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by Michelle Cliff

eBook No Telephone to Heaven download ISBN: 0679739424
Author: Michelle Cliff
Publisher: Vintage; 1st Vintage International ed edition (March 13, 1989)
Language: English
Pages: 211
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Rating: 4.2
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No Telephone to Heaven book.

No Telephone to Heaven book.

No telephone to heaven. Michelle Cliff was born in Jamaica and is the author of three acclaimed novels: Abeng, its sequel, No Telephone to Heaven, and Free Enterprise (Plume). She has also written a collection of short stories, Bodies of Water (Plume), and two poetry collections, The Land of Look Behind and Claiming an Identity They Tought Me to Despise.

No Telephone to Heaven, the sequel to Abeng (novel), is the second novel published by Jamaican-American author Michelle Cliff. The novel continues the story of Clare Savage, Cliff's l character from Abeng, through a set of flashbacks that recount Clare's adolescence and young adulthood as she moves from Jamaica to the United States, then to England, and finally back to Jamaica.

Cliff demonstrates a powerful grasp of the complex tensions that make modern Jamaica a tinderbox, she also delivers a sense of Jamaica's tragedy and beauty in closeup, impressionistic prose that makes for absorbing reading. A lyrical novel about the bitter fruits of colonialism in contemporary Jamaica, by a Jamaican-American poet and novelist (Claiming an Identity They Taught Me to Despise; Abeng, The Land of Look Behind). As the novel opens, Clare Savage, a beautiful Jamaican, is heading for an assignation with a band of volunteer guerrillas.

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No Telephone to Heaven Hardcover – July 14, 1987. One might expect a novel about Jamaica to be typical beach fare ("Come to Jamaica"), but Cliff depicts the island paradise as a powder keg.

No Telephone to Heaven Hardcover – July 14, 1987. by. Michelle Cliff (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Learn about Author Central. Clare, a light-skinned native, moves to New York City as a child, but her mother soon goes back home and dies shortly thereafter. Rebelling against her father's urgings to "pass" for her own good, Clare spends several rootless years in the States and studies Renaissance literature in England.

No Telephone to Heaven is a novel by Jamaican-American writer Michelle Cliff, published in 1996

No Telephone to Heaven is a novel by Jamaican-American writer Michelle Cliff, published in 1996. Although it is a novel attending to the life of the main character Clare Savage, it is much more as well. Throughout No Telephone to Heaven, tensions are created elucidating both the struggles of colonial cultures to define their culture, and individuals within these cultures struggling for an identity or sense of belonging. The main character, Clare Savage, struggles with her identity throughout the book (note1).

The structure of No Telephone to Heaven combines naturalism and lyricism, and traverses space and time

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In this poetic novel about colonialism and contemporary Jamaica, a light-skinned woman must find the courage to face the violence that can arise from oppression and divided loyalties
Comments: (7)
Not a straightforward story in time sequence, so if you like Toni Morrison you'll like this. The plot is about a young Jamaican woman's identity crisis--race, sex, class, politics, country--but what intrigued me the most was the very graphic descriptions of the "dungle" where the homeless women and children live, on top of a garbage heap surrounded by fencing, vs. the descriptions of the life of the wealthy in Jamaica, and how little they know about each other. The gap between rich and poor is horrendous,and Cliff does a great job getting into the minds and motivations of the unschooled, illiterate, unknown although everywhere poor. Time period is the 1950's-1980's; during the Manley/Marley years, violent political uprisings and the threat of revolution play an important role. Lots of great symbolism for English professors teaching Caribbean literature too.
Slight worn condition, but I like it that way.
It was studied and discussed for a class in, and On Jamaica.
This is an interesting book to read, if you are taking a class on the "Literature of the Caribbean" course. An interesting book.
Nice read.
The writer is obviously talented but the structure and tone make for a miserable read. I read this book for a college class. It is one of those books that make you think the author is so deep that you are lucky if you comprehend the storyline much less the symbolism. I would not recommend it. If you must read it get a group and read it aloud together. For the venue cool-aid and cheese crackers go well with this book because anything heavy will cause you to get lethargic and try to wing it during discusssion.
Scoreboard Bleeding
Very good!
I had to read this for my Caribbean Literature class. This book was boring to me. I would not recommend this book.