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by Cindy Dees

eBook Soldier's Last Stand download ISBN: 0373277350
Author: Cindy Dees
Publisher: Harlequin Romantic Suspense; Original edition (June 28, 2011)
Language: English
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Rating: 4.8
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Soldier's Last Stand book. I really enjoyed this book.

Soldier's Last Stand book. Navy Commander Brady Hathaway is done with women.

Navy Commander Brady Hathaway is done with women. Watch is pretty much a 24/7 job, that leaves no time for female entanglements.

Soldier's Last Stand. Soldier's Last Stand.

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Her last, vague thought as her legs collapsed out from under her was that maybe she should’ve played helpless after all and manipulated Carter into walking her to her car. Carter had worked with enough women in his day wh. . Carter had worked with enough women in his day who could handle themselves in a pinch to know without a doubt that Lily James was not one of them. My life is fabulous by comparison. She subsided, studying him closely. How long do these episodes usually last? They’ve been getting shorter. I’m down to somewhere between two and ten minutes. Although- he frowned -this one’s been going for an inordinately long time. How long did they used to be? The first one lasted two weeks.

More Books by Cindy Dees. Praise for cindy dees. Terror washed over her like an icy bath. Lovers of Dees’ high-stakes, fast-paced action will find exponentially increasing tension in each scene and pulse-pounding adventure that will keep readers enthralled. All she could do was stand there and stare back at him. Fear congealed in her throat into a sticky lump as Fasco’s CEO stepped forward and gestured to her. This is Dr. Monroe, one of our defense systems analysts.

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Navy Commander Brady Hathaway is done with women. Since H.O.T. Watch is pretty much a 24/7 job, that leaves no time for female entanglements. Then he's appointed Eve Dupont's handler. Tan, leggy and blonde, the lethal-looking civilian chosen to take down a terrorist cell scares the hell out of him. Can he keep Eve safe and resist her charms? This may be Eve's only shot to clear her name from any involvement in a terrorist cell and bring in a wanted assassin. But can the ultimate party girl do it? And can she convince the sexy Mr. I'm All Business Hathaway that there are times to move fast—and times to go very slowly….
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I don't typically write reviews for romance novels however, before purchasing this book I had read a pretty negative review and found that review so baseless I could not resist interjecting my own opinion.

This book was an excellent read. The characters were established and had good reasons for what kept them going/held them back. There was action, adventure and a bit of mystery and I found some of the conversations and scenes hysterical.

The last review that painted this book negatively was about the rape scene and I have to say, there was no rape scene. There was an assault and it was purposeful; this scene helped prove the heroine and also painted a mighty fine picture of the hero.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys suspense, romance and entertainment.
Brady Hathaway, the hero, appears in a couple of previous books (the Medusa Seduction and Medusa's Master), so I was very excited to see his story. I was not disappointed. There's a lot of sexual tension between him and Eve but the thing I like best is how he treats her. Yes, there are times he pulls back emotionally, but he always protects her and has her back, even when it means risking his military career, which has meant everything to him up to that point and I love that. It's funny when he admits to himself how he finally understands why his men disobeyed him when he warned them to stay away from the women they fell for while on their missions (the afore mentioned books).
Also, as several other reviewers mentioned, there was no rape. There was assault, but Eve was rescued by Brady before the rape could happen (loved the way he broke the rapist's ribs!). The thing about that scene not only displayed Brady's heroism, it also showed Eve's strength--the fact that she was able to pull herself together without having hysterics and able and willing to continue with the mission showed that she was a match for Brady in all ways.
Loved it and would recommend it to anyone.
I'm not sure if the previous reviewer finished the book or not but the main character doesn't actually get raped in the book. It is attempted but she is saved before Curly (one of the bad guys) can actually do so. I enjoyed the book actually, and would definitely read another if Cindy Dees does more.
The book description captures exactly what the book is and isn't. The story is laid out perfectly for you in the description. And it sounds awesome. It seems like it would be suspenseful and a really good read. It isn't.
The book is good for a quick read but lacked twists and surprises that would have made it more exciting
I really enjoyed this guy, beautiful girl, and LOTS of sexual tension! My only issue was with all of the sizzle between the h&h, when the sex scenes came around, I thought they rated kind of PG. So much description about the characters and their interactions, but little description when they made love. Talk about a tease for the reader! Not saying I'm looking for porn on paper, but maybe a few more paragraphs/ pages wouldve been nice to really keep things hot. Definately liked the book though and will re-read it again some time.
Good fast read. Liked male lead character not sure about female lead . She came across to sexual for me. Going to try another one of Ms Dees books. af
It has an unnecessary rape scene, so if you are troubled by this kind of thing don't buy it. And if you enjoy this sort of thing...