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by Wanda Thomas

eBook Subtle Secrets (Indigo: Sensuous Love Stories) download ISBN: 1585710415
Author: Wanda Thomas
Publisher: Genesis Press (June 1, 2001)
Language: English
Pages: 379
ePub: 1492 kb
Fb2: 1527 kb
Rating: 4.7
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Category: Literature
Subcategory: Short Stories and Anthologies

Subtle Secrets (Indigo: Sensuous Love Stories). 1585710415 (ISBN13: 9781585710416).

Subtle Secrets (Indigo: Sensuous Love Stories).

The Husband's Secret.

Mass Market Paperback. The Husband's Secret.

Series: Indigo: Sensuous Love Stories. Paperback: 290 pages. Ramon shows his support and love for Mariah after her fiancee decides to get cold feet

Series: Indigo: Sensuous Love Stories. Ramon shows his support and love for Mariah after her fiancee decides to get cold feet. But the moment Ramon finally gets courage to express his true feelings to Mariah, her fears kick in and she finds it extrememly difficult to accept his expressions of love. But anyone reading this story will appreciate how well Ms Dunbar uses her talent in developing the love between Mariah and Ramon, along with the minor storylines of the secretary, the designer and the trail that Ramon is involved with all adds to a great story.

From 51. 1 RUB. One Woman: divorced, left stripped of her money and pride, feeling very vulnerable and numb. One Man: betrayed by a wandering life, couldn"t resest temptation. Two Hearts: full of jealousy, suspicion and growing sexual intensity that threaten to explode. The saving point in the story is that Dunbar does an excellent job throwing in twists to keep it interesting as well as accurately depicting things we go through when trying to win over someone we love. Paperback: 301 pages. Publisher: Genesis Press (June 1, 2002). It was a nice, romantic story that held my interest, but I would've enjoyed it more if Michael hadn't been about to marry her best friend.

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Teacher in Mindfulness and Yoga. The mind generates thoughts and beliefs which attract neurotic disease and those experiences that put us in situations which confirm our beliefs. Stories of injustice and cheating etc propagated by news work as input in our mind. The output is anxiety, insomnia, panic-attacks and severe damage to nerves.

One Woman: divorced, left stripped of her money and pride, feeling very vulnerable and numb.

One Man: betrayed by a wandering life, couldn't resest temptation.

Two Hearts: full of jealousy, suspicion and growing sexual intensity that threaten to explode.

Comments: (7)
I like the way the author brought the Jordan and Starris together. The love between the two was evident for eveyone to see. The story was well written with enough drama and romance to keep you turning the pages.
I am a true romance reader and I consider this book a wonderful addition to my collection. Subtle Secrets by Wanda Y. Thomas is a nice read with a light taste of mystery added to the mix. Starris Gilmore is looking for steady employment so she can adopt Danielle Kathryn Carter, a beautiful little girl who was left on the doorsteps of an orphanage when she was just an infant. After leaving behind a verbal abusive marriage, Starris feels she has truly found peace and love with Danielle, which she affectionately calls Dani. Starris interviews for a position with ROBY headed by Jordan Banks, but is turned down. Though she is perfect for the job, she is left with seeking employment elsewhere to ensure that nothing stands in her way of adopting Dani.
Jordan Banks is executive director of ROBY, a mentoring and job opportunity program for young males from the inner city. Jordan is still recovering from a marriage gone bad from the very beginning. His ex-wife is found murdered by an unknown suspect, and he soon learns he has a daughter who was left in a home for children in Atlanta. After bringing his daughter Jolie Kathryn Banks home, he vows to himself that he will never love or trust another woman again. Starris and Jordan become more aware of each other when they both find out that their daughters are best friends. The sparks begin to fly and the girls begin plotting ways to bring their parents together. What stands out is the fact that the girls not only get along well as if they are sisters, but they look similar in features.
Leaving the suspense right there, you are in for a wonderful romantic and intense story about people who are afraid to love again; afraid to face their "demons" and move on; afraid to forgive and forget, and afraid to love each other. As Starris and Jordan soon learn and reveal through a plotting siniser employee working for ROBY, and who holds a key connection to the girls' past, their love is finally tested.
Ms. Thomas does a wonderful job of staging every detail of emotion that anyone could endure after being hurt and so afraid to try again. I especially enjoyed her character development of Jolie and Dani, they will make you relate and smile several times throughout the story. As that famous saying goes "out of the mouth of babes comes much wisdom." I also recommend that you read the author's note in the back of the book. You will learn that this storyline is very dear to Ms. Thomas. Thank you for making us understand and the continued awareness of parentless children needing to love and be loved. I highly recommend this for the romantic reader, you will not be disappointed. I applaud Ms. Thomas and graciously give Subtle Secrets a rating of 4.
Reviewed by Kalaani
I loved it! This was my first book written by Wanda Thomas, but it will definitely not be my last!! Ms. Thomas has not only been added to my book list, but her books have become some of the top priorities. "Subtle Secrets" is not only about the love of a man and woman, Jordan Banks and Starris Gilmore, but it is about love of family. Life has dealt some hard blows to both Jordan and Starris, but each has been blessed with the love of a child -- Jolie Kathryn Banks and Danielle "Dani" Kathryn Carter. Ironically their lives are entwined in more ways than one.
Starris first encounters Jordan at her friend's home. Then, later meets face to face when Starris applies for a much needed job at ROBY, where Jordan is the director. From there, they discover that their daughters are best friends. Starris and Jordan's relationship at first is bumpy, but soon the bumps began to smooth out as they are constantly thrown together and can no longer deny their mutual feelings.
"Subtle Secrets" also gives the reader insight into the welfare adoption system. Dani may not be Starris' biological daughter, but Starris has all the love for Dani that a natural mother would have for her child. Dani's and Jolie's lives are entwined with similarities that cannot be ignored. They both were abandoned as infants at an orphanage. However, Jolie was blessed with the love of her father, Jordan, and his wonderful family. Dani was not so blessed until Starris came into her life, then all the love that Dani has kept bottled inside came pouring out to the only mother she had ever known - Starris.
"Subtle Secrets" is a touching, heartwarming, loving story about family, faith, trust, and caring. It's also about overcoming lack of trust and the old hurts from the past. Not only are the adults affected, but the children are also embroiled in old wounds from the past. However, true love will outweigh all ills and bring new joy.
Great read and I look forward to reading the other books written by Ms. Thomas. My next one to read will be Shelby's and Nelson's story, "Truly Inseparable."
This is my second book by the author Wanda Thomas. I love the way she writes a love story and also inform you about life matters. Her latest novel involves Starris Gilmore and Jordan Banks.
Starris has come from a terrible marriage and believes that she is unlovable to a man. Her ex-husband got a kick out of abusing her emotionally in front of their guest. In the process of healing she volunteered to help children. This is where she met a little girl that she now wants to adopt. In order to adopt she must have stable employment.
When Starris walks into Jordan's office for a job interview he knew that he could not hire her because he was sexually attracted to her.
Jordan has also come through a bad marriage. Jordan learns of a daughter that he didn't know he had until after his ex-wife is murdered. He vows never to give his love to another woman again. But once his path crosses with Starris, he vow is tested.
Will they get together? I love the way the author has all the characters playing a big part in telling this story. The girls were very funny in their schemes to get their parents together.
You will truly love this page turning story. I hope to see a story on Jordan's sister.