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by Alberto Toscano,Andrew Gibson,Alain Badiou

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Author: Alberto Toscano,Andrew Gibson,Alain Badiou
Publisher: Clinamen Press Ltd. (April 1, 2004)
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Pages: 200
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Alain Badiou is a playwright, scholar, and author of Deleuze: The Clamour of Being. He teaches philosophy at the University of Vincennes Saint-Denis. Paperback: 200 pages. Publisher: Clinamen Press Ltd. (April 1, 2004).

most radical, and most generic, equality

most radical, and most generic, equality.

Alain Badiou holds the Chair of Philosophy at the École Normale Supériere in Paris. Many of his books have been translated into English, including Saint Paul: The Foundation of Universalism (Stanford, 2003), Manifesto for Philosophy (1999), and Deleuze: The Clamor of Being (1999). Badiou grounds his discussions in readings of Mallarme (and others: Pessoa, Celan, Beckett), but his aim is a philosophical one, so the book is addressed to a broader audience than just Mallarme scholars.

Alberto Toscano (born 1 January 1977) is a British cultural critic, social theorist, philosopher and translator. He has translated the work of Alain Badiou, including Badiou's The Century and Logics of Worlds. Toscano's own work has been described both as an investigation of the persistence of the idea of communism in contemporary thought and a genealogical inquiry into the concept of fanaticism.

This collection of Alain Badiou s essays on Samuel Beckett is a deliberate intellectual challenge to conventional Beckett scholarship. These essays trace the development of Beckett's art-from his first works through the claustrophobic world of "The Unnameable to a final engagement with questions of "Other and Love. Badiou rejects the stereotypical view of Beckett as the d This collection of Alain Badiou s essays on Samuel Beckett is a deliberate intellectual challenge to conventional Beckett scholarship.

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Badiou and Beckett Gibson Andrew - Free ebook download as PDF File . df), Text File . xt) or. . xt) or read book online for free. En este libro se aborda la relación entre el escritor Samuel Beckett y el filósofo francés Alain Badiou, uno de los críticos más recientes y que se ha encargado de renovar el campo de los estudios beckettianos.

Город: Barcelona, SpainРабота: Universidad de la República, Ortodoncist.

Alain Badiou, Alberto Toscano. Whence the thesis of which this book is nothing but a series of variations: faced with such a situation of saturation and closure, we must attempt to propose a new schema, a fourth type of knot between philosophy and art. Among these inaesthetic variations, the reader will encounter a sustained debate with contemporary philosophical uses of the poem, bold articulations of the specificity and prospects of theater, cinema, and dance, along with subtle and provocative readings of Fernando Pessoa, Stéphane Mallarmé, and Samuel Beckett.

This translated collection of all of Alain Badiou's writings on Samuel Beckett makes clear Badiou's claim that "the lesson of Beckett is a lesson of moderation, exactitude and courage." A deliberate and erudite challenge to orthodox Beckett scholarship, these essays trace the development of Beckett's art from the expansive early works through the claustrophobic world of The Unnamable and finally to engagement with Other and Love. This contribution to literary analysis is an important addition to Badiou's increasingly popular philosophical works.