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by Rose Estes

eBook Master Wolf (Greyhawk Adventures) download ISBN: 0880384573
Author: Rose Estes
Publisher: TSR, Inc. (April 1, 1987)
Language: English
Pages: 314
ePub: 1996 kb
Fb2: 1464 kb
Rating: 4.7
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Category: Literature
Subcategory: United States

Master Wolf Greyhawk Adventures Book 3 by Rose Estes 1987 A novel of quest and romance, sorcery and death Cover art by Clyde Caldwell Interior art by Bart Sears This. Greyhawk Adventures Book 3. by Rose Estes. A novel of quest and romance, sorcery and death.

Master Wolf Greyhawk Adventures Book 3 by Rose Estes 1987 A novel of quest and romance, sorcery and death Cover art by Clyde Caldwell Interior art by Bart Sears This. Cover art by Clyde Caldwell. Interior art by Bart Sears.

Rose Estes is the best writer I have had the pleasure of reading! .

Rose Estes is the best writer I have had the pleasure of reading! The series is definitely a must read for those who enjoy mystical adventures. While the 'Master Wolf' stories were a let down compared to Gary Gygax's Gord the Rogue, this one at least comes close to recapturing the magic.

Title: Master Wolf: Greyhawk Tm Adventures - Book 1: B.

Description: Greyhawk Adventures: Master Wolf is written by the author Rose Estes,Is a wonderful light novel,Currently Ww. uxiaLeague.

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Master Wolf Электронная библиотека e-libra. ru Читать онлайн Master Wolf. Читать онлайн Master Wolf. Rose Estes Master Wolf Chapter 1 The big male wolf lolled lazily in the deep recesses of the forest, enjoying the warmth of the late afternoon. Moss lay thick on the ground in this hidden spot, a tiny grotto etched out of the limestone that wove through the dense roanwood forest like the spine of a partially submerged dragon.

A young Wolf Nomad must overcome an evil scheme to destroy him in this adventure based on the World of Greyhawk fantasy game. A young Wolf Nomad must overcome an evil scheme to destroy him in this adventure based on the World of Greyhawk fantasy game.

Vintuk, the strongest, proudest of the Wolf Nomods, begins a journey that takes him into the middle of an evil scheme that threatens his life
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A fun, quick, light read fron the Grewhawk Adventures series. Estes, as with the other writers picked for this series, does a great job building on the old Grewhawk world, originally created by my personal hero, Gary G - the guy who taught me, though D&D, to let my imagination and creativity out.

Sorry for waxing nostalgic... Master Wolf is a fun read - nothing too complex with regard to subplots, and with engaging characters. If you're a fan of the series, you definitely won't be disappointed with this one.
I love the grey hawk series books by rose Estes since I was a teen. It's good to reminisce on good books and even greater authors.
This book sucks balls. Completely missed the point of Greyhawk.
As the previous reviewer mentioned this is the first of a series of novels by Rose Estes that are set in the Greyhawk Campaign setting. The series continues in "The Price of Power", "The Demon Hand", and "The Name of the Game". The series chronicles the adventures of the wolf nomad Mika-oba, who is the son the clan's shaman, and his wolf companion Tam-Tur. Mika is an extremely interesting character that kind of has the mentality of a sex-crazed hobbit. He wants to have the riches, women and glory, but doesn't like to work for it. His fate to takeover as the next shaman seems clear, even though he doesn't like the idea, but a raid on a passing caravan forever changes his life. The novel is fast paced and humorous and you'll love Mika's less than heroic attitude and his fun loving wolf. The ending is a strange one that will leave you wanting to know what will happen next. I recommend this novel to the lighthearted reader for a tale of a different kind of hero.
Just disappointing on so many levels. The plot is slow, the humor is weak, the ending is baffling and inappropriate in light youth fiction. Subplots like the bite of the black fly are dropped (which may have been the evil wizard), a jewel the size of a goose egg was miraculously overlooked draped in a princess's bosum by all the leering and pawing men, dialogue about game mechanics like levels, and a rather toothless evil wizard's plan that seemingly could have been accomplished at any time along the way. The evil plan that is eventually spoiled when sleeping beauty turns out to have been raped along the way (although maybe it was because of the fly - but that was supposed to be the wizard - which makes no sense).
Early Waffle
As far as I can tell, this is the first book in a series of four written by Rose Estes for Greyhawk Adventures. This was the first fantasy book that I ever read. I would highly recommend this book to those of you that aren't familiar with reading fantasy. It is a good one for beginners. If you've already read the Lord of the Rings or The Wheel of Time, you'll probably think it to be a little less intellectually stimulating. However, this book is a very colorful beginning to an extremely entertaining four book saga.
This is more a judgment of the series. This robust world called Greyhawk was torn apart by a feud at TSR. That feud, probably rightly, sent creator Gary Gygax packing. In place of Gygax, they let a children's writer loose in the archives. She picked up bits and pieces, but never got any of the major details right. I have this book on my shelf because it says Greyhawk on it. That's why I bought one like it when I was a kid and one of the reasons I kept it. The book is also there to remind me that research is an important part of any story and when writing in someone else's play box, that research should be accurate and checked by someone else. Again, this series crumbled a great system that rose from the ashes, but did not fully shake her off until WotC fixed things up and let people throw this out of the game system.

Mika's clumsy story might be good, if his clumsiness and the poor sentence structure the author uses weren't stamping all over the cool parts of the world and forming such a powerful metaphor for failure. I'm sorry if you read this Rose Estes and think I was unfair, but when you look back on this, and see how much trouble you caused poor, defenseless children who loved and appreciated this world, and could look into the eyes of some of these "big kids" as adults and see the healing joy of finally ripping these books out of their beloved setting were worth, I think you could see where a few more hours in research could have helped.
Even D&D has spawned several series of novels. The Greyhawk Adventures is one of the better known (after the Forgotten Realms series).
Make sure you read the books in numerical order, they make more sense.