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by Kathleen E Woodiwiss

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Author: Kathleen E Woodiwiss
Publisher: William Morrow; 1st edition (October 30, 2007)
Language: English
Pages: 336
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Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. Kathleen E. Erienne's father had given her hand to the richest suitor.

Kathleen E. Behind the foreboding walls of Newgate Prison, a pact is sealed in secret - as a dashing and doomed criminal consents to wed a beautiful heiress. in return for one night of unparalleled pleasure. In the fading echoes of hollow wedding vows, a promise is broken - as a sensuous free-spirit flees to a lush Caribbean paradise, abandoning the handsome stranger she married to the gallows.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Once, Abrielle was a privileged daughter coveted for her bearing, her breeding, her wit, and her beauty

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Once, Abrielle was a privileged daughter coveted for her bearing, her breeding, her wit, and her beauty. Woodiwiss (born Kathleen Erin Hogg, June 3, 1939 – July 6, 2007), was an American novelist. She pioneered the historical romance genre with the 1972 publication of her novel The Flame and the Flower

Kathleen E. She pioneered the historical romance genre with the 1972 publication of her novel The Flame and the Flower. She was born Kathleen Erin Hogg in Alexandria, Louisiana, the youngest of eight children of Charles Wingrove Hogg, a disabled World War I veteran, and his wife, Gladys, née Coker. Woodiwiss Kathleen E. Her marriage to dashing American shipping magnate Jeff Birmingham signals the beginning of a wonderful new life for Raelynn Barrett.

Avon Books, a leader in the historical romance genre to this day, remains Mrs. Woodiwiss's original and only paperback publisher; William Morrow, Avon's sister company, publishes Mrs. Woodiwiss's hardcovers. The Flame and the Flower was rejected by agents and hardcover publishers, who deemed it as "too long" at 600 pages. Rather than follow the advice of the rejection letters and rewrite the novel, Mrs. Woodiwiss instead submitted it to paperback publishers.

EVERLASTING is the last book by Kathleen E. Miss Woodiwiss' books were the first books that I remember enjoying as a teen, well adult books. I admit, I enjoyed some of her books better than others, and I have mixed feelings about this book. From posts from her son, Miss Woodiwiss passed away before completing Everlasting. I don't know how much of the published book is her work, but her touches are missing. I would have loved to have seen what this book could have been had she lived. EVERLASTING is the last book by Kathleen E. Miss Woodiwiss' books were the. Woodiwiss eBook Online Read. Author: Kathleen E. Published Year: 2007 Romance & Love. A Season Beyond a Kiss. Published Year: 1977 Romance & Love. Published Year: 2000 Romance & Love. Published Year: 1982 Romance & Love. The Wolf and the Dove. Published Year: 2011 Romance & Love. The Reluctant Suitor. Published Year: 2003 Romance & Love.

Read Everlasting, by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss online on Bookmate – Once, Abrielle was a privileged daughter coveted for her bearing, her breeding, her wit, and her beauty. But when her stepfather is de.

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Historical romance was born when the remarkable Kathleen E. Woodiwiss gifted the world with her groundbreaking love story, The Flame and the Flower. Now, twelve consecutive New York Times bestsellers later, "the first lady of the genre" (Publishers Weekly) returns with her most breathtaking masterwork to date—a glorious celebration of a secret love that is dangerous, irresistible, forbidden, and . . .

Once, Abrielle's name was on the lips of every unwed nobleman in London as a proud exceptional lady coveted for her bearing, her breeding, her wit, and her beauty.

But when her stepfather—respected for his courage and valor during the Crusades—is denied his rightful title and the wealth that accompanies it, Abrielle finds herself suddenly disgraced, no longer a suitable match for any proper gentleman. Only one would still have her, though he desires no more than physical pleasure: the oafish and grotesque Desmond de Marlé. His dark and scandalous reputation is legend, and Abrielle has heard rumors that his first two wives perished by his hand. Yet no one else can rescue her once-proud family's honor and keep her stepfather from debtor's prison, so she is left with no choice but to accept the cruel and hateful de Marlé's offer of marriage and sacrifice her virtue to a scoundrel she fears and detests . . . even as she yearns for another lover.

Dashing, handsome, tall, and kind—a black-haired Scotsman with vivid blue eyes—Raven Seabern is an emissary for his king, and quite unlike any man Abrielle has ever encountered. From the very first moment their eyes meet, he intrigues and mesmerizes her—and dancing in his arms at a royal banquet leaves her weak with the desire to surrender. But their love can never be, for Abrielle is betrothed to a monster. And the well-being of everyone she cares for demands that she honor her promise. Still, the fire lit that night will not be doused. Raven knows he has found the true one and must never let her go—though secrets, deceptions, dishonor, and unimaginable peril will surely be their fate if they follow the dictates of their hearts.

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I've been a fan of Kathleen E. Woodiwiss since my twins were starting kindergarten, and they are now in their middle forties. I had already collected all of her books, beginning with The Flame and The Flower, but I didn't have her last one, so I really needed it after I found out that she had passed away from cancer. I was sad that this was her last book. If you like reading Romance, Kathleen E. Woodiwiss was the best.
Kathleen Woodiwiss' work is great - a favorite author. I have read all of the Ms. Woodiwiss' books. Some I have read 2 or 3 times over the past 20 years or so. She has been missed since her death a few years ago. She had a great gift for writing historical romance books and making them come to life with the amount of research she did about locations, clothes, food, etc. during the era of time she was writing.
While I did not rate this as high as her other medieval romance, The Wolf and the Dove, I truly enjoyed this story of Raven Seabern, the handsome black-haired, blue-eyed son of a Scottish laird (the father reminded me of an older Sean Connery), who is a messenger for King David of Scotland and trusted by King Henry. He meets Abrielle, a red haired Saxon beauty, in Henry's court just after her stepfather, a faithful Norman knight, is passed over by Henry for the reward he justly deserved. Suddenly Abrielle is no longer pursued by the eligible young suitors for she will have no dowry of land or title. And, worse, in order to save her family from ruin, she agrees to wed the evil and ugly Desmond de Marle who has lusted after her even before her betrothed was mysteriously killed. Raven watches from the sidelines as all this is happening for he is already in love with the fair Abrielle and will not leave her. This is a tale of the time when there were still difficulties between Normans and Saxons and also between England and the Scots. But against that background, there is the prospect of true love conquering all. And so it does.

This was Woodiwiss' last romance, published in 2007, and while not as sweeping or detailed in scope, nor frankly as good as her others, it is still a fine medieval love story and I recommend it.

Here's a list of her other novels:

Birmingham Family Saga Series:

The Flame and the Flower, 1972
A Season Beyond a Kiss, 2000
The Elusive Flame, 1998

Single Novels:

Wolf and the Dove, 1974
Shanna, 1977
Ashes in the Wind, 1979
A Rose in Winter, 1981
Come Love a Stranger, 1984
So Worthy My Love, 1989
Forever in Your Embrace, 1992
Petals on the River, 1997
The Reluctant Suitor, 2002

Her best ones were written in the 70s and 80s, with this perhaps an exception.
I loved reading Everlasting. I have read every book written by Kathleen Woodiwiss and I have kept the books in my library as my written treasures. The characters come to life and their story intrigues me to the point of not wanting to put to put the book down. After the loss of this gifted author, I savored reading this book knowing it was her last for me. The joy I have experienced reading her novels will be "Everlasting."
This is a very disappointing read. I kept reading thinking it would get better but unfortunately it didn't. Story line is thin and the dialogue is often ridiculous. Save your money.
I've loved a number of her other books. This one was so poorly written, I had to wonder if the same person wrote it! I wish I had not wasted the money.
Loving her books, was a great loss when she passed. There is a sadness the world has yet to learn. I will cherish all her books and find myself richer for it.
Not bad so far, but I am going to read any book even partially written by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. She's phenomenal and truly a gift to the world. She makes any other writer seem less-than, which is why I still cannot find it in me to read other far. :( Kind of a let-down. I have so much to say about her as an author, but don't have time right now to go into it. Any book by her is worth the time and the money. :)