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eBook Christian Domestic Discipline Spanking Romance Short Story Collection download ISBN: 1430309199
Author: Leah Kelley
Publisher: (September 30, 2006)
Language: English
Pages: 156
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Rating: 4.5
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In my stories I try to strike a balance between love and discipline. As a disclaimer: I know that this book is fiction.

In my stories I try to strike a balance between love and discipline. The hero has that "edge" but it is tempered with the knowledge that he loves the heroine and wants only what is best for her. To date I have completed three novels, two novellas, and a host of short stories with many more works in progress. I hope you will enjoy them. It contains spanking stories that include force and discipline done without consent, and the author does not promote non-consensual punishment. Which is why the brutal abuse practiced by her characters, including rape and emotional manipulation, shocks me with its presence.

To ask other readers questions about Christian Domestic Discipline Spanking Romance Short Story . Enjoy this book for what it is: a quick romp that's enjoyable and erotic. It's a D/s relationship in the context of a Christian couple.

Lists with This Book. Dealbreakers: If You Like This Book, We Won't Get Along. It's a good spanking romance and worth the money to get it on Kindle. Jul 15, 2007 Bangtango rated it it was amazing.

Christian Domestic Discipline Spanking Romance Short Story Collection by. Leah Kelley.

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What truly disturbs me is the insight provided by the fiction affiliated with the Christian Domestic Discipline store, specifically, the Christian Domestic Discipline Spanking Romance Short Story Collection by Leah Kelley

What truly disturbs me is the insight provided by the fiction affiliated with the Christian Domestic Discipline store, specifically, the Christian Domestic Discipline Spanking Romance Short Story Collection by Leah Kelley. Kelley writes in her Author bio that she was inspired by Woodiwiss, Lindsey, and Scott, and enjoys creating stories with strong heroes teaching and leading their feminine heroines as set up in the Bible. Men were never meant to be the wimps the world and the church have taught them to be. They were meant to lead their families, not be a joke to them.

Items related to Christian Domestic Discipline Spanking Romance Short. In my stories I try to strike a balance between love and discipline. Leah Kelley Christian Domestic Discipline Spanking Romance Short Story Collection. ISBN 13: 9781430309192. Christian Domestic Discipline Spanking Romance Short Story Collection.

Leah Role of Play in a Christian Domestic Discipline Marriage I got spanked this weekend. I had numerous discussions with people that wanted to begin or improve their Christian Domestic Discipline relationship. It was for nothing specific, just a sense of being less submissive, a slight straying from a right attitude. It didn’t hurt really. Many want a "guide", a manual to show them how to do it. I have neither the time (nor the talent) to write an entire book, so I'll recommend instead the following book. It's not a book on Christian Domestic Discipline, but on Domestic Discipline and was written by a woman. Her perspective clarifies a lot. Blogs we Follow.

Christian Domestic Discipline Spanking Romance Short Story Collection'

Christian Domestic Discipline Spanking Romance Short Story Collection'. By Leah, Kelley ISBN-10: 1430309199. In my stories I try to strike a balance between love and. discipline. common practices found in a Christian Domestic Discipline marriage written for couples just beginning in their CDD journey, as well as for those who would just like to learn more about it. Table of Contents What is Christian Domestic.

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Christian Domestic Discipline 101. Authors: Kelley, Leah.

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Don’t call it spousal disrespect when a husband spanks his wife. Books related to Spanked Into Submission (Spanking Discipline Marriage, Domestic Discipline Spanking Romance).

Over 50,000 words of punishment spanking fiction involving men who strive to instill values into their family by the use of the rod. Includes THE WOMEN'S REBELLION, WHAT DAD TRIED TO TELL ME, THE CHECK, TO TRAIN UP A WIFE, LACIE JANE, AND THE WISDOM WORKER.
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Lonesome Orange Kid
He's brainwashed her, pure and simple, into thinking abuse is acceptable. The book shows her mental breakdown and lack of self and is probably almost as painful to witness in text as her lifestyle was in its contribution to this fiction.

A brief look into this insane and abusive lifestyle:

There is no safety word.
No doesn't mean No.
The act of lovemaking is also used as punishment, something anywhere else is called "Rape"
Children are encouraged to witness the beating of their mother.
She gets beat even if she hasn't done anything -- something they call "Maintenance.

It's not a lifestyle that could ever be considered legal outside "religious" protection... and honestly, I would be afraid to have this in my permanent library. Please don't buy this book if you have impressionable children who may accidentally read it.
As a disclaimer: I know that this book is fiction. It contains spanking stories that include force and discipline done without consent, and the author does not promote non-consensual punishment. Which is why the brutal abuse practiced by her characters, including rape and emotional manipulation, shocks me with its presence. In this review, although I will mention a system of wifely discipline practiced in real marriages, I am NOT holding this book as a standard for such practices; I know it is a fictional book, and I am criticizing it as such.

This book is not your average "spanking" romance; it is not a normal romantic, erotic, or Christian product, though it attempts to be all three. What this book is about is no more or less than men dominating women and beating them into submission, both spiritually and often physically. If women misbehave in this book (which often means, in other words, having brains of their own or not serving their husbands enough) their husbands literally whip them into submission, whether with belts, paddles or hands. There are no human beings in this book: only testi-less men and whimpering women.

Lest you think I exaggerate, I'll give you an example. In one of these tales, a woman, Alyssa, remembers the previous night in which her nineteen-year-old stepdaughter was beaten with a belt by her father. Alyssa is remarking to herself what an impressive change this beating put into her step's behavior and how she is now an obedient daughter. The fact that the heroine is calmly reflecting how her young adult step was beaten like a small child should give you some warning of how sick this book is, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Alyssa now goes swimming by herself in the new pool, inspite of the fact that her husband commanded everyone to refrain from swimming alone. As soon as her husband, Lucas, catches her doing this, he yanks her out of the pool and drags her back to the house, slapping her rear end the whole way and shouting at her that he expects to be obeyed. By the time they reach their bedroom, with him roughly pulling her along and spanking her the whole time, she is crying and timidly calling him "sir" while he continues to shout at her and proceeds to unfasten his belt to beat her with, claiming that she's a bad example to his daughter and she should obey him as well.

The entire book is filled with stories just like this: women "misbehaving" and men punishing them. Inspite of the fact that the women are the ones being beaten, the men are the ones painted as victims. These poor little men are being disrespected by their wives, you see.

Another tale relates a poor neglected husband who is forced to eat take-out food while his wife spends her time volunteering (oh horrors!) at the church. The question of this story is whether this husband will discover marital bliss (i.e, spanking his wife into order) after witnessing a neighbor thus disciplining his own wife. Another tale opens with two young and influential brothers getting married. You know what their sick father gave them as wedding presents? Paddles, for spanking their wives when they fail to fulfill their roles. I can just imagine what such a tyrant would say to his sons in real life: "You know how I've kept your mother in order all these years? Well, now you can do the same with your wives". Oh yes, and there's also a tale that focuses mainly on a man "disciplining" (aka "beating") his rebellious teenage daughters into proper behavior. This is possibly what I find to be the sickest thing of all: it's one thing for a spouse to spank another spouse (if it's done for normal reasons, like sexual pleasure) but spanking a teenage daughter is COMPLETELY inappropriate for whatever reason and, frankly, perverted. That's the gist of this book, though: the big bad females act like bad girls and the big question is always, will the poor victimized men show them the light? Will these bad women be placed at their husband's feet where they belong and rejoice at the "rod" of discipline that saved them??

Allow me to elaborate on the tale "What Dad tried to tell Me", the one about daughter spanking. There are three wicked men in this tale: a father who beats his wife and passes this "tradition" on to his sons, and the sons themselves. One of the sons (now grown with daughters) snaps at his daughters for daring to ask for pants and calls this "unladylike", barks at his wife to apologize and leave the table like a child when she gets mad, beats his wife while she pleads for him to stop and mules pitifully, then brags to his brother about this method and how their dad used to beat his own mother's behind. His brother, who's too weak and stupid to discipline his daughters, decides to beat them instead at the end of the tale like his pathetic sibling.

In the tale "The Wisdom Worker", we find out just how consensual this CDD practice really is. Remember the character Lucas I mentioned earlier? In this story, we get to read about how he first became a dominant s.o.b. The "Wisdom Worker" is a nasty implement used to hit children as hard as possible without showing injury. In the beginning of the story, we're told that Lucas and his wife had a fight. Now, Lucas is pouting because his wife is pouting and secretly thinking to himself that their argument is all her fault and if she doesn't smarten up, their marriage might fail. He then remembers the cruel spanking tool he and his first wife bought for their daughter while she was still a toddler, and finds himself mentally picturing his wife in the child's place. After a few minutes of this childish and sadistic fantasy, he pulls over the car and, out of the blue, pulls his wife's underwear down, forces her against the seat, and begins spanking her brutally, unceasingly, and cruelly until she's beyond uncontrollable tears and utterly broken in spirit. Know what happens after that? She straightens up, sniffles, and leans against him in affection while he smirks to himself that he found the secret to marital bliss. Can you BELIEVE this sicko? He punishes his wife for pouting while doing the same thing himself, blames her for all the problems in their marriage and, rather than talking to her, he beats her out of the blue and later simpers to himself that he's found the secret of marital bliss! Of course the ending of this tale pandered to the ridiculous idea that women like domination and will really admire and thank their husbands for it.

Possibly the worst story is "The Women's Rebellion". In this sick piece, a woman's husband punishes her for daring to march in a feminist rally. When I'd first heard of this story, I thought it was about modern feminists and their husbands simply whining about their new ideals. But in fact, this is a historical tale, about the time when feminism first began. This story's first sick "hero" whips his wife brutally for being in a feminist march. He whips her black and blue, forces her to call him sir and say "you're the boss", "you make the rules", and when it's over he orders her to take off her slip, climb on the bed, and he then rapes her! He climbs on top of her back, ignores her resistance, and holds her arms over her head while he forces sex on her! Later, of course, he cuddles and comforts her as she sobs miserably from the pain he gave her. How sick can this get??

What really broke my heart and lit a rage like no other inside me was this poor heroine's reaction to the abuse. You get all kinds of reactions from the females in these stories to the abuse they endure: most scream for their husbands to stop, some yell threats before the pain becomes unbearable (good for them!), and that annoying Lacie Jane (in the story of the same name) dances around yipping like a child as her husband whips her. In this story, though, the heroine is beaten from the beginning. In the opening of the tale, she's in prison from the feminist rally curled up in a ball and terrified to the point of vomiting of what her horrid husband will do to her. Then, from the moment her husband picks her up at the prison to the end of her horrid punishment, she hangs her head and doesn't speak above a whisper. She doesn't even scream that much during the whipping; she mostly speaks in a soft tone, calling her pathetic man "sir" and pleading for him to have mercy and please not whip her anymore. If this doesn't awaken rage in your heart, if you don't crumble at the description of a woman whispering pleas for mercy while her husband whips her brutally and then rapes her anally, you don't have a heart. Neither did this b*stard of a man; it was confirmed in the book that the anul sex was, indeed, part of her punishment (in case you had any doubt) and it goes into vivid detail about how she panicked and struggled against his entrance of her body and how he easily overcame her. During the rape, she turns her head and looks up at him (difficult to do since he has the front of her body pressed against the bed) and pleads again in a whisper for him to have mercy, saying how sorry she is. His response? He looks at her misery-filled face and says, "You shamed me in public; in front of hundreds you denounced my authority. Don't you think you deserve whatever I give to you now?" In response to this heartless and demonically tyrannical reply, the poor woman, already convinced she's an evil person, crumbles further and weeps in the belief that she's sinned beyond imagining.

Naturally, all the other wicked wives are punished as well. Their loving and intelligent husbands heal their marriages by beating them, telling them they will respect and obey, and threatening them with worse if they ever dare ask their husbands to cook dinner again. Of course, their "Christian" behavior is clear the whole time: when one of the wives rightfully protests that such punishment isn't fair because he's bigger than she is, he responds, "I know I'm bigger, and I think God made it this way." What a man, what a Christian: God made men bigger so they could beat women. Did I mention the whip with the metal edge, especially meant to tear flesh, that the husbands in this story use when their wives REALLY misbehave? These sickos really do beat all: one of them actually locks his wife in the house in order to punish her and keep her from leaving so he can whip her (his stupid male friend ignores her screams of help because he doesn't wish to "get involved") and another one ties his wife's hands together to force her to be still while he whips her.

If you are of a sound mind, you know the truth of what I'm about to say: the treatment of women in this book is abuse, plain and simple. The author claims the spanking of the wife is not domestic abuse, but it's actually one of the worst kinds I've seen because it's methodical and, worst of all, cloaked in a false cape of Christianity. In fact, if a man lost his temper and hit his wife (not punched her, but hit her) because he honestly forgot himself in the heat of anger, I'd find this LESS abusive than a man who methodically hits his wife because she displeased him. This author claims that the heroes in this book have "that edge, but it's tempered with the knowledge that they love the heroines and just want what's best for them". I don't think so, Ms. Domestic Abuse. These heroes are pure power freaks and nothing more. I've seen convicted wife abusers beat their wives for the same reasons and, in fact, use the exact same kind of behavior: yelling at their wives, telling them they expect to be obeyed, and demanding to be called "sir". This is evil, sick behavior exhibited only by sniveling whimps who have no manhood to speak of.

The author of this book really does practice a lifestyle of physical wifely discipline, as do some others. And I should make this clear, to be fair: most people who actually practice DD believe it DOES have to be consensual. This author claims she does not approve of forced DD and that these stories are meant to be erotic S&M, basically. So, why am I so vehemently against it? Firstly, I hate female domination, in fiction or otherwise. Secondly, I've read erotic fiction about spanking before, and there's always a difference between the normal kind and the really sadistic kind that this book holds: consent and enjoyment. Whoever's getting spanked likes it, wants it; maybe they're hesitant at first, but they're certainly not dragged, screaming against their will and beaten to a whimper. The women in this book are: they're humiliated, sometimes raped, and beaten into submission physically and emotionally. They don't like the spanking and they never do; only their beating husbands do, just like every other abuser, and there is NOTHING erotic about getting hurt against your will. Masochists have a psychological problem, and so do sadists. Consensual spanking is erotic, but nonconsensual beating, whether of the bottom or elsewhere, isn't; it's pornographic and mentally sick.

Lastly, this DD practice, even in real life, is consensual only at the beginning: the wife must consent to it at the outset. Once it's agreed to, however, it should be understood that the wife has no say in when, how long, or how hard she's spanked. More than one woman has given an account of being dragged over her husband's knee while protesting. Giving men this kind of power is not safe or healthy and I believe it can lead to real domestic violence. These stories and marriages are, basically, playing with fire.

All of this goes into the old-fashioned belief that husbands are responsible for their entire families' spiritual state. I would like to explain to any who read this outside of the Christian faith that this is NOT how the real faith works! No Christian I know of believes in this sickness and this is not even the basis of the complimentarian mindset, which believes that men are the spiritual leaders in their home. Being a spiritual leader does NOT mean being your family's personal trainer. As author Elizabeth George says, "The husband answers to God for his leadership and the wife answers to God for how she responds to that leadership". Even Debi Pearl, possibly the most conservative author of all time, maintains that the wife alone is responsible for her submission and the husband alone is responsible for his leadership; NEITHER spouse is supposed to keep tabs on how the other fulfills their role! This matter of the husband disciplining the wife is nonsensical, unBiblical, and sick, not just because it contradicts the Bible, but because of the one-sidedness of it: the wife only is punished. The husband is considered beyond any earthly discipline and the deliverer of "divine" justice. The pathetic men in this book might as well buy themselves altars.

This author's descriptions are good and her female characters are realistic at first, but eventually their spirits are snuffed out and they are forced into a state of virtual slavery. As for the male's really best if I don't dwell any more on them. Suffice it to say that they all deserve to have those paddles of discipline broken over their heads.
I thought this book was a joke when I heard about it, but tragically it's not. One star is still a star, and that's one too many for the sick GARBAGE that this "book" is (what an utter waste of wood pulp). If you read this "person's" (I refuse to honor this writer with the title of "author") blog, then you'll find an endorsement for "disciplining" your wife even if she's unwilling and doesn't submit, making this "book" nothing more than a how-to for domestic violence. I guess research didn't turn up the fact that this is illegal in all 50 states. Whatever you do - don't waste your $ and precious lifespan on this filth.
I have to say this is one of the best books I have read in a long time. If you're not into this type of stuff don't read it. This is better than S&M type books because it is more loving. I'm starting her series now and I know it will be great.
The author wonders 'where except on T.V. does a husband sit down to discuss a problem with his wife..." Perhaps I misquoted but the content is there.

My husband does, he would NEVER consider laying a hand on me to 'discipline' me and he would scoff at anyone who advocated this baloney. This book and the views of the author make me physically ill. I don't understand why Amazon would carry this book; it is advocating spouse abuse; a crime.

I hope that a legitimate Christian person who has power in the church will come out against this form of abuse.
This author and this really aberrant lifestyle are quite real. I have been looking into this and am appalled. I personally don't see how someone can sign a waver for their husband to beat them legally. I think of the protection of one's body as a human right that cannot be given up willingly in such a case. Our society rightly declares police brutality illegal, and if criminals have physical protection that can't be taken away, how can these poor women sign away theirs? And what sort of weak excuse for a man needs to whip a woman into submission anyway? I'll tell you, one that can't compete and cope in the regular world, one who is so weak among other men that he has to come home and play God in his household. A man that would participate in this sort of marriage is a flawed person, one who cannot possibly claim manhood of any sort. A man who would lay a hand on a woman in punishment is the weakest creature to crawl out of the gutter. He would make sure to find an emotional wreck of a woman, and instead of getting her much needed psychological help, he takes his despotic fantasies out on her, inflicting on her the only power his miserable soul feels it has in this world. So much for the he-man she seems to think she creates in her books, or the whimpering wimp she is married to.