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by Beverly Clark

eBook A Love to Cherish (Indigo: Sensuous Love Stories) download ISBN: 1885478356
Author: Beverly Clark
Publisher: Genesis Press (September 1, 2003)
Language: English
Pages: 287
ePub: 1725 kb
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Rating: 4.1
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Category: Literature
Subcategory: United States

Series: Indigo: Sensuous Love Stories. The Price of Love was a heartfelt, gripping story written by Beverly Clark. I sincerely felt sorry for Brenda and I understood her abhorrence towards men and lawyers in particular.

Series: Indigo: Sensuous Love Stories. If I had experienced her dramatic trauma, I can't honestly say that I would have reacted any differently. Paperback: 269 pages. Publisher: Genesis Press (February 1, 2007). I found the book to be at least 100 pages to long.

A Love To Cherish (Indigo). I think all love stories are a little bit predictable, but the enjoyment of characters fighting there own personal prejudices are the differences I like. A Twist Of Fate (Indigo Love Spectrum) by Clark, Beverly (2009) Mass Market Paperback. Lily's parents relationship is one that has tormented her for years. She doesn't want to fall in love only because of mere lust.

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Falling in love with Cornell Robertson in college, Tracey Hamilton became pregnant . Feeling betrayed, Tracey breaks off the relationship. Six years later, Cornell is a pro football star with a multimillion-dollar contract. From there, she wrote fillers for the newspaper and magazines such as RedBook, Good Housekeeping, and McCall's. She also wrote 120 romantic short stories with Sterling/McFadden Magazines.

A Love To Cherish book. The team's training camp has been moved to Falling in love with Cornell Robertson in college, Tracey Hamilton became pregnant

A Love To Cherish book. The team's training camp has been moved to Falling in love with Cornell Robertson in college, Tracey Hamilton became pregnant.

A LOVE TO CHERISH (INDIGO: SENSUOUS LOVE STORIES) By Beverly Clark - V. Planning a Wedding to Remember: Perfect Wedding Planner Book; by Beverly Clark.

A LOVE TO CHERISH (INDIGO: SENSUOUS LOVE STORIES) By Beverly Clark - VG. Excellent Condition! Quick & Free Delivery in 2-14 days. Explorations in College Algebra - Beverly K. Michael, Judy Clark and Linda Wiley.

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Book by Clark, Beverly
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Six years ago Cornell Robertson made a terrible mistake. Since then, he has gained fame and fortune but it never could redeem what he had done to Tracey Hamilton. Now, an opportunity has presented itself for Cornell to make things right with Tracey; however, she wants nothing to do with him. Not about to be deterred by her negative words especially when her eyes refused to confirm what her lips were saying Cornell was determined to re-win Tracey's heart.

Tracey Hamilton never believed that she would ever see Cornell Robertson again. Yet, Fate had other ideas because not only did Cornell show up in her small hometown for his pro-football training season, bringing along with him old feelings that should have stayed buried in the past, he also wanted to rekindle their once shared heated love affair. But how could Tracey rightfully forgive Cornell for the actions of his past when she was hoarding a potential devastating secret from him - that he was the father of her five-year-old twin children.

Beverly Clark's A Love to Cherish was a heartfelt story about betrayal and forgiveness. While a plot that might seen like a familiar storyline in general, A Love to Cherish had just the right amount of drama to keep me heavily intrigued. Because of the lasting impression made by his estranged father at a very young age, Cornell vowed to never let a woman stand in the way of his success. So, when Tracey became an obstacle Cornell quickly pushed her out of his way with some very hurtful, inexcusable words. After their very painful breakup, Tracey wanted nothing more to do with Cornell; but, once Cornell had Tracey back in his life he wasn't about to give up on a second chance at recapturing her sweet love and affection. The passion showcased between Cornell and Tracey was very strong and undeniable. There were some sexual occurrences throughout the book, but they were told in a vanilla, gently described fashion with just enough heat to make things fascinating. I found A Love to Cherish to be an earnest, touching, enjoyable read.

Nikita Steele
Reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed
Love It!
I have read this book at least 10 times already..... And I'm still not bored with it. I love the passion between Tracy and Cornell. This story line was very realistic and you feel as if you're there to,but I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who love a happy ending to a romantic,but yet drama filled book
I enjoyed this book for the mere fact that it involved the past relationship of college sweethearts and the choices they made. We often find ourselves making decisions based on the influences of our parents not knowing at the time what price we'll have to pay. Well Tracey Hamilton and Cornell Robertson experienced at first hand but now their sudden meeting after many years brings nothing but the test of true love. If you just enjoy stories dealing with these type of relationships, sacrifices, trying to be loyal to family and just love of the heart, this can be an interesting story to read. Some of my other favorites by Beverly Clark are: The Price of Love and Yesterday Is Gone.

The excerpt on the back cover made the book seem exciting and interesting. That was definitely not the case when I started to turn the pages. The lead characters were extremely indecisive. Cornell Robertson suggested that his then girlfriend, Tracey Hamilton, have an abortion when she told him she was pregnant. Six years later when he saw her, he decided that he still wanted her. She rebuffed him and rather than tell his best friend why he was behaving differently, he became angry and constantly harped on not wanting to talk about it. Meanwhile, Tracey was doing the same thing to her lifelong friend Barbara. Tracey's next door neighbor Brice Carter was in love with her and had asked her to marry him, but the author left me wondering if she actually had a relationship with him or was he marrying her because he wanted to make her life a little easier.

There wasn't a page in the book without fragmented sentences or dashes. The author used dashes rather than complete the thoughts of the characters. Sometimes the thoughts were redirected two or three times within the same sentence with the use of dashes. I was beginning to believe she had come up with a new form of Morse Code. During dialogues it was often confusing, because multiple characters would be speaking and it was never clarified who was speaking when. There would be several sentences within quotes, side by side, on the same line sometimes changing the direction of thoughts or scenes.

After reading halfway through the book and realizing it wasn't going to get any better, I skipped to the last couple of chapters. The writing was so unreal that I couldn't believe this book was published. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED CLOSE TO THE ENDING, PLEASE STOP READING THIS NOW.

Tracey's son became sick with a fever and when she took him to the emergency room, she was told, "you have a very sick little boy." When she asked the doctor what was the matter he told her he didn't know. But she had better go find his father. Huh? Tracey then miraculously remembered that she had read somewhere that children can become almost deathly ill like that when a parent is absent. She figured she had better find Cornell fast, before she'd have two seriously ill children on her hands. These kids hadn't seen their father in six years and yet after knowing him for a very very very short time, the son became sick enough to be hospitalized. Rather than calling Cornell or sending his best friend to get him, Tracey had his best friend Bubba drive her to Chicago from Springfield so that she could find him. Tracey told Bubba "Let's go" in one sentence and in the very next sentence Bubba said, "His car is here." There was no description of where they were or how they got there. The reader was then told he wasn't at the apartment and must have been at the Boys Club coaching football. Tracey told Bubba to go ahead and leave she was going in to talk to Cornell (remember Cornell's car is still at his apartment). She went in a proceeded to watch him coach and daydream until he happened to turn around and notice her. If your child was at death's door wouldn't you keep a car there while you ran like a bat out of hell to get to the person you're looking for? I stopped reading the book for good at this point.

In the Author's Note at the back of the book, the author said her goal is to have several of her works adapted for movies or television. I hope she's able to finance it herself because it won't happen if the rest of her writing is as poorly done as this one. If I could have given this book less than 1 star, I would have.
I enjoyed this book. I loved the male lead and how he was determined to go after what he wanted even though he may not have deserved it. I liked the kids too - they were sweet. The story/romance was a good one and kept my attention. As I thought the story was coming to a close, the author brought in another twist - which I could have taken or left. All in all a good read.
I really enjoyed this book. It was a great read! Don't you just love "lost love romance," I do! Tracey and Cornell are great together. This book was filled with people making love connections! If you like this one, try Clark's previous work, you will enjoy that one too!