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by Pamela Leigh Starr

eBook Chances (Indigo) download ISBN: 1585712965
Author: Pamela Leigh Starr
Publisher: Genesis Press; 2nd edition (March 1, 2009)
Language: English
ePub: 1118 kb
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Rating: 4.4
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Category: Literature
Subcategory: United States

Pamela Leigh Starr's novel details many events, situations, and problems people lived through and experienced as they sought to savage their city, families and communities.

Pamela Leigh Starr's novel details many events, situations, and problems people lived through and experienced as they sought to savage their city, families and communities. Readers would be captivated by the details, great characterizations and good plot, which showed how love can blossom even when the other person is determined to remain friends. As a stand alone book, the book is good but not great. That said, get the books in this series. They are Fate, Chances, Misconceptions, Ironic and then read this book. You will not be disappointed by the Love Found Series.

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The fourth book in the series, IRONIC is due to be released in May 2006. Other titles by Pamela inculde ILLUSIONS released in October 2001 and ICIE released in 2002.

She was destined to fall in love with Scott, a man so different from, yet so perfect for her. CHANCES continues this family's story with Vanessa's strong no nonsense older sister Monica. The fourth book in the series, IRONIC is due to be released in May 2006. ru 970. Похожие книги

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The book was okay, it did not live up to Pamela Leigh Starr's other books. Illusions is the first of Ms. Starr's books that I've had the pleasure of reading and I loved it. I didn't want to put it down and I felt a "connection" with Asa, Zain, and the many New Orleans locales they encountered!

The book was okay, it did not live up to Pamela Leigh Starr's other books. I loved Fate and the books that were sequel to that but Illusions was a disappointment. Zain didn't discover Asa was a diabetic until almost the end of the book, that was to long for him to discover her true disease.

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by. Starr, Pamela Leigh. Columbus, MS : Indigo. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

Author Pamela Leigh Starr. Pages 304. Year of production 2009. Book literary fiction. RU. In FATE you met Vanessa Lewis, a young woman from a strong, black Southern family. A Twist Of Fate (Indigo Love Spectrum) EAN 9781585712953 41. 3 руб. Color Of Trouble (Indigo Love Spectrum) EAN 9781585712946 41. A Love Of Her Own (Indigo) EAN 9781585712939 41.

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When Monica, a widow and single mother, begins having an affair with her neighbor Devin, she is faced with a whole new set of problems, forcing her to make a difficult decision. Original.
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Monica Jones is very happy and content with her life after suffering from a catastrophe. Three years ago, Monica's husband was killed in a dreadful automobile accident that left her as a single parent to raise three small children. After being grief-stricken from such a great lost, Monica knew that she would never fall in love again. Then, Devin Preston moved into the house next door. Desires that Monica thought had died with her husband began to resurface whenever she was near Devin. Nevertheless, Monica was determined to ignore those feelings by trying to maintain a neighborly friendship with Devin. When that Devin's alluring charm finally broke through Monica's defenses, she spent a passionate night in bed with Devin, resulting in a surprise pregnancy.

Devin Preston is a renowned architect who recently moved to New Orleans to begin a new business partnership with his best friend, Scott Halloway. From the first moment he saw her, Devin knew that Monica Jones was to be his future wife. Now, all he had to do was to convince her of that. Devin's task to win Monica over proves to be more difficult than he thought because of the issues surrounding her hurtful past and her determination to be nothing more than friends. Not about to allow the best thing that has happened to him to slip through his fingers, Devin sets out to win Monica's heart by any means necessary. Then, it seems that fate is on his side. After sharing a passionate night together, Monica ends up pregnant. Now it seems that Devin has a special aid to help him convince Monica to marry him.

Chances is a remarkable tale about a man who is willing to go the extra mile to prove his love to a very special woman. He does this while showcasing exceptional compassion toward her as she tries to come to terms with her guilt for having desires for him after the loss of her husband. From the start, I fell in love with Devin because of his thoughtfulness and kindhearted nature. By no means is Devin a weak man - oh no, he is just the opposite. He exudes powerful magnetism and is used to getting his way. I could understandably sympathize with Monica because her pain comes across so clearly. The torment that she is going through is so touching. The chemistry that Devin and Monica share is spectacular and love scenes are depicted in a gentle, loving tone. It was also wonderful to see how Vanessa and Scott, from Fate, were fairing in their marriage bliss. Congratulations to Pamela Leigh Starr for creating a charming second installment to her Love Found series.

Nikita Steele

Reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed
Chances is a very entertaining light-hearted love story. It's the story of Monica (Vanessa's sister from "Fate") whose husband died in a tragic automobile accident several years ago leaving her with their three children to raise. She has not even thought of loving anyone else until she meets Devin, and starts to feel things she never thought she would again. She tries to resist her feelings for him but this becomes next to impossible he's always around. He lives next door, is best friends with her sister's husband and her father treats him like a son. This is a very charming story that will warm your heart.
I stayed up until 3am reading this moving book. I could not put it down! I kept saying just one more chapter. It was what I needed to start my summer vacation.

Lynn M. Dixon
Chicago, Il
Monica Jones had only one love and now he had been gone for three years. Her loving husband Keith had died in an automobile accident. She was left with three children and the memories of their life together. Monica said she would never get married again. Keith would be her one and only love.
Devin Preston moved to New Orleans to start a new business venture. He had his heart set on Monica from day one. He bought the house next door to her duplex. Before he found out that they were neighbors, he saw her a the local health club. As fate would have it Devin's best friend from college was married to Monica's sister Vanessa. (Vanessa's story is told in the book Fate)
Devin sets out to break down all the barriers Monica has put up since her husband died. Monica is attracted to Devin, but doesn't really want to be and at times she is mad at herself because of it.
This book was an easy read and the secondary characters such as Devin and Monica's family members make the book believable. I was really happy when Devin asked her to tell him all about Keith. He really and truly loved her and her children. There were a couple questions that were left unanswered. I wonder if Ms. Starr is planning another sequel, maybe one of the twin brothers? To get to know Monica better read Fate before reading Chances. All in all this was a good book.
Keith Jones died in a car accident leaving behind his loving and mourning widow Monica and three children. Though she still misses her beloved Keith and seems to think about him a lot, Monica has moved on in life and raises their children with a little help from her family. The one thing she does not want nor desire in life is male companionship that is not blood related.
Devin Prescott has just moved in next door to Monica. His actions is driving Monica crazy as it is bad enough to spend a sleepless night grieving her loss even after several years, but it is another to have the noisy Devin keep her awake. When Devin and Monica meet, sparks fly. However, guilt is now added to her repertoire, as she fears falling in love with Devin will cheapen her memories of her beloved Keith.
CHANCES is a complex well-written ethnic romance that anyone who enjoys a good contemporary tale will want to read. The several subplots lead back to the main theme and in fact propel the relationship between the two stars forward. The key to Pamela Leigh Starr's tale resides with the depth of the cast. Monica's grief can be felt by the audience while Devin, the secondary cast, and even Keith (in memory flashbacks) seem real and augment a strong story that chances are will make a star of the author.

Harriet Klausner