literary piece via internet. I rate the book with four stars versus five because I just did not get enough (no offense) but a compliment to Mr Johnson that he must continue the saga. I was nearly mad that the the book was over when I finished reading it. I was having the urge to start writing LBGL 6 the very minute I read the last page. I want to know more about Ibo's daughter's liasion with the . . . oh Mr. Keith I promise not to spill the news! I only found a few historical errors in the book one is in reference to Australia and the other referred to the rights that the free people of color had. But, I strongly do understand that the book was written more for entertainment versus a true biography. I consider myself to be a loyal reader and pre- ordered LBGL 5 and I am ready to pre-order Book 6- 10. Then at the end Mr.Johnson had the nervers to ask me some questions, lol. Overall, the book was exciting, a page turner, had me laughing, shocked and visualizing the scenes . . . and I didnt want to put the book down to go to sleep at night. I am a Louisiana native and in the past few years I have been doing leisure research on black people and it's heritage in Louisiana known as les gens de couleur libre. I personally can trace some heritage to this notion on my maternal ancestry. Therefore, I feel some connection to the book that is written by Mr. Johnson.

As we say down in da boot "Laissez les bon temps rouler" . . with your next LBGL.
Josephine Baptiste's story is just as engaging and compelling as Johnnie's. I really enjoy the rich history and knowledge that Keith L. Johnson has put into each of his books detailing the life of one woman that spiraled into a life of many.

I'm looking forward to getting into the part the Beauregard's play in this saga. Seems the next installment should be just the treat I've been waiting on. Then after that, I want to read Johnnie's mother story. With writing like Mr. Lee's I can continue to read up until LBGL 24 and beyond LMAO! I'm always up for learning things that happened in history that's told as vivid and as vibrantly as the way Mr. Lee tells the LBGL series. The stories are well written and from the heart.

Don't keep us waiting Keith, come on with part 6!!!
Now I must first say I am a bit late in offering my opinion-sorry Keith, you know I would of been at the head of the class if I was on my "A" game. Once again I was honored to be given the opportunity to read this novel as it was being written. As a loyal reader and fan I am always intrigued and drawn into the stories you weave. We can see the branches of the Wise Family Tree expanding before our very eyes. I mentioned the "coincidence" of family names appearing in several different books not just the LBGL series to you and your answer astounded me. You have all the characters in your head from the onset and introduce or withdraw them as needed-that is a talent within itself. You carry a whole other families journey in your mind and pull out the pieces you wish to share knowing that we (your readers) will be knocking at your door for more.
Kudos, KLJ and peace be with thee. Keep your head up, keep stepping and you won't see the naysayers trying to pull you down
Once again Mr. Johnson has captured our hearts with the Little Black Girl Lost Saga! After reading this book I can honestly say I have a better understanding of this families life! If you have read any of the other LBGL books you will be drawn into this book and have a hard time putting it down. The background information and imagery will make you think you are exactly looking through a window and watching everything as it goes on in the book. Its nice to take a glimpse into the historical past of slavery and life back in that time. A great read for everyone. The key is to read these books in sequence so you can get a better understanding of the story. While book 5 opens with background information from the books past you will surely miss out on the the other books if you skip around. GREAT JOB!!!!! I cant wait until book 6 comes out!!!
Early Waffle
The “Little Black Girl Lost” series provides an excellent read depicting the story of many African-American women throughout history who have believed that they only had one tool to survival. It is emotionally moving as you reflect on ancestral history, heart-breaking challenges and hallelujah victories. It keeps you wondering what will happen next and leaves you wanting more when you reach the end. Great job Mr. Keith Lee Jackson!
As with all of Keith Lee Johnson books, he knocks it out of the ballpark with a home run. Little Black Girl Lost 5 is a continuance of this exceptional series of Little Black Girl Lost. I attempted to pace myself with reading this book because as many wanted to ride the story longer (smile). It not only picks up directly where we left off in Book 4 but will leave the reader yearning to begin Book 6. Love, betrayal, revenge and broken dreams are lived out in a historical time period that had alternative rules for captives of Africa whether freed or in slaved by our country.
I love this series
I have read every single book in regards to Johnnie and that family. Keep them coming.

This one was different but I love how it all intertwines.