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Author: Carol Shields
Publisher: Fourth Estate Ltd; First Edition edition (July 5, 2004)
Language: English
Pages: 608
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Rating: 4.1
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Category: Literature
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Carol Shields's short stories show depths some critics overlooked, says Hermione Le. In the last years of her life, Carol Shields went on working. She published a remarkable novel, Unless, a volume of stories, and a short, sympathetic life of Jane Austen.

Carol Shields's short stories show depths some critics overlooked, says Hermione Le. The biography dealt feelingly with the frustrations, deprivations and solitude of a great woman writer with no literary confidantes and a restrictive family life. The novel gave the story of a woman writer of light novels, whose daughter had run away from home to adopt an extremist life of "goodness" - either of madness or sainthood.

Carol Shields (1935–2003) was born in the United States but became a Canadian citizen in the late 1950s after . Here are five of these stories that will leave you wanting to pore over the entire Collected Stories of Carol Shields – all 608 pages of the volume. Courtesy of Penguin Books.

Carol Shields (1935–2003) was born in the United States but became a Canadian citizen in the late 1950s after marrying a Canadian engineer. She is perhaps best known for her 1993 novel The Stone Diaries, which won the . Pulitzer Prize for Fiction as well as the Governor General’s Award in Canada. It’s the only book to have won both prestigious prizes. Shields is known for her straightforward writing style and for focusing on the everyday interactions and moments of ordinary lives.

Carol Ann Shields, CC OM FRSC (June 2, 1935 – July 16, 2003) was an American-born Canadian novelist and short story writer. She is best known for her 1993 novel The Stone Diaries, which won the . Pulitzer Prize for Fiction as well as the Governor General's Award in Canada. Shields was born Carol Ann Warner in Oak Park, Illinois. She studied at Hanover College Indiana, where she became a member of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority.

Shields' Collected Stories makes you feel more keenly the premature loss of her tremendous talent. I've read and enjoyed all the collected stories of Carol Shields. She is perhaps more known for her novels, but I think it is in her short fiction where her skill truly shines. Her story "Mirrors" won an O. Henry.

The Collected Stories. I began reading Carol Shields’s books many years ago, with The Box Garden. In that novel there’s a passage that made me laugh so hard I thought I would do myself an injury.

This Collected Stories means what it says, for everything Shields wrote in this most demanding of forms is included.

In the early stories, she comes perilously close to cuteness, until she remembers to employ her scalpel. In "Fragility", narrated by a loving, unnamed husband, a couple go house-hunting in Vancouver after having lived in Toronto. This Collected Stories means what it says, for everything Shields wrote in this most demanding of forms is included. At the risk of sounding churlish in the face of so much that is pleasurable, I have to record that Shields's forays into parable or whimsy don't have her customary lightness of touch.

Collected Stories - Carol Shields. Carol Shields died on July 16, 2003 at her home in Victoria, British Columbia, after a long battle with cancer. The enormous media coverage given to her and the sadness expressed by her many readers paid tribute to the high esteem in which she was held in her own country, but her death made the news all around the world. Conscious as she was of the vagaries of fame and the element of chance in any fortune, she would have viewed that with a certain irony, but she would also have found it deeply pleasing.

Infobox Writer name Carol Shields. Collected Stories - may refer to: The Collected Stories of Katherine Anne Porter, published 1965 The Collected Stories of Jean Stafford, published 1969 Collected Ghost Stories, a collection of stories by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, published 1974 The Collected Storie.

бесплатно, без регистрации и без смс. Carol Shields, the Pulitzer Prize-winner author of the novels Unless, The Stone Diaries and Larrys Party was also a renowned short story writer. Now readers can enjoy all three of Carol Shieldss short story collections Various Miracles, The Orange Fish and Dressing Up for the Carnival in one volume, along with the previously unpublished story, Segue, her last.

скачать книгу бесплатно. Not surprisingly, a solid little book of poems came out of his experience. Most of these secrets she keeps locked away inside her mottled thighs or in the curled pinkness of her genital flesh. She has no idea what happened to Kiki, whether he ever went off to Alaska as he wanted to or whether he fell down a flight of stone steps in the silverware factory in Troy, New York, and died of head injuries before his thirtieth birthday. It was published soon afterward by a well-thought-of Boston publisher who, as soon as possible, sent him around the United States to give poetry readings.

For the first time all of Carol Shields' remarkable short stories -- some previously unpublished -- are gathered together in one volume. In The Collected Stories we bring together Carol Shields original short story volumes: Various Miracles, The Orange Fish and Dressing Up for the Carnival. Some of the stories in these individual collections have never before been published in the UK, and we add to these wonderful shorter fictions a chapter from Carol Shields' last, unfinished, novel Segue. In these stories the author combines the dazzling viruosity and wise maturity that won so many readers to her prize-winning novels such as The Stone Diaries and Unless.
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I've tried several times to read the work of two of Canada's most celebrated woman writers, Carol Shields and Alice Munro. I can't pinpoint exactly why, but I just don't get the rave reviews. What some hail as understated seems to me simply boring. Both women wrote about ordinary people, usually in relatively ordinary situations. They just never really come off the page for me. They're both good at producing realistic contemporary dialogue. But when I realize that I'm turning each page, thinking, "won't this story EVER end?," it's time for me to give up and move on to more interesting writers.
Carol Shields' strength lies in her ability to craft precise descriptions of moments... Her most interesting stories come from the first 2 vollumes, while the last collection felt more experimental and to me, somewhat less enjoyable. But her prose is always a pleasure to savour...
This book was a nice change of pace for me -- the stories were interesting, some haunting, and were a perfect length to read during my lunch break. I am happy that I read it.
An interesting collection of stories. Some are just description of family gatherings and the history of interactions.
excellent--she is one of the best
Carol Shields died of Breast Cancer three years ago, a sad loss of a gifted, wonderful Canadian writer. Collected Stories features several of the most wonderful stories I have read. Her quirky humor comes to life in this wonderful collection. Though the stories may come across as incredibly mundane because it deals with every day, ordinary people, said stories give a wonderful portrayal of characters you can definitely relate to. My favorite stories are "Invitations," "Taking the Train," "Pardon," "Segue," "Fuel for the Fire," and "Our Men and Women." This is a large collection of previously released stories and her last effort before she passed away called "Segue." This is a beautiful collection you won't want to miss. I read The Stone Diaries when it first came out eleven years ago and my impression now is the same one I had when I read the aforementioned novel: Carol Shields was a master storyteller.
The only thing I read by Carol Shields before was the lovely little bio on Jane Austen. So I chose the Collected Short Stories to see what she is all about. I am fascinated. She has this straightforward voice yet likes to also play with your head. Extremely enthralling and delightful. I eat these stories up one after the other like they were fine confections. Never oversweet. Always just the right ingredients of wonder, humour and mystery along with the occassional dash of fantasy. Anyone who has not read Shields should start with this wonderful collection. Immediately!
From a too-early departed Canadian treasure. Shields could turn a phrase, or take her reader from a wink of an eye to a catch in the throat, like no one else. She was a trickster of a storyteller - start you off slow, comfortable and easy - then wham! Off you'd go into a character, or life, that delights and surprises.

The first two lines of "Pardon":
On Friday afternoon Milly stopped at Ernie's Cards 'n' Things to buy a mea culpa card for her father-in-law, whom she had apparently insulted.
"Sorry," Ernie's wife said in her testy way."We're all out."

I love the off-handed humor and grace of the phrase "apparently insulted". This last collection is a departing gift, and should be read accordingly. Each page turned slowly, each paragraph unwrapped and savored, each word read as though it was the last - "part of the bliss they would one day gladly surrender."